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My nightmare wasn't forgotten, my fears where more present in my daily life. I asked my father for advice, he told me that he was fine that I was becoming a family with Edward and our children. I asked about the age, I was so young.

"Bells, where's the cold feet coming from. Edward loves you, I'm happy that you are having a family with him, Jane and the baby. But if you are having second thoughts, you might want to talk to Edward about it."

I couldn't talk to Edward about it, I knew he'd be upset if I told him that I was having second thoughts, he'd think I wasn't committed to him, but that was the complete opposite. I loved him so much, I just wasn't sure if I was ready for my wedding. I mean, I wanted to marry him, so bad, he was my other half, the father to my children, but I was only sixteen, I was getting ready to start college.

I took many deep breaths over the course of the next few weeks. The day of Jane's birthday party came, just a day before my graduation.

"Mommy, how old am I?" Jane asked me, Micheal was right behind her, smiling at her, holding her hand.

"You're four baby," I said, looking at her, wondering what that was about. She drug Micheal off towards her room, I went to find Tessa.

"God, has it been four years already?"

"Hard to believe huh?" Tessa asked as I found her in the kitchen. "Feels like yesterday Mike was born, now I'm expecting again, this time with the love of my live, who isn't leaving me in a small town."

"But your not marrying him," I said.

"Lars loves me, but I'm not ready, people get ready at their own pace, you and Edward are well beyond your years in maturity, it comes from being a parent at such a young age. I couldn't imagine for me, being hitched right now. Do what's right for you, everything else will fall into place."

I let that sink in as the guest started arriving, Jane became the center of attention. I wished I had somebody to talk to, I couldn't talk to Alice, she'd planned the wedding, her and Rosalie had been so busy working on this wedding, that it would be the wedding Forks would be talking about for years to come.

I wished I could talk to Esme, she was my second mom, but since she was the grooms mother, she'd feel that I was falling out of love with the father of her grandchildren, which wasn't the truth.

All of my friends where so involved in this wedding, my speaking to them about my second thoughts, would imply that I was not in love with Edward.

So I was once again back at the fact that I love Edward, but I think I'm to young to be married.

"Mommy," Jane said, later that night. "Do you want to marry daddy?"

Edward had left around seven that night, he wanted to be well rested for graduation tomorrow. I wondered where my daughter had gotten her smarts from, not from me, that's for sure.

Jane had always been observant, I'd notice. She knew Jacob wasn't right for me, she knew Edward was her daddy, well before I'd even fallen in love with him. Now, she knew I was having second thoughts.

"You are a smart little girl, you know that?" I told my daughter, who's eyes where drooping with sleep, tomorrow would be a big day. "I love your dad, so much, but I'm only sixteen, and while you think I'm old, to most people, I'm still really young and getting married at this time in one's life isn't something that happens to most people."

"I want you to be happy, mommy, if that means we stay in Forks, I'm fine with that."

I smiled at my daughter as sleep took her into dreamland. I couldn't believe that she'd turned four today. I'd been in Forks for five years, I'd been an adult for that long, I'd been a kid for that long.

Graduation day, the day that we take our first step into the real world, we'd go to college, get married, start a family. I'd have all that in just a day. I'd be married to Edward tomorrow, in less than twenty four hours. I'd have my second kid in December. All this would happen before I turned eighteen, and I wasn't sure I could handle it.

I'd officially started freaking out when Jane came bounding in my room that morning, wearing a pale pink dress that Charlie, or Alice, had bought for her without my knowledge. It was frilly and girly and Jane loved it. She spun around a few times, excited that we'd be leaving for New York in just a week.

The boxes where packed and on their way out there, our suitcases where ready to be put in the car, the next month after we left would consist of driving cross country and seeing sights for our honeymoon. Edward wasn't letting me in on the secrets of the trip, but I was glad that he'd taken into account that I wanted Jane to go with me.

"Congratulations," Edward said, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Can you believe everything is almost over and we'll be starting our life together."

"I love you, don't forget that," I said, just as the principal yelled for us to line up, Edward moved to the front of the line, while I moved to the back, Jasper stood five people behind me. He took that moment to come up behind me.

"Cold feet?"

"For this? No."

"The wedding, Bella, I know we aren't the greatest friends, but Edward's my best friend and if you aren't 100% sure about this, you need to talk to Edward, he'll be willing to talk to you about your fears. He'll listen, I know him."

I nodded, then we began marching in. I heard cheers as we walked in, I could hear Alice hooting for us, Emmett was booming, while Rosalie yelled as we marched to our seat. I set down and listened to the speakers, for an hour. Then I was called for my diploma and the march back out, then we where done. I'd graduated from high school, at sixteen.

The party was in full swing in the gym at the middle school, it was hard to believe, that the last time I'd been here, I'd been a new mom. Now I was planning to be a mom again and getting ready to start a new crazy start to my life.

"Bella," Alice said, coming over to me and linking arms. "What's going on? You and Edward haven't been together all night."

"Alice, we're fine," I said.

"Bull, I know you, you've been distant for the last few days, what's going on?"

"I'm just hormonal, with the pregnancy and all," I said. "Alice, I promise, tomorrow will go off as planned and we'll live happily ever after."

I always thought that a wedding day was meant to be happy and wonderful, but here I was, sitting in my wedding dress, a dress that Alice had made for me, it was a strapless with a short train, I was in ballet flats, my make-up done and my hair in an elegant up-do, but here I was, wishing I could cry because I wasn't sure I was ready to get married.

"Jane," I said, Jane was on the floor playing with her doll, she glanced up at me. "Can you go get your dad?"

She nodded and ran out of the room, coming back a few minutes later with Edward in tow, who had his hands over his eyes.

"It's bad for me to see you an hour before the wedding," Edward chuckled.

I stood up and took his hands down from his eyes, staring into them.

"I love you," I whispered. "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, some I wish I'd fought harder against, some I'm happy I didn't fight," I glanced at Jane, "marrying you, it wouldn't be a mistake, but I'm sixteen, I'm scared of getting married, to anybody at this point, I'm young, what if down the road, we realize that we weren't the perfect couple and choose to go our separate ways? I know we've known and loved each other four years, but at this moment, I don't want to get married."

I watched his eyes, they watched me, no tears were shed as he held on to me, grabbing me in a hug. In that instant, I knew that I wanted to marry Edward, but not today, not at sixteen. Eighteen, nineteen, might be a different story, but today, no, no wedding would happen today.

"All our stuff is packed," Edward finally muttered. "Are we breaking up?"

"No, that's not what I want, I'm just not ready to get married, are you okay with that?"

"I'm fine with that, I wish you'd told me earlier that you were scared, we could have dealt with it differently, but, I guess we need to tell the guest that there isn't going to be a wedding?"

"I say Jane and I get back in our clothes and we drive off into the sunset, leave a note, promising to call when we get to New York and explaining that we're waiting," I smiled.

"Did I mention that I love you?" Edward said as I grabbed Jane's clothes and helped her get dressed, she glanced between me and Edward but never said a word as we finished getting dressed. He wrote the note quickly.

"Yea, you just did," I smiled. I buttoned my own jeans and Edward laid the dress on the chair.

"Your one-hundred percent sure about this, right?" Edward asked once more.

"I'm positive, ask me when I'm eighteen," I said, slipping my engagement ring off and putting it in Edward's palm, closing his fingers around it. "Eighteen, it's two years, we'll just be normal college students with a family."

He smiled as he leaned down and kissed my lips, then grabbed Jane, who giggled, in his arms and together as a family, we left the chapel.

To our family,

We're sorry that we couldn't stay, but we choose to wait on the wedding, sixteen is just too young for us to be settling down. We're still going to travel the country with Jane but we're not going to be married yet. We love you and we'll call when we get to New York. Love Edward, Bella & Jane

Charlie smiled as he re-read the note, he smiled as he glanced out the window were Edward was helping Bella into the car, Jane was jumping around, excited, they must have told her about the stops finally.

Edward helped Jane into the car before sliding into the drivers seat, a big smile on his face and pulling away from the chapel.

Charlie knew that Bella had a good head on her shoulders, she'd mothered a child from age twelve and would be a mother again in just seven months. His daughter and granddaughter would be just fine, all three of them would be just fine.

"Charlie," Esme stuck her head into the room. "Edward's missing."

"No, they aren't, they just drove off into the sunset," Charlie said as he handed Esme the note. Esme left the room, no doubt she was going to tell the guest the wedding was called off.

Charlie knew his daughter and her one true love would eventually get to the alter and when they did, they'd be stronger because of everything that had happened over the last four years.