Blaine looks at me

and his face breaks into this smile

and I can't help but think

that I caused that smile

and I wonder how in the world

I'm worthy of it.

Or Sometimes

it's a laugh.

I'll say something witty

and he'll chuckle

and touch my arm—

or cheek or something—

and I think to myself,

I'd become a freaking clown

if it would mean hearing that laugh all day.

Right Now We're Walking Along the River

because Rachel said it would be a good idea

for the four of us to get some bonding time

but she's suddenly scampering away,

taking a laughing Finn with her

and Blaine and I are left alone anyway.

I won't deny that a few feelings come rushing back:

feelings of being left behind

and of being unwanted

from the times of when I thought myself to be in love

with that lanky football player.

But then Blaine takes my hand

and I drag myself to present day,

where everything is a hundred times better.

At Some Point

Blaine climbs on top of a wooden bench.

I don't question why anymore;

perhaps it was to illustrate a point

or because he wanted to see something in the distance.

I can't help but delight in his puppy-like ways

but apparently the bench doesn't feel the same

because it creaks angrily from underneath him

before leaning backwards to dump its load

directly into the river.

My First Reaction

is to run over,

check that he's okay

that he can get up.

He's standing up by the time I get over there

(thank God the river's only a few feet deep),

spluttering in indignation,

and I can't help but crack a smile

at his wide eyes.

He sees me and narrows his eyes

before accepting my hand to help him out.

He's drenched,

of course,

and it takes all of my willpower

to not stare at his pants,

which are clinging to every inch of his skin.

He Laughs at Himself for a Bit

which succeeds in drawing my attention

back up to safer grounds,

back up to his crinkling eyes.

"Are you alright?" I ask,

holding his shoulders as he almost slips on wet grass.

"I'm fine, Kurt," he says, smiling, before taking off his soaked shirt.

Oh, wow. I'd say you are.