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"This is wrong."

Jeremy glanced over at Emmalin as they shuffled forward a few steps through the winding line they were in. It was still early so the line wasn't very long yet. Which was good, he thought as he lifted his arm and used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe sweat from his forehead. Despite the early hour, the Florida heat was already worse than what he was used to and waiting in line for an hour in that heat for a five minute ride wouldn't have been fun. He twisted the cap off of the bottle of water he was carrying and took a long drink, trying very hard not to think about how they'd be doing exactly that in a few short hours.

"I thought you wanted to ride Peter Pan first."

"No...I did. I do. It's not that." She took the bottle of water from him and sipped at it as she glanced around again at all the people waiting in line with their kids. "Look around Jeremy. I think we're the oldest people in line."

"What about them?" Jeremy asked, gesturing to a couple a few feet ahead of them that was getting onto the ride.

"Jeremy, they're here with their grandchildren."

"And we're here on our honeymoon. Em, nobody's giving us a second look. And even if they were, I don't care what people think. I thought you didn't either. You certainly didn't care about other people's opinions when we first started dating and everyone was telling you that you shouldn't even give me the time of day."

"That was because you looked so cute in your ACUs." Emmalin said, pinching his cheek playfully before pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

And just like that, she was back to her normal, carefree self.

She handed him back the water bottle before taking his free hand in hers, threading their fingers together as the line continued to move. As they reached the front of the line, she let go of his hand, moving a step or two ahead of him. As the ride attendants directed them where to go, she spoke up again.

"So I guess that means you won't care what people think when I wear that little black string bikini to the water park tomorrow."

She glanced back over her shoulder, a mischievous smile on her face, before walking over to board the ride, leaving Jeremy to sputter incoherently behind her.