Well, I wrote this kind of spur of the moment. I don't really like it; it feels like it's trying too hard, but I'll leave it to you readers to decide.

Don't let them take me away.

Why? Why have they come? Why do they always come? I don't want to go. I want to stay here. Why? Why must I go? Why won't you let me be?

I know what they want. I can remember. Some part of me recalls the last time we were gathered. It is a memory found in the depths of my soul, flickering on the edge of complete knowledge. I cannot help but tremble.

They won't let me go though. I can tell from their hungry eyes, their gaze that is set on the stars. They will hunt me and find me and make me theirs. At least, they will think I will be theirs. I know this well; it has happened before.

When we came to this planet, some of us took on a form like theirs, like these greedy people. We are harder to find like that, and we know it. Not all of us did, and that form would eventually die. It was not our true form, and so it did not matter. We would just take a new one.

And we forgot, even as we were drawn together time and time again.

These people do not try to speak with me, as they would have done had I taken a form like Metatron or Sadaphalon. They do not have to. I know what they want. Why? Why can't they just leave me, leave us, alone?

They do not know, these people. These clothed beings that walk on two legs, no, they do not know. They cannot know. They are so sure of who they are, of what they want, of what their own power, that they cannot imagine it; the feeling of simply existing. Of being everything, yet nothing. Of having no voice, no thoughts, or feelings. Just the gentle swell of being. Of the unimaginable energy we receive when they do this, that addicting knowledge we hate and fear even as we seek more. They do not know how they lie to themselves as they say it will be better when all is one, without anything, because then there is nothing.

I won't go back.

But even as I start to show my true form, the awakened me, I know I will fail. They will take me back. They will force me into that thing we created. It has happened time and time again. And they will fail, will not catch him, and we will have to start all over again. Nothing, nothing I do will stop this.

And as I struggle with everything in my power, all I can do is cry from the depths of my soul…

Please someone, anyone. Don't let them take me away.