WOW: Score. In a misguided act of philanthropy, I am giving over this week's drabble slot to showcase the work of a new subscriber to the EO Drabble Challenge ... he's very shy, so be gentle with him.

In honour of my 100th posting (yay!) this story is dedicated to ALL my wonderful fanfic friends :)

Disclaimer: I don't own him or his brother, more's the pity.


"Your my hero" the beautiful chick swooned into the handsome hunters musculer arms and he carried her out of the dark cellar happy with his score of twenty fugly-ass demons single-handedly ganked and chopped up with his trusty knife "Your so brave you saved my life their must be some way I can repay you." The hunter thought there was someway the beautiful chick could repay him but he was a gentleman so he thought he ought to by her dinner first so they climbed into the Impala but never got as far as the resteraunt and lived happily ever after.

The end


Author's note: My brother thinks this is a load of old crap but just because he can read latin and knows a load of pointless stuff he thinks he's so friggin' clever. He's just a geeky big girl.