I'm Lonely

more than anything else.

More than hurt-

I know there must be a reason.

Blaine can't have so suddenly

changed so much

without a reason.

Blaine is so strong.

Always true to himself.

Blaine is Blaine.


there must be

a reason.

I'm sure of it.

A legitimate reason.

He can't have just

tired of me.

Blaine is Blaine

and Blaine

needs Kurt.

Hallway Encounter

Blaine's shoulders


His feet


His hair seems

to droop.

My heart seems

to sag.

Eye Dance

But suddenly

we meet eyes

and we communicate through those suckers

as we never have before.

Blaine's eyes tell me that something is very,



With as much strength as I can muster,

I try to tell him

that I will help,

no matter what.

He turns away

to head to class,

the slightest of springs in his step,

the smallest of weights lifted from his shoulders.

I turn away as well,

my show of strength waning,

my overconfidence draining.

After School

Blaine and I meet

in the deserted art room.

Blaine's teacher absolutely adores him,

and so trusts him to be there alone.

"Will you tell me now?"

I ask gently,

coaxing up his face

with the softest fingertip.

The brown eyes meet my gaze.

And something behind them breaks.

"It's my dad."

Blaine's eyes dart about nervously,

as if expecting the man to be suddenly present.

"He's been… doing things."

Now this is so vague

that I immediately assume the worst,

and practically begin to hyperventilate.

Now Blaine calms me down.

"Not anything… like that.

but he's stuffed Playboy

and the Victoria's Secret catalogue

into my bookshelf

and keeps making disgusted faces

when I so much as mention you.

He threw out

my old dolls,

stuffed animals,

all pink clothing,

and even my signed picture

of Tom Felton."

Blaine stops,

and hesitates.

All of this is bad enough.

But I can see that there is still more to the story,

so I keep my mouth shut

and mourn Tom's autographed photo

in silence.

"What happened next,"

he continued,

"was probably my fault."

I shake my head vehemently,

and Blaine gives a tiny chuckle.

"It definitely was.

I… erm… I was kind of singing

'She's In Love'

around the house…

you know, from The Little Mermaid

and my dad heard.

He… well, I guess he shoved me

into the wall

and told me to shut my mouth.

But I thought of you

and was singing again

a few minutes later.

This time,

he bore down on me

and basically told me

he was not responsible

for what could happen to you

if I ever brought you home.

He very strongly suggested

that I try and see

'the error of my ways'

and stop being with you.

So I gave it a shot.

But, as you saw,

I didn't fare too well.

So I may be entirely selfish

and entirely weak

but that's entirely Blaine

and, let's face it:


needs Kurt."