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A light breeze ran through the trees. It wove through the branches and startled the leaves. Colors lit up the horizon proving a new day and each creature that lived in the trees, bushes, creeks, and lakes woke to the new blazing sun. A path ran along the trees leading deeper into an embrace of wood. There walking along the path was a girl. Her pale bear feet danced along the bark and leaves that covered the path. She let out a sigh of relief of the serenity that was the wood's early morning breeze. She knew he was here, somewhere in these fresh fall woods, taking in his childhood memories of hunting with his best friend. She knew it wasn't her place to join or spy. She just wanted the feeling they had every time they stepped foot in the vast woods. She heard him wake before the sun could be seen. She felt his lips on her temple saying a simple "I'll be back." But she didn't get it. What was it like walking in the woods? Now she knew. Her small feet plunged into the dark mud and caressed her tender toes. Her pale yellow dress flooded around her knees blowing away and against her legs with the wind. She looked back towards her house, their new home. She should make breakfast. Tend the garden. Paint the rooms with new inviting colors. Listen to the news on the radio. Clean the floors. Yet she turned back to the forest and kept walking. After the sun began to rise a bit more the forest floor sank behind her. She looked over her shoulder to come face to face with a man. His eyes were on her and his hands rested on her hips protectively. She looked to the ground ashamed of her foolishness. She should have not taken the journey to his woods, to their woods. She caught in the corner of her eye the silhouette of a woman not far from her age. Her wild dark hair and guarded eyes tore her apart. No. She should have not come.

"Madge" the man said quietly. She looked up to the woman meeting a smile. Surprised Madge looked to Gale. His face was soft and curious. "Do you like the woods?" he wondered gesturing the towering trees surrounding them. Her gaze feel on the bright red leaves of autumn taking in the fire of the nip of cold weather, harsh welcoming breeze, sound of the far babbling brook, and birds calling out to the day.

"Yes I like it too" Katniss said coming to stand in front of Madge's awed expression. Madge cleared her throat and blinked away the feeling of regret.

"Sorry for interrupting" she whispered. Gale's grip tightened and Katniss's brow knit together in confusion. She looked up to Gale. Then looked back to Madge.

"Madge, let me tell you a story" Katniss begins setting down her bow and arrows. "Once upon a time. There were vast woods beyond a town. A girl and her father taught each other in these woods and held on to the things they believed in. When the father died the girl left the woods. Because of the conditions of this town a boy and a girl were forced back into it. The boy did not know of the girl, and the girl did not know of the boy. They were they in secrecy to protect the ones they loved. When the two finally met the girl did not want to be friends with the boy. Instead they traded their ideas. Then became friends. They vented their thoughts and worries in these woods and grew up together. Each day past on. Until the day came where the boy pronounced his confused love on the girl. He asked her to run away from the horrors of the town. But the girl refused. She didn't know how to judge her own feelings. Her punishment was to go to the games. There she fell in love with someone else, never to return to these woods. Until now. Now there are just two friends. The same boy and girl. But total strangers hoping to reconnect. Another girl wanders into the woods searching for the feeling the boy describes. When she reaches the woods. The boy and the girl welcome her to the magical land with open arms. They are willing to teach her everything they know" The girl does not return to the house that day, make breakfast, tend the garden, paint the rooms with new inviting colors, listen to the news on the radio, or clean the floors. She hunts alongside her husband and best friend.

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