Okay so! I apologize heavily for my really really really late update on the crossover with Twilight and Vampire Knight. It's….really hard to explain. Sorry again! But I'm here now, so here we go!

Okay so!

Reddish wine brown eyes blinked open slowly as the Kuran Princess started to awaken. She had been sleeping on and off for the past few days- always waking at hours, and then going back to sleep. She always woke at about five in the morning, and stayed up until it was time to go to the school.

Of course, since the sleeping pattern for her had changed, this was fairly normal now. It would not be normal once the vampires left Forks, Washington- and truly for that, she was happy. Yuuki slowly sat up, leaning slightly back against the soft, cotton pillows. Next to her, her love was asleep soundly in the field of dreams and such; though she knew that he would be awakened at the simplest movement or hint of danger.

Slewing her eyes to the window, the woman leaned over a bit and pulled apart the drapes, looking briefly up at the half moon above. It was one day or so from the night that Rido Kuran would attack- and she was no more ready than an infant trying to walk. Her eyes narrowed softly as she briefly remembered Kaname teaching her at least a few tricks or so to defend and attack.


Yuuki called to the darkness as they stood in a clearing miles from their stay house. She looked around the trees that outlined the vast space of the circle- then up at the stars shining in the night sky. Kaname had brought her out here to teach her about defending at its basic intentions, and the attacking methods and such. It had to be done- it should have been done originally when she was much, younger- before Rido nearly killed her; though she knew that her and her brother's parents were against such things- especially when they involved their only, dearest daughter.

"Focus on my energy, Yuuki,"

The Princess' head snapped to the darkness of the trees as her beloved's voice echoed. She nodded slightly to herself and closed her eyes, trying to focus. Her eyebrows knit together and she faintly caught a formation of a red outline behind her eyelids- positioned to the far right. She reached out in the direction with her right hand, and breathed deeply.

In one swift motion, the trees were blown away, revealing her beloved. She opened her eyes and looked at him with excitement before she slid into a defensive position. Of course, Kaname would never hurt her, but it was absolutely necessary that he attacked her to teach her. Knowing this made Yuuki feel safer, but she knew that the enemy she would face later on would have no compassion for her, and would ultimately try to drink her precious blood and kill her.

While the Aristocrats had been completely and totally against the idea of teaching Yuuki methods of defense and offense, Kaname had been for it. He wanted his dearest girl to be able to protect herself if he or the others were not around to do so for her. He was not against her wanting to be herself, and wanting to learn things- though of course it was very typical for a Pureblood Vampiress to not fight at all and be all girly and shit like that, but hey, Yuuki's Yuuki.

As Kaname dashed at the dark, glossy brown haired woman, she rolled to the side, and reached out again, narrowing her eyes as she tried to summon a type of force field. It failed, and as her love attacked once more and threw her hand down, she skidded back and lashed out with a sharp kick to his side.

While way back when she was still getting used to actually having been born as a Pureblood and still starting to realize that what she had wanted all along was already hers, she had grown in confidence- she truly had. And while way back during those times she couldn't even bear to bite Kaname, she had gotten past that childish fear so far in these few days.

Though it may be a very short progression forward, she knew that she still felt some amount of guilt that she had to bite him; she didn't want to drink too much or hurt him. But such a tense time called for desperate measures- and it called for her to grow up and accept her heritage as Queen of the Night- the Vampiress of Vampires- a Kuran.

And through this sudden revelation, she found strength in Kaname. Now, though she worried still about the biting aspect, she was able to attack him at random, and defend and such- all the while knowing that while she threw her hardest punch or kick, she could never hurt him; not emotionally or physically. She trusted him, and he trusted her and he knew that she had to learn these methods of fighting. He loved her for her, her confidence, her shyness, and her strength.

As Kaname blocked her kick, Yuuki jumped in the air and landed a few feet away. She glanced around quickly, remembering briefly what Aidou had said- to use whatever you can find at the time; in other words, improvise. So, our lovely Queen did. She reached out her right hand, and used her power to call forth a couple thick branches of a tree, and as they snapped from the trunk, threw them at Kaname. He, of course, dodged and in turn threw a few branches towards her. She kicked them away, and as they both moved back into the spacious clearing, they circled one another, watching for the other's move.

Kaname's dark, molten brown eyes looked at Yuuki, worried, but confident in his beloved girl's abilities- and proud that she was growing and becoming her own self. Truthfully, and Yuuki knew this, too, the man was worried that she would try to act like her lineage- a true, Pureblood Princess and such. He never wanted her to be that way. Not with all the frilly laces, and ugly dresses- and the supremely thin body, and a very girly personality: I.e., not being able to defend herself and always calling for help and such.

Though, while he didn't want that of her, he felt that she should at least have some guards. After all, she was a Princess, he was her love and Prince, and the Aristocrats were her Knights. They would defend her even at the cost of their lives and do anything she asked for- and not just because she was a Pureblood. He mentally smiled, very pleased and proud and happy with how his dearest Yuuki was growing and whatnot- she was becoming much like her mother in some ways: carefree, gentle and kind, but firm and always willing to lay down her own life for others- and the need to fight for what she believed in and conquer her fears.

Kaname felt air rush through his short, dark brown locks as his beloved girl threw another branch his way. So far, they had been dodging each other and shooting inanimate objects and such. Close handed combat would likely never be needed, and he knew that under Kaien Cross' teachings, she had already learned enough of that subject as she needed to- after all, she was a Cross Academy Guardian after all.

He dodged the broken limb, and decided to kick it up a notch, knowing that somehow she would catch on to what he was doing. Allowing his body to melt away into black bats, he deformed and disappeared from her sight. Hiding along in the trees and such, he listened as she let out a yell of surprise at his absence. He watched her wander around the clearing, willing for her to focus at least on his energies.

Yuuki closed her eyes for a brief moment before she reopened them. She couldn't locate him- where had he gone? Had she done something wrong? She hoped she hadn't- she had done everything correctly as she had done from the previous lessons and such. She looked around, mind whirling as she tried to come up with a reason for his fleeing- unless- (she let her thoughts fall off a cliff! Ha…Hahahaha.)

She stood in the middle of the clearing, gathering as much power left as she could. She looked around, willing her vampire eyes to see what only her genes could show her. And there he was- in the tree, hidden by the leaves. He was upping the level of the playing field- and now she understood. She nodded, giving a strong, determined gaze his way.

Kaname let a smile slide across his lips before a sudden rivet in the ground caused the area of earth to quake under her feet. He watched as she jumped to the side, flipping in the air. His wine red eyes narrowed as his smile widened when he saw her retaliate. She held out her right hand, as she always did, and a large wave of raw power hit him in response to his earth cracking.

He jolted back, then squared his shoulders and took the full force of her attack. He narrowed his eyes and bindings wrapped around her body. He watched as she struggled, knowing that she knew that Rido Kuran would definitely try this attack. He would have to get her bound, so that she could not run or right him off. Kaname's fangs gnashed together as he thought of what Rido would do to his beloved, dear girl.

Steadying out his anger so as to not hurt Yuuki, the Kuran Prince held simply narrowed his eyes, causing the bindings to strengthen. His pride grew as he saw his beloved, dear girl use a spike of her own Pureblood power to diminish his bindings. As she stood there, he smiled and came out from his hiding place. The stance of her body, and the power that radiated from her told him that the training had to be more intense.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, on the Twilight side, Edward was busy teaching Bella only defense techniques. Of course, Bella was too busy thinking about Yuuki. The dream she had kept replaying over and over in her mind, and she couldn't help but think about the girl more than usual now. On any other day, she would only question Edward about Purebloods- and their power. He would reply as stoic as usual, 'Purebloods are unknown'.

As her dearest, sparkly Edward talked about her strengthening her mind, she delved deeper into her thoughts about the young Kuran Princess. The dream resurfaced again and again as she tried to focus on our darling, dearest Yuuki. Finally, she stood up and marched into the Cullens' residence, leaving Edward out there talking to himself like the idiot he is. Though she was worrying and be all anxious, Bella went to talk to Carlisle about Yuuki.

"Carlisle," She murmured, stepping up to the man that was in deep thought, "You said that Purebloods exist and that Kaname and Yuuki are Purebloods, right?"

"Yes, I told you all that. Remember? Kaname and Yuuki Kuran are the most powerful Purebloods to exist- well, within standards. Only a few Pureblood lineages are left existing to this day, but the Kurans could take over the entire kingdom of vampires. They possess great strength, and a vast amount of resources for knowledge and such."

Bella paused, and then rushed out her words before the lame-o blond vampire could admire the Purebloods again, "I was just wondering- is there a place we could go to learn more about Yuuki and Kaname? I- well, about my dream. I just can't stop thinking about it- I keep seeing Yuuki and what happened in the dream. I was hoping that I would be able to get some thought as to, well, prevent her from doing that…"

She trailed off, seeing Carlisle's blank stare. "And what about Marcus? You had mentioned him before, had you not?"

"Well, I figure if we learn about Yuuki, then we could learn about Marcus' plan…"

Her sentence fell on deaf ears as the over enthusiastic Cullen wandered about at light speed, effectively blasting a few holes into his house and banging his head on a lamp shade and damaging his brain so bad that his head decided to fly off his shoulders and go drown its self in- okay, sorry. Anyway, he grabbed his coat and such and ushered Bella to the door.

As the two stepped out onto the porch/patio/whatever, they saw Edward. Still talking to himself and wallowing in self pity and morbid thoughts about killing himself cuz his life and soul is all so damned and what the fuck ever you sparkly piece of shit, JUST KILL YOURSELF ALREADY. Anyway, they thought he was crazy and didn't bother to tell him of their going all around town to go and try and find archives and shit.

Well, unfortunately, they didn't find anything. The two came back, walking along like dogs with their tails between their legs. Until finally, FINALLY, something caught their minds and reeled in their thoughts and tiny, tiny, tiny little brains.

Within the next few hours into the night time, the Cullens had called the Kurans over- and ended up getting invited to their MUCH more extravagant mansion home thing. Needless to say, the Cullens were drooling with envy at the loveliness of the home, and the vast amount of land and such. Of course, I just suddenly realized that Jacob and his shitty pack were forgotten. So. They're there, too, I guess. Sure. Why not.

Anyway, moving onward!

Takuma, having arranged the Cullens to come and visit and such- since he knew the reason they called and whatnot anyway, rushed out into the clearing that the Kuran siblings were training in. Only, he hadn't really counted on Bella and Edward and Carlisle following him while the other Cullens went and wandered about the pretty awesome- ah who are we kidding?- the pretty FUCKING awesome mansion that the Kurans owned. I mean, come on dudes and dudets. That mansion is pretty epic.

Though, I have to put this out there. Takuma and the others had not exactly expected to find Kaname and Yuuki kissing passionately in the middle of the clearing. Last that he had been told by Aidou, they were training and Yuuki was kicking Kaname's –ahem- ass.

Takuma screeched to a halt and held out his arms to stop the Cullens behind him. Bella's eyes widened and she turned and glared at Edward. Of course, Edward would NEVER EVER kiss her like this! That bastard!

Yuuki's arms were coiled around Kaname's neck, fingers tangled in his hair. Kaname's hands were on her delicate, curvy hips, one hand digging his fingers into her hip as he sensed the others behind them.

Ignoring his vixen's protests, the Kuran Prince withdrew from their heated kiss, albeit not very detailed above, and turned to stare hard at the group of four. He slightly hovered in front of Yuuki, blocking out her ever so slightly disheveled body as she hurried to get her clothes readjusted and realigned and such.

Takuma looked back and forth between the two groups and stepped to the side as the other Cullens came to join them- quickly being led by the Aristocrats in front. Said Nobles stood to the side, closer to Yuuki, and watched from afar. Ruka and Rima helped the Kuran Princess along, and when she was done, she stepped up to the side of her onii-sama.

"What do you want, Cullens?" Kaname spoke coolly, keeping his gaze level, fingers intertwining with Yuuki's fingers.

"Well," Carlisle started before Bella stepped forward and explained everything from her thoughts about the dream to the reasons she had for asking Yuuki about what happened- why this Rido person would want her, why Marcus may join with him.

Yuuki paused briefly, looking away before Kaname tried to usher the Cullens off their land. His dear girl stopped him and agreed to explain.

"I know that we have not exactly been very truthful with you all. The authoress wasn't really helping us much, either, I dare say. But I will explain."

The Kuran Princess took a deep breath and started her explanation.

"My name is Yuuki Kuran, as you all know. But a certain time ago, I was just known as Yuki Cross. See, my parents, Juuri and Haruka Kuran were pacifists, and so when I was born, they hid me in a room without windows, far under our home. They hid me from the Senate, and from other, evil vampires.

"Do you remember Rido Kuran? That vampire we encountered such a short time ago with your wolf friends. Rido Kuran is my uncle. My parents tried very hard to hide me from his view, and for about five years or so, they did it wonderfully. But one snowy night, Rido found the mansion, and he had brought minions with him. He engaged in battle with my father, and killed him.

"My mother, probably knowing that my father would die, ushered me into another room while Kaname went out to confront Rido. My mother had always wanted me to have a different life than the typical Pureblood life, and so my father had agreed. She sacrificed and herself and hid my vampire genetics, turning me into a 'human'.

"After this, Kaname took me to Kaien Cross. He is an ex-vampire hunter, and he runs an academy for prestigious students and such. He is much like my mother and father- he wants vampires and humans to co-exist- as do I. Kaien Cross is also the headmaster. He raised me for ten years, loving me like any other adoptive father would.

"During this time, though my connection to Kaname had been severed due to the memory loss, I was still in love with him. My heart remembered, even though my mind did not. During those ten years, I also met a human turned vampire- Zero Kiryuu. He was born into a family of vampire hunters, with a twin, and then turned into a vampire himself.

"We steadily fell in love with each other, well, more like he fell for me. I do love him, but only as a brother now. Then, that day finally came. Rido Kuran returned for me, temporarily using his son, Shiki, as a vessel. When his true body had been fully revived, he set out to ruin the academy.

"Before his body had been fully recovered, he had a plan to return me to this world of blood and sin. His plan failed, however. I was already starting to have hallucinations of bloody scenes, and headaches that would leave me bedridden. Kaname took the liberty himself to change me back- to give me back my memory and my vampiric genes.

"When I confronted Rido, I gained the power over Artemis here,"

Yuuki took her hand away from Kaname's ever gentle tight grip and held out her grey and veined staff, watching it transform into her scythe before continuing. Her eyes never left the Cullens' gazes, though they were shocked and appalled.

"Zero Kiryuu helped me destroy Rido the first time, ultimately killing him. However, I believe that, while Kaname has not told me much of anything, your Marcus and my uncle Rido have banded together. Meaning that Marcus probably revived Rido. However, I also believe that Rido and Marcus together are after my blood. Compared to others, my blood is euphoria.

"My blood contains the taste of pure sunlight, whereas my mother was like the sun its self. My blood is rich and pure with the new powers of a Pureblood- a Kuran Princess, no less. My blood is addicting to most if not all vampires, and Rido needs my blood to fully recover and regain his strength. Marcus probably wants my blood for his own selfish needs as well."

Yuuki fell silent, her hand going back to grip at Kaname's hand tightly. The Cullens' expressions ranged from shock and awe to horror and fear at her story. Of course, the sparkly little ingrates could not possibly even begin to understand what it meant to be a Kuran Princess. The Cullens and their sparkles make me sick- they're not even real vampires!

Kaname stepped forward a tad, and spoke with the authority and strength of a true Prince.

"In retrospect of this explanation, we still require your assistance. Though we could easily take him down by ourselves, the fanfiction wouldn't have any plot."

Suddenly a black haired teenage girl jumped into the fray, waving her arms frantically and shouting profanities before speaking calmly.

"Kaname means to say that while they do not need your help, it would be easier and much less of a strain on them if you all sacrificed yourself and such to kill Rido. Also, I DO NOT EXIST IN THE FANFICTION. ALL EYES READING THIS, BURN NOW." And with that, the woman disappeared- never to be seen again; hopefully.


Yuuki chirped in, her reddish wine colored eyes happy and joyful. The Cullens seemed to think on it, and then, stupid as ever Bella decided to agree to it. And of course, being her sparkly shield with all his sparkly sparkles of sparkleness, Edward had to agree- which only prompted his dad of a lame-o sun faker to agree as well. Secretly, the Nobles wanted to kill the Cullens, but knew that Rido would, so they didn't have to stress themselves over such wastes of time and space.

Meanwhile, back at the not so cool ranch, after the Cullens had left, the Kurans and co. decided to retire to their rooms- well, mostly. They were all filled with a certain dread that was with them, at the thought of the upcoming war.

Hanabusa Aidou sat in his room, in a mahogany wooden chair near the window. His blue eyes were solemn, and glued to the pale moon that shone above in the night sky. His arms were crossed, a manga book lying on his lap, a piece of poky in his mouth. His eyes were forlorn, and his stomach was in knots, and he was hella stressed.

"I can only hope Lord and Lady Kuran know what they're doing."

His whisper broke into the tense atmosphere of his room before he turned his gaze to the book lying on his lap.

In her room, Ruka and Kain were having a conversation.

"Ruka, just listen to me!"

"I can't! This war- this, this terrible feeling in my stomach is making me sick!" The Souen woman was completely hysterical. She only showed this side to Kain, so why not!

"Kain- I...I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see you, and then have you disappear- or have myself disappear from this world…"

Her words trailed off as she turned away from the orange haired man, and to the window, pushing aside the elegant drapes that covered the glass. She looked up at the moon, her body nearly jerking as Kain wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his forehead on her shoulder.

"I know, Ruka. I know what you're feeling and I know what you're saying. We may not be together exclusively, I don't care about that. I don't care about anything else right now but you. You, the most stubborn woman I have ever met. I don't want to go to a war tomorrow, and face the fear of losing you, or losing myself to death."

Ruka shivered at his words, and turned in his arms, looking up at him. Tears covered the edges of her beautiful eyes, and his own eyes nearly watered as his heart constricted. He leaned down a bit, inclining his head, pausing to see if she would move away. Whenever he had gone to kiss her, she moved her head away, but this time she did not. His eyes closed a bit as his mind briefly flashed back to the very moment that they had decided to try and be together.

"Akatsuki Kain!"

The orange haired man looked up from his spot on the couch in the living room of the Kuran mansion. In his hands was a book of some kind, and he looked all nice and cozy in his wool knit sweater, and dress style pants.

"What is it, Ruka?"

The dirty golden haired woman came up to him, standing there in front of him and pointing her finger at him angrily, her eyes narrowed.

"You! You, that's what! I can't stop thinking about you and it plagues me all the time! Nevermind that Lord Kaname should be in my mind- in my head all the time! Not you!"

Kain stared up at the woman with slightly wider eyes, then he blinked. She thought he was keeping her from thinking of her 'beloved' Kaname Kuran? His eyes narrowed and he actually appeared to be angry. He stood up suddenly and grabbed Ruka's outstretched hand, and pushed her back against the wall by the huge, really expensive TV.

Ruka stared up at Kain with wide eyes that quickly narrowed as she leaned towards him and snapped at him, angry and horrified at being touched such a way. She was a Noble, and she was to be treated with respect- especially from other Nobles.

"How dare you touch me? Unhand me this instant, Akatsuki Kain! I was the one talking to you, carrot top!"

Ruka felt embarrassed at insulting him so lowly like a child, but she was angry and when she got angry, she could not think right. It was an odd thing, but she assumed it was fairly normal at least.

Kain lifted his head, and stared into her angry, burning eyes with a fierce look on his face.

"I am not the reason you can't stop thinking about me and why you stopped thinking about Lord Kaname Kuran. It's just that you're realizing that your affection for Lord Kaname was a crush- an infatuation. You're only thinking about me because you've started to realize how much you like me. And while that makes me completely and totally happy, I do not want to be related anywhere near Lord Kaname Kuran in your mind."

His words were cold, and calculating, but they also held a hint of pride and happiness. He stared into her now shocked eyes, and lifted her chin with his index finger, coming inches from her lips as she still could not utter a word.

"I am a man, too, Ruka. You're being selfish in thinking that you are the only one with revelations right now. I'm a man, and I have needs too. I hope you understand that right now it's very hard for me to hold myself back from you- it has been so hard for the past years. Being near you was enough, but now that you've just told me that you're forgetting Lord Kaname, I can't hold back any longer."

Ruka swallowed thickly, quickly processing his words before her cheeks colored slightly and she murmured, in reply.

"Fine, but..uh, we're not exclusive." She quickly rushed the words out, and he nodded slightly before pressing his lips to hers.

Kain's arms wrapped tightly around Ruka's body, and he finally leaned his head down and pressed his lips to hers. Her lips were nearly searing hot, and the heat sent a jolt from the back of his neck down his spine. Her arms immediately coiled around his neck and she pressed her body to his, their eyes closing in sync.

Ruka's eyebrows arched in an almost pleading expression as she tried to press her body to his harder, only succeeding in them stumbling back and falling onto the bed with her on top of him.

While Ruka and Kain were letting their passion show, Rima and Shiki were in the Kuran living room. Rima sat there silently, staring at the TV blankly as some or other show flitted across the screen, turning into an advertisement about a pleasurable experience with something or other sexual ointment. She quickly changed the channel.

Shiki sat next to her on the couch, his eyes passive. He occasionally glanced over at Rima, worry hitting him only when he did- though deep down it never let him go from its clutches anyway; not when it was about Rima.

The two were like twins- perfectly in sync. He could tell what she was thinking and she could tell what he was thinking. They were two of their kind, totally and virtually matched for each other, but so completely emotionless that they wouldn't tell each other what they actually felt.

"Rima," Shiki began, leaning over to his little blonde pigtailed fellow Noble.

Rima turned her head slightly to look at him, a pocky stick now hanging between her lips. She stared at him blankly though the look in his eyes brought out what his father had said to her- through his body about him being ravenous and such. Of course she didn't like Rido Kuran remotely, but the way Shiki looked right now made her think of what exactly he would say if he looked like that.

"What?" She simply questioned her 'other half' with a tilt of her head. God, she looked so cute, Shiki thought as he leaned forward. His arms came around her and he pulled back, bringing her against his chest as he moved.

The blond pigtailed Noblewoman leaned against Shiki's chest, listening to his heart beating, and listening to the blood rushing though his veins. Leaning back slightly, she tilted her head up, showing him her imploring eyes.

"It's nothing, really, Rima," Shiki murmured in return, "No, I am not being truthful. I'm scared, that's all. I do not want to lose you, Rima. You are one of the most important people to me after all," His eyes blazed with a smoldering fire in his honest gaze and the blond vampire-miss felt her heart skip.

She leaned up, prompting him to take hold of the other end of her pocky stick- to which he gladly did. She murmured lightly around the candy.

"I am worried, too. If I lost you, I would never be the same."

The two took bites, of course taking turns, until they reached the last bit that would bring their lips together. They met eye contact, and when Rima's eyes slid closed acceptingly, Shiki dove forward and pushed Rima back on the beautifully crafted couch, his lips meshing to hers with a searing heat.

As these two above went and made out in the midst of a crisis, Takuma was busy brooding. The vampire Noble was on his bed with his legs crossed. On his lap sat a book- for once not a manga, though a huge stack of the books sat next to him. His eyes were narrowed and concerned, and as he turned his gaze to the pale moon outside, he murmured sadly.

"Oh, Kaname, I hope you know what you're doing this time."

And during all this, the Kuran siblings were in their room. Yuuki was sitting on their bed, staring at the floor, reddish brown wine eyes showing sadness. She wore a black dress that fit her body perfectly, and hugged her sweet curves.

The dress had been chosen by her herself. The black silk fit her well, and when she stood, the hem of the dress fell to her mid calf. Her long, glossy chestnut locks had grown slightly longer and now fell to her mid thigh when she stood. Her hands were placed neatly on her lap, and her eyebrows were knit together in worry.

In front of her, her onii-sama was wearing a pair of black pants, and a belt with an onyx buckle. He was currently shirtless and staring blankly at a deep, dark red shirt and a cream white shirt. His equally brown reddish wine eyes turned to his darling girl and he walked over to her. The ends of his dark locks were wet, showing that he had just recently gotten out of a hot shower. He wrapped his arms around her, and stood there silently as she nestled her head against his slick chest. Kaname could tell without looking that her cheeks were probably tinted red- that's just how she was- shy that is.

"Yuuki, what's wrong?" His voice was soft, and slightly husky. Yea, just ever so slightly- okay, sure.

The Kuran Princess bit her lip, and then looked up at the man that she loved. Her mahogany eyes were clearly filled with worry and terror. She searched his eyes for some unknown answer to a statement that she had been getting ready to ask, only to fall silent.

Whenever she looked at him, the world fell away. Everything broke to pieces of glass and collapsed around her, and the only thing that existed was Kaname. Everytime she looked at him, she had to be careful not to get caught into just looking at him. Even now, she could feel the weight of the world pouring off her in waves.

The feeling of worry fell, and then the feeling of absolute, pure terror. She had always felt this way, the Princess realized. Even at Cross Academy, though when she was human. Everytime she looked at the handsome prince that had saved her all those years ago in that snowy drift, she found herself lost with him on the map of the world.

After everything that had happened, the only thing that remained constant and existing was Kaname Kuran. Even though she had admitted to loving Zero, the dark haired man had always been by her side- he had never, ever left her alone. He never would, if he could help it.

Yuuki's hands slowly slid up his chest, to his shoulders, and she leaned up a bit, inches from his lips. He let her do whatever she wanted, and he waited silently, not pushing her. Slowly, her hands ran down his chest and she let out a shaky breath before whispering.

"Nothing is wrong. I was just worried, and fearful. I do not want other…vampires to be giving their lives for our cause. For our battle, at that. But looking at you, Kaname…looking at you makes the worry and fear fall away."

Her words fell on a cliff hanger, and she leaned up just a tad bit more, her nails lightly pricking his chest now- provoking a low hiss from her dark Prince. His hands slid along her body and rested at her hips, pulling her into a standing position. He held her to his body firmly, and nestled his face in her hair before leaning back to look down at her.

"My dear girl, I am only worried for you and the Aristocrats. Though they can take care of themselves, you have just recently been taught how to do so. I worry for your safety above all else, and I know they do, too. The other…vampires though- it is their decision to fight for us." Kaname whispered the words softly, watching her dark eyes light with recognition.

Yuuki leaned up slightly, abandoning all other traces of the conversation they just had as she coiled her arms around his neck and pressed her soft lips to his. Her reddish brown wine eyes slid closed in bliss while his widened before closing contently. His arms wrapped around her body delicately, but firmly as he held her to him tightly, knowing it wouldn't hurt her now.

The Kuran Princess' hands slid along his neck to his brown locks, and she tangled her fingers in them, giving the locks a gentle tug. This action provoked a low growl of pleasure from her beloved, and she nearly let out a giggle at his reaction.

Suddenly, however, Yuuki's eyes opened wide as she was just hit with a bright, blazing fire. She pulled back from the kiss with a startled gasp. Kaname's eyes widened and he looked down at her with worried eyes.

"What is it, Yuuki?"

Yuuki's eyes stayed on Kaname, and she smiled brightly to him, her eyes glistening with happiness. There were no words that came to her to describe to him what she had just felt- what had just surfaced from the depths of her body and heart.

Though, if she were to be more honest with herself, it would have to have been her body. For a long time, she had wondered if she truly loved him. She had not, even when she was human, felt any sense of longing or sexual desire for him.

Now, though, the young Pureblood understood why- after all these years. Due to the delay in her vampiric genes, her human hormones had been dormant. Nevermind that before she was returned to her vampiric nature, she was deathly scared of intercourse. Not to the point of never doing it, or fearful that she would end up dead or something lame like that.

She was just scared that everything else would shatter. Yuuki was just scared that she would have given her love to this man for no reason. But now she was confident. They had not done anything even remotely sexual, and she had briefly wondered why. She had known that he would not push her, not force himself on her, or anything else that would be so cruel like that.

She had known, but now it had just hit her fully. Yuuki wanted her brother. She wanted him like a sister wanted her brother- like a person who would want a person.

But now, right in this moment, Yuuki wanted her brother like a woman wanted a man.

The brown haired woman's hands delicately slid along his chest and she leaned up as high as she could to whisper in his ear her soft, shy words. She knew that after she said this, there would be no turning away from the future- never again. She would face the future with a smile and walk onwards.

"I want you, Kaname,"

Kaname's eyes widened and his fingers reflexively tightened slightly on his darling, dearest sister's hips. His eyes slowly closed half way and he nuzzled her neck, relieved to hear those words after waiting for so long. He had not pushed- he had just waited, though he worried but never asked her about it. He knew that part of her heart would always belong to Zero Kiryuu, but the fact that she wanted him and loved him beyond all comparison was proof of what her heart felt for him.

"I want you, too, Yuuki."

He whispered the words softly in his dearest girl's ear, and watched as she leaned back to look up at him. Her reddish brown eyes were wide with a gentle light that shone in from the drape blocked window- the moonlight.

She looked up at him with a gentleness that made his heart thud, her cheeks a gentle red. She looked away shyly before looking back up at him. Ever so delicately, she took one of his hands, and slid it along her side, letting out a shuddering sigh.

"Then take me, Kaname."

And with those words, the Kuran Prince pushed his darling girl back onto the bed so she lay on her back. He leaned over her, and pressed his lips to hers in a searing, passionate kiss. As her hands traveled his chest and shoulders and upper arms, his hands slid along her sides, to her hips- where one hand slid down to her thigh, rubbing it softly.

Not quite knowing what was going on, Yuuki let her mind go. Her back arched up as he touched her thigh and she let out a shaky moan. Her hands found their way back to his hair and she tugged it as he caressed her, letting out breathless sighs and soft moans.

A few minutes later after a bit of foreplay, Kaname readied himself. Yuuki was underneath him, and she was panting softly as she, too, readied herself. She opened her legs for him, getting into a comfortable position. Her cheeks were a darkening red as she looked up into her beloved's eyes.

"It may hurt a bit, Yuuki- so I've heard."

Kaname softly warned his dear girl, trying to help her get ready for the breaking of her hymen. His concern only grew as her eyes widened when she felt him steadily, but softly push forward. Her breath hitched in a painful gasp and he stopped.

"No- don't stop. I want to give this to you." She murmured, tears pricking at her eyes. Her eyes closed halfway as he continued pushing until he had breached her hymen, pushing all the way inside her. He stopped as she trembled and shook under him, her nails digging into his arms as tears fell freely from her eyes. She was in pain, yes, but she was so happy.

"I love you, Kaname,"

"I love you, too, Yuuki,"

And a few minutes later, Yuuki was on top of Kaname. He had wanted to let her have free reign for the first few times. She rocked her hips, grinding him tiredly. She was trying to find that one spot again- he had found it for her for the first couple times they had done it, but she wanted to find it herself.

"Yuuki? Are you tired?" Kaname questioned her, bringing up the sheet over her shoulders a bit. His dear girl had been pushing herself a bit too hard- though he of course said nothing about it really. He loved every movement she made after all.

"A bit, but I want to find it." She murmured in return, loving the comfort that the sheets brought her. She moved her body a few more different ways, and her breath hitched slightly at the last posture.

"Yuuki?" Kaname sat up, and that's when his beloved girl pushed him back down, leaning over him. Her eyes were wide and ignited with embers of passion and her rosy nipples were puckered to arousal. She had found it.

Kaname went back to gripping the sheets and tearing the pillows with a dying man's desperation.

Poor pillows.

They will be missed.


Moving on.

As the residence at the Kuran Mansion reveled in their time together, back at the Cullens' place, it wasn't very lively at all.

Bella sat on the couch, musing over what she had learned and shared with the other Cullens. Nobody knew where Jasper disappeared to, still, and Jacob had brought his 'pack' over for the fuck- oops, hell- of it. Just because he can- this really pissed Rosalie off.

Edward was standing by the clock, elbow on the window sill as he looked outside at the blanket of stars. He occasionally glanced at Bella, golden eyes worried, but he kept his thoughts to himself.

Carlisle sat on the love seat with Esme, holding her hand tightly. His eyes were troubled, and he didn't seem relaxed at all. In fact, no vampire in the household was relaxed- they weren't even fake breathing, Bella noticed.

With Jasper just suddenly killed off by the authoress, Alice was a bit distraught, but she knew he'd show up after the fanfiction was over. He probably just quit cuz the Authoress doesn't like him anyway- oh well. Too bad for him. BOO FRICKIN' HOO.

Rosalie and Emmett were together in the corner, talking very quietly about stuff.

Bella's eyes closed and she only saw how Kaname had guarded and kissed Yuuki. Jealousy hit her, and she stood up, yelling at Edward before storming out.


Edward and the other Cullens stared after the idiotic girl as she stormed out. In a rush, Edward went out after her. Hey, that was a bit redundant! Since, you know, apparently Twilight Saga vampires have super fast/super human speed, ya'know. So like. How would that work?

I mean, just to pause the fanfiction here for a moment. It will get uppity started soon, just listen to me goddamnit D8!


So I was wondering. If, say, the Twilight Saga vampires actually existed, what do you suppose they would do? I mean, besides being extremely boring and living their lives day by day just to amuse themselves. That's what I honestly think they would do with it. I mean, to me it's like just having beat a video game or something. Like, hey, you have all these cheats now, you know what's going on, and you're like an expert.

Well, the vampires in the Twilight Saga have like really super human speed…so why even bother with the whole human facade? They could have just taken Bella with them, over the water while they were running, right?

And the super human strength? That sounds stupid, really. It's understandable, yes, but it just sounds stupid to me. Now, the little bit where it sounded like the venom was personified or something, that was pretty coo', I like that stuff. The little bit like this:

"The venom will heal her as it did Esme." -Carlisle.

Eh..I just don't get it. Oh well. I just have issues with that I guess. Sorry everyone!


Okay, so. We left off with the Cullens.

Meanwhile, while everything was going on, at the evil baddie's hide out, Rido and Zero were talkin'.

Zero lay back on the bed, a sheet around his waist, his cheeks flushed red. He watched as Rido slid off the bed and dressed himself up. His silver eyes also watched as Rido turned on the TVs connected to various stations- he used them primarily to see what the Kurans and co. were doing.

He stared at the figures on the screens for a long moment before a crack in the wall sounded- particularly when he got to Yuuki and Kaname.

Rido averted his eyes and his sickening voice spoke.

"I know why they grip at each other so frantically. I know why they hold each other so tight- like animals." At his words, Zero blushed, but the Pureblood did not stop.

"I want to grip someone frantically like that- all tight. I want to wrap my hands around some innocent person's throat and feel it break." His eyes narrowed again as he surveyed the screens: Aidou, Ruka and Kain, Shiki and Rima, Takuma, and then finally Yuuki and Kaname.

"My sweet nephew, I wonder what you would do if that girl was taken from you like Juuri was taken from me?"

Rido questioned the screen, placing his hand on it gently before smashing the TV's glass screen, breaking the television set. He pulled his hand out and turned to the vampire hunter in his bed.

Zero got out of the bed, and crawled over to Rido on his hands and knees, a collar around his neck- black and leather with a leash hanging from it. Rido held out his bleeding hand and sat back in a chair as more vampires emerged from the shadows around him and his pet.

The hunter licked and lapped greedily at the Pureblood's hand, licking away all the blood and semi-left over semen.

Rido's lips twisted evilly as he spoke.

"Tomorrow will be the down fall."

I really am terribly sorry for my comments about Twilight during the fanfiction. I was just venting a little itty bitty bit is all. Don't take any of it to heart, please. Also, for the awesome sex scenes, this specific title is recommended:

Nightmare before Christmas – Carol of the Bells.

The link, which I'm sure won't show up is this:


I just feel that it's a very fine fitting song for the scenes since it holds passion, but also a hint of worry and fear, and the impending danger that lurks ahead, ya'know?

Or, Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me would fit, ya'know?

Here's the link for that one:



I was really just aiming for something really passionate, and yet dangerous. I was aiming for the tension in the atmosphere. Sorry if I didn't get it all given across- my mind is also closed up with one-shots concerning Kaname and Yuuki, and now Ruka and Kain and Rima and Shiki and yea. Hahaha.

Also, I am planning to do a Harry Potter and Vampire Knight crossover, anyone wanna help out a bit?

And, I'm also trying to think of a good Halloween one-shot for the pairings, and maybe a Christmas one. Anyone? Little help here? Lol.