Title: Chasing Hallelujah

Author: Lady Shadow

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing(s):IchigoxIshida, Others

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fanfiction. It is based on the ideas, settings, situations and characters of the television show "Beach." The author of this work of fanfiction neither owns nor claims to own the aforementioned ideas, settings, situations and characters. They are the sole property of the creators and owners of "Bleach" and all other legal associates. This fanfiction is written for entertainment purposes only and no profit is made from the writing or publication of this piece. No infringement of any rights, copyright or otherwise, is intended.

Summary : Set 2 years after Rukia's rescue: things have settled into dull normalcy for Ichigo and his friends. Now freshmen in college, Ichigo struggles with boredom while Ishida still strives to regain his lost Quincy powers. Unfortunately, their two struggles come into direct conflict when Ishida and Ichigo get assigned as roommates. On top of these mundane issues, Aizen is soon to be on the move...

Excerpt:"I wonder what it would be like... to catch the moonlight..." he murmured, watching a large pool of light open in front of them. For a moment, even the concrete looked soft beneath it.

Status: WIP

Series/Title/Pos? Y/+Hallelujah/1

Sequel/Title? Y/Breaking Hallelujah

Prequel/Title? N

Warning(s) : None

Genre(s) : AU, drama, angst

Author's Notes :

1: Expect regular updates (at least for a good while) as I am well and away ahead of the posting curve on this one.
2: I was about half way through season three when I started this. For this reason, rather than try to keep up with the story, I'm just going to label it AU and let it drift away once everyone returns from the Soul Society after Rukia's rescue. This will not catch back up to canon, though I will start bringing in elements and characters from canon as we go. This is going to be a long and circuitous ride – hang on tight and bear with me.

3: Updates are posted more frequently to my Livejournal: ladyshadowdrake dot livejournal dot com. You can also find updates about what else is going on with my various fics there.

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