Summary: A missing moment with Dean and Luna at the end of Deathly Hallows in the middle of the battle at Hogwarts. One shot, Luna's POV.

I feel his breath against my ear. That small reminder of him being here beside me helps me cling to the sick reality in front of me. My hand goes up to my forehead, and I feel something wet and sticky. Blood. The smell brings panic, fear and the whisper of death coming for me.

I'm not afraid, though. I have already seen the worst that can happen.

Something warm grips my fingers, and I squeeze back with every ounce of strength I still have in me.

"It's alright," He whispers. "I'm not leaving."

It is a fact that I should know, but my mind won't except it. Not even as we sit here, crouched together in the dark hallway, away from the bloody battle - if only for a minute. Warmth floods through me as his lips touch my hair. I know he is giving me that look I have seen passing over his face frequently these past few weeks. A look that is filled with something only he has ever given to me. I've seen this look on a lot of other couples faces before, but have only ever now experienced it myself. Forcing myself to break my focus from his face so I can listen to the words his mouth forming.

"I'm saying this now, Luna because I don't know if I'll ever have another chance. . ."

I look up at him, my face mere inches away from his. His eyes are warm, and his hand caresses my cheek.

"I love you."

His mouth is on mine before I have anytime to say anything back, but I don't resist. When he finally lets go, I smile and say it back.

"I love you, too."

There is a blast, knocking us down to the floor. As screams fill the air, Dean looks behind us to see if any Death Eaters are near. "Come on," He says, smiling at me and helps me to my feet.

My hand squeezes his one last time before we run back out in the open battlefield.

Death is still here and whispering, but I am no longer afraid.