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This story takes place in the middle of the episode of Avatar the Last Airbender called The Waterbending Scroll.

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Zuko grabbed her wrists. "I'll save you from the pirates."

Katara struggled fiercely. "Let go of me, Zuko! Let me go!" she screeched. Then she let out a yelp, feeling his hands scorching her wrists. He was a firebender, after all. His hands were bound to be naturally hot. He clapped one of his hands over her mouth. "Shut up." She pulled her head out of his grasp.

"No! I said let me-" she was cut off as Zuko covered her mouth again. "Be quiet!" He yanked her over to the nearest tree, and pulled her arms behind her, and around the trunk. He grabbed a coil of rope out of his belt loop, and bound her wrists. Katara pulled, twisted, squirmed, and fought, but it was all in vain. The knot was too strong. Zuko circled around the tree to look at her face.

"Tell me where he is, and I won't hurt you or your brother," he said silkily.

Katara was afraid, no, terrified. She knew her voice would quake if she spoke. But then she felt something. Anger, sweet and fiery. She grasped it like a drowning man to a rock, and managed to blurt, "Go jump in the river!" without quivering noticeably.

Zuko continued to talk, but Katara did her best to ignore him. He had tied her to a tree, after all. She wasn't interested in anything he had to say. She turned her face from him.

Then, an unexpected flash of light caught her eye. She looked to it, despite her nervousness. She was scared that she would see flames about to hit her in the face. But she glanced anyway, and gasped. He held her mother's necklace! Her necklace, now. After all, her mother had no use for it, anymore, being dead.

"Where did you get that?"

"I didn't steal it, if that's what you're wondering." She glared at him.

The pirate captain (who had arrived with Zuko when Zuko had caught Katara) spoke up at last.

"Enough of this necklace garbage! Give us the girl!"

"That wasn't part of the deal," Zuko snarled. "You said you just wanted the scroll!"

"Well, we lied."

"Back off! She's my prisoner!"

Well, she's about to become our toy," replied the captain. Katata flinched and tried to fade into the tree.


"I said, BACK OFF!" yelled Zuko. "You will not touch her!" He was becoming angrier by the minute. As much as he disliked the girl, he wasn't about to let her be raped. It would go against his little remaining honor if he did.

"Wanna bet?" taunted one of the pirates, who was leering at the peasant threateningly and disgustingly. Zuko moved to stand in front of the waterbender. He was actually protecting her! If he hadn't been so scared and angry, it would have been humorously ironic.

Behind him, the girl whimpered. He hardened his resolve, and tried to find his ever-present anger.

"Go away!" he hollered, trying to sound threatening.

"Not a chance," the captain replied evenly. "We will get our due from her. She stole from us, and we will make her pay."

"Not without a fight, you won't." Zuko growled. He would fight to protect this peasantl. It was funny, as he had been threatening her himself only a few minutes ago. Fire lit the clearing as the captain answered, "So be it. A fight for the concubine."