WOW Score: additional challenge - dedicate a story to a friend, so here is a little soppy Sam fun for Mainegirlwrites. Hope you like, hun!

Dean reflects on the worst night out ever, and vows never to let his baby brother anywhere near the purple nurples again ...

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just borrow them occasionally for fun and frolics ...


"Dean ..."


"love you …"

"Sure you do; c'mon Sasquatch, you've had enough."

"No, I m-mean it; y'm'brother 'n I love you n' I'll always love you cos y'my bestest … hic … big brother'n the whole wi'worl' 'n you 'lways look after me 'cos 'm your lil' brother 'cept I'm bigger'n you, n'even though y'short, n' y'gotta real crappy temper, n' your feet stink, I will, Dean, … hic … I'll always love you f'rever n'ever n'ever."


"Dean ..."

"What now?"

"Love you ..."

Dean scowled from within his brother's sprawling embrace; "... new friggin' aftershave, best jeans; an' all I've managed to score with is with my own freakin' brother!"