"Good morning, baby," I cooed to my three month old daughter. I smelt her while yawning, Jane had kept me up most of the night and I had to start eighth grade today, so I'd be catching cat naps when I could. I'd somehow passed the placement test to skip seventh grade, making me a very young eighth grader.

"Bella, you up?" My own father yelled from downstairs, he was being so supportive during this hard time.

"Yea," I said. I wondered how I'd gotten into this mess, then I remembered how my mother had married that jerk. How I'd come to live here during sixth grade, my father allowing me to be home schooled until Jane was born. Then I had three months to get use to her, find her a babysitter and all that.

Jane laughed at me, smiling up at me as I changed her diaper.

"Now," I said to her, I loved talking to my baby girl; she was the light of my world. "Don't you dare poop in this diaper until I get you to the babysitters."

She laughed again. I picked her up off the changing table and went downstairs to where my father was making breakfast.

"How did you sleep?" My father, Charlie, asked.

"Pretty good, when I could, we where up a few hours with a tummy ache, but other than that, we sleep hard."

"Bella, I'm so proud of you for being the person you are and taking responsibility for Jane. I'm also glad that you could turn to me when you needed me the most."

"Thanks, dad, that means so much," I said as I handed Jane off to Charlie, he already had her bottle ready and was ready to feed her while I had a bite to eat.

I ate some bacon and a few pancakes while Charlie feed and burped Jane. After he was done he strapped Jane into her carrier, while I went back to grab my book bag. I made sure I had my supplies for the day and went to the car where Charlie already had Jane strapped in to her car seat.

"Thanks," I said as I put my book bag in the back seat, then I slid into the front of my fathers station wagon. I'd asked him nicely to get a car that we could actually use once Jane got here.

"Not a problem, Bells, that's what I'm here for. When you moved here, I promised you that I'd stand by your decisions, what ever they be."

I smiled as I heard Jane coo in the back seat. Charlie and I made small talk as we drove to the babysitters, where I'd be leaving Jane for eight hours, longer than I'd ever left her.

I knew I'd cry, how couldn't I, I loved my baby, no matter what her paternity is. I was her mother and would always be her mother.

I took a deep breath as we pulled into Mrs. Hazels home. She'd come highly recommended from Charlie's co-workers at the Forks police station. I'd meet the fifty-ish women, who was watching her two grandchildren and my own daughter. Further more, she hadn't asked how I could have a child and be so young. I really was happy that she wasn't asking questions, I don't think I could explain that my step-father had violated me at age 10 and continued until I became pregnant just after I turned 12 in September, after finding out about my baby two months later, I'd went to Charlie's for Thanksgiving, Charlie had found me getting sick one morning and took me to the doctor's and I told them what I'd suspected. Phil Dwyer was put in jail for rape of a minor, I wasn't sure what the official judgment was, I refused to go to the last day of the trial.

On May 2, 2010, my baby had been born, at Forks General, under the watch of Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the doctor on call that night. I'd named her Jane Charley Swan. I'd choose Charley after my father, trying to make the middle name more feminine yet still having some family pride. I'd given her the name Jane, because I just loved it.

"Hello, Bella, Charlie and Jane," Mrs. Hazel talked to the baby in my arms. It was weird that I was able to do things while thinking of something else, Charlie called it motherly instinct. I was just not use to it. I'd just gotten Jane out of her car seat and picked her and her diaper bag up while thinking about my past.

We walked into the house, which had toys scatted around and a potty set up in one corner.

I handed Jane over to Mrs. Hazel, while willing the tears in my eyes not to leak out.

"Bell, you ready?" Charlie asked. I tried to nod, but it wasn't coming out, it was more of a mixture between yes and no.

"Bella, Jane will be fine, I promise," Mrs. Hazel said. "Think about your future, think about Jane's, by leaving her here, you're going to get an education, meaning you're going to get a better job after you get that degree in your hand in five years, than you and her will be able to live, independently."

I nodded and gave Jane one more kiss then followed my father out the door, turning for a last time to wave at Jane, who, with the help of Mrs. Hazel, waved at me, giving me the biggest smile. I slid into the car as Mrs. Hazel stayed at the door as we pulled out of the driveway, Jane watching me with big brown eyes, I knew she'd be crying in just a few moments, but I hoped she'd be good for her new sitter today.

"Was it hard when mom left with me," I asked dad.

"Bella, there isn't a day that I wish I'd fought harder for you. If I'd known what Phil was doing to you-" Charlie stopped talking, he still kicked himself for not seeing what was happening, but he never saw Phil and I together, so he wouldn't know, plus my step-father was careful how he reacted around me, even my mother hadn't know, but then again, she could have just claimed she didn't know, she'd stuck by him during the trial, claiming that I was lying, making the choice of my custody easy, my father would be taking over.

I tried to dry my eyes as we pulled into the school that housed eight grade.

"I'll be here at three to pick you up, try to not fall asleep in class," Charlie joked.

"K," was all I could muster as I got out of the car, grabbing my book bag from the back seat and heading for the front doors. I'd come in the other day and grabbed my schedule and other important documents and things I'd need for my first day.

I went inside the blue metal doors and looked around, the lockers where purple and the walls white, a strip of gold ran down the lockers. Otherwise, it was a normal school, the doors where wood, with small glass windows, the floor a white tile. There was only one story, the secretary had said there was less than seventy five students in eighth grade, this building housed seventh and eighth grade, she said there was a total of one hundred and sixty three students here. She went on to say that ninth grade had it's own building then tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade was in another building.

I found my way to my first class, eighth grade English with Harmon. I'd meet all my teachers when I'd come in for my paperwork, while getting the official tour of the school

"Bella," Mr. Harmon said, smiling up at me. The class stared at me and I gulped, I hated being the center of attention. I was just a bit late since I'd wanted to drop Jane off with my father, who'd be dropping her off at nine each morning as he went to work. "Class, this is Bella Swan, who just moved here from Florida."

I tried to fight the butterflies in my stomach and smile, but I didn't succeed, I gave a partial smile than went to the seat that Mr. Harmon had pointed out as mine, near the back row thankfully. I set down next to a girl who had black hair that flipped out stylishly. She was wearing what looked like designer clothes, she smiled at me and the butterflies flew away, she was the first friendly face I'd seen today. She slid a piece of paper my way.

Hi, I'm Alice Cullen, it read.

Bella Swan, nice to meet you.

I could tell you where nervous, don't be, it's really cool here.

I smiled at her, then started taking notes as Mr. Harmon wrote on the board. I took notes all through class, I knew I wouldn't have much time to study when I got home, most of my time was dedicated to Jane, though I was sure Charlie would be having a fit if I neglected my studies to much.

The bell rang and I got up to go to my next class, I tried to remember where it was, but was having a hard time.

"What class you heading to?" A soft but confident female voice asked from beside me, while I'd been trying to figure out where I was going, the girl from English, Alice, had fallen into step beside me.

"Math with Gaul."

"Me too, come on," Alice squealed and dragged me to the right class. The teacher didn't even introduce me, thankfully. Alice was talking non-stop, about everything, I threw in my answers, keeping her satisfied.

Finally class started, but that didn't stop Alice from talking, she just switched to written word, causing me to try and think while trying to take good notes, which I must say I'm not good at math, meaning I really did need to focus.

"I hate that class, the teacher is so monotone," Alice complained after the bell rang for the end of second period.

"I think I'm going to have problems, I'm not great at math," I said.

We where walking to our third period, which we had together, I wondered if there was a class we didn't have together.

"Well, if you need help, my brother, Edward's a math geek, he could help you. He's in ninth grade but I'm sure he'd help you. I'll ask him if you start getting behind."

"Go ahead and ask him, I'll be needing it."

I waited for third period to start, it was the period I really needed, it was during that block that involved lunch, which I learned we had the third and last shift, I planned on closing my eyes for a few moments.

History with Arnold was actually fun, she was younger, recently married and had a child on the way, I wished I could swap stories with her, but our pregnancies where completely different. I was 12 going on thirteen, not married, still living with my father.

Again I took notes, while Alice watched the teacher, doodling on her pad, I saw that she was doodling the name Alice Hale and another name Jasper Hale. I wondered, but I didn't have time for trying my hand at matchmaking.

"Wake me up when the bell rings," I told Alice as we set down at the table at lunch. I didn't even here her reply because that's how fast I fell asleep for my thirty minutes of a nap.

"Bella," somebody was shaking me away. I slowly woke up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Time for final period."

I nodded and we finally went our separate ways, I had stupid gym and she got home economics, she'd glanced at my schedule while I'd been napping and we had all our classes tomorrow together.