Hey everyone! So this story takes place sometime in the first season!

Dean is 26 and Sam is 22.


"I friggin' hate witches." Dean muttered grudgingly, as he drove the Impala down a winding dirt road.

"We don't even know if this girl really is a witch Dean. We could be wrong." Sam reasoned, glancing at his brother before focusing back to the map in his hands.

"Well then I friggin' hate girls who impersonate witches."

"Make a left at your next turn and then a right. The house should be there." Sam sighed, shutting off his flashlight while Dean did as directed. "So what's the plan?"

Dean pursed his lips in thought.

The brothers' latest job had taken them to the town of Havre, Montana. Over the past month, there had been several mysterious deaths and disappearances, peaking the Winchesters' curiosity. After visiting the crime scenes and traveling around the town, all signs pointed to there being a witch behind it all.

Dean and Sam had interviewed a couple of people and had found out that these sudden occurrences had begun soon after a girl named Whitney Parker had arrived in town. According to people throughout the town, Whitney rarely left her house and when she was out and about, she was always under suspicious behavior. The brothers weren't sure if this girl was the witch or not, but it was worth checking out.

"I say we scope around her house. If we come across something, we'll gank the bitch." Dean said with a shrug. Sam scoffed and resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his brother.

"Sounds good. Okay, that's the house up there." Sam pointed out, motioning with his hand to the dirt driveway coming into view.

"Well this is a shocker. A creepy, dark driveway in the middle of bum-fucking-nowhere." Dean muttered as he pulled the Impala down the driveway.

It was almost two in the morning as the brothers approached the house where the supposed witch lived. They hoped that Whitney had already gone to bed, that way checking the area out would be much easier.

But when did things ever go the Winchesters' way?

Dean slowly pulled the car to a stop, just outside the property of the house.

"Let's go." Dean said as the brothers exited the Impala and headed to the trunk of the car. They shuffled through the various array of weapons sorted in the trunk, before grabbing their guns.

"It's kinda fishy, don't you think?" Sam questioned in a wary voice.

"What?" Dean asked as he slammed the trunk shut as quietly as possible.

"Like, where this house is. It's literally in the middle of nowhere. I mean, it's just kinda weird. This girl lives in this huge town, full of unoccupied houses, and she chooses to live in the middle of the forest."

"I guess." Dean said, nodding his head slowly. "But this Whitney girl could just be a freak. I bet you two would get along great." He proposed with a wink.

"Shut up." Sam grumbled, rolling his eyes as the brothers began to make their way towards the house. After trudging through a few rows of trees, the house came into view.

"Surprise, surprise." Dean muttered as they looked at the house in the middle of the clearing. It was a broken down, two story house laced in cobwebs. A stereotypical home of a witch. "Seriously man, I'm so sick of these sketchy houses. For once, I'd love to-"

Dean was cut off when Sam grabbed his arm and yanked him to the ground. He hit the floor with the thud and glanced incredulously at Sam, who put a finger up to his lip to silence Dean. Sam pointed to the house with his finger as Dean followed his brother's gaze.

There was light seeping out of one of the first floor window, and a shadow could be seen pacing back and forth. A girl suddenly appeared at the window, staring in the direction of the unmoving brothers. The girl, who could only be Whitney, slowly moved away from the window and out of sight.

"What the hell is she doing up? It's two is morning." Sam whispered disbelievingly. The brothers' shared a suspicious look before Dean spoke.

"Come on." Dean said in a hushed tone as he got up silently, Sam doing the same.

They stayed low as they quickly approached the house. The brothers' pressed their backs up against the house as they moved stealthily along the side of it, their guns aimed and ready. Dean suddenly halted to a stop, Sam bumping into him in the process. Dean put a finger to his lips before pointing to the basement window, where a light was suddenly flicked on.

Dean quickly jumped to the other side of the window, before both of the brothers' laid down on their stomachs to see what was going on in the basement.

A girl in her mid-20s' was standing over a table, shuffling through the pages of a giant book. Something about the way she moved stuck a chord with the Winchesters. They glanced around the basement, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Not until the girl moved away from the table.

There were various dead animals scattered across the table. Blood was splattered all over the floor and wall behind the table. Next to the animals, was a large, ancient looking book. Strewn across the table, were also several, small brown bags.

"Hex bags?" Sam mouthed, glancing at Dean. He nodded his head slowly.

"I'm guessing we found our witch." He noted in a quiet voice. Whitney moved back in front of the table, her back to Dean and Sam. Dean caught Sam's eyes and motioned with his hands for Sam to go around back, while he would go through the front, just in case Whitney figured out the brothers were there and tried to escape. Sam nodded silently and pulled himself off the ground before disappearing around the house.

Dean crept to the front of the house and made his way to one of the open windows on the first floor. He pulled himself inside, tip toeing through the living room and into the kitchen. Sam came into view a few moments later as they met in front of the door that most likely led to the basement. Dean pulled the door open quickly, to avoid creaking, before standing still.

It was too quiet.

He turned to Sam and gave him a confused look when suddenly, a figure appeared behind Sam.

"Sam! Drop!" Dean shouted as he aimed his gun behind Sam, who instantly dropped to the ground. Before Dean could take a shot at the figure, he felt a powerful force shove him backwards. His gun flew out of his hand as he tumbled backwards down the stairs, before landing in a heap at the bottom.

"Dean!" Sam shouted before he turned around to face the person behind him.

It was Whitney.

"Hey Sam." She purred as she placed her hands on her hips, her bright blue eyes blazing into his.

Sam pulled up his gun to shoot at the witch, but it was yanked out of his hands and into Whitney's.

"Come on now. Let's be civilized adults."

"Civilized adults?" Sam scoffed humorlessly. "You just threw my brother down a flight of stairs." He exclaimed, trying to keep the fear and worry for his brother out of his voice.

"Yeah...Well, he was asking for it." Whitney said with a shrug, as she pushed her fiery red hair out of her eyes. "Did you two honestly think I wouldn't know you were coming? I could have smelled you hunters a mile away." She spit out.

"Yeah? Then you might want to learn how to cover your tracks better." Sam hissed. Whitney glowered at him before placing the gun on the counter behind her.

"Well, at least-"

Before Whitney could finish her sentence, Sam took this moment to attack. He landed a hard kick to the witches' stomach, sending her flying backwards. She fell to the ground, gasping for air and clutching her stomach. Sam spun around and tore down the stairs, crouching beside his brother.

"Dean, come on man, wake up." Sam urged, shaking his brother as he glanced up the stairs to see if Whitney recovered. Dean's eyes remained shut as Sam shook him. "Dean, please. Dean!" Sam yelled, when finally his brother began to stir. Dean opened his eyes slowly as he looked around disoriented.

"Sam?" He questioned as he squinted up at his brother. Sam let out a sigh of relief as he nodded his head.

"Yeah. Come on. Can you get up?" Sam asked worriedly.

"Yeah." Dean mumbled as Sam helped him to his feet. Dean swayed on his feet for a moment, before Sam steadied him. He saw that Dean had a gash on his forehead and some bruising, but other than that, seemed okay. "Where's the bitch?"

"Upstairs." Sam replied, motioning up the stairs.

"Where's my gun?" Dean asked, glancing around.

"Shit." Sam muttered as they began searching for something they could use to kill the witch.

"That wasn't very nice Sam." Whitney's voice suddenly rang out as Dean and Sam shot their heads up. The witch was leaning against the wall with Dean's gun in hand. Dean took a protective stance in front of Sam and glared at the witch. "Ah Dean, how was your fall?"

"Fantastic. I really caught some air going down those stairs." Dean muttered sarcastically. Whitney barked a laugh as she took a step forward. She outstretched one of her hands and the brother's flew into the wall behind them, being held there by an invisible force.

"I've heard a lot about you Winchesters. You two brothers make quite the team, don't you? And you boys came all the way out here just to visit me?"

"Don't flatter yourself bitch. We're not here for a visit." Dean growled.

"John Winchester is like a legend to you hunters, isn't he?" She continued, ignoring Dean. "And his two sons are following his footsteps. That's just precious." Whitney cooed, tilting her head to the side to observe the brothers.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Dean hissed, growing uncomfortable under the witches stare. Whitney smirked at Dean before walking over to the table full of her witchcraft supplies. Sam shot Dean a frantic look at the feeling of being trapped. "It's okay Sammy, I'm gonna get us out of here." Dean whispered determinedly.

Whitney suddenly turned around and looked back and forth between the brothers, a plan formulating in her mind.

"You know what? I'm not gonna kill you two." She said suddenly, her eyes calculating deviously. Whitney moved her hand in Sam's direction and flung it to the side, Sam's body doing the same, as he crashed into the bookshelf on the other side of the room.

"Sammy!" Dean roared furiously. "You leave him alone, you son of a bitch!"

Whitney slowly approached Dean until she was inches from his face.

"I'm not gonna kill your brother, Dean." Whitney assured with a sneer. She suddenly grabbed Dean's head with both of her hands as they locked eyes. "You are."

Dean struggled to pull away, but to no avail. Whitney yanked Dean's head towards her as she began to mumble quietly under her breath. Dean suddenly felt a burning sensation growing in the pit of his stomach. Everything around Dean began to fade away, besides the incoherent words flowing out of the witches' mouth.

Sam groaned as he struggled to push the bookshelf off of him. He squeezed his way out from underneath the rubble before glancing around, trying to find Dean.

"No! Dean!" Sam screamed as he saw the witch let go of Dean's head as he fell from the wall and to the ground. Whitney glanced at Sam and smile wickedly before she sprinted up the stairs and out of the house. "Dean!" Sam yelled again, rushing to his brothers' side. "Hey Dean, can you hear me?" He questioned frantically.

Dean's eyes were open, but they were transfixed straight ahead. This scared Sam more than if his eyes were closed.

"Hey!" Sam shouted, snapping his fingers in front of Dean's face. Dean suddenly came back to reality and blinked rapidly a few times.


"Yeah. Dean, are you okay?" Sam asked, as he helped Dean up.

"Yeah...What the hell just happened?" He questioned, running a hand over his face.

"I don't know man. Let's just get the hell out of here." Sam urged, a weird feeling growing in his gut.

"Alright." Dean agreed as they made their way up the stairs and out of the house.

"You got a nasty cut on your head Dean. I'll drive, just in case you have a concussion or something from when you fell down the stairs." Sam offered gently, not wanting anything else bad to happen tonight. Dean spun around and glared at Sam.

"I'm perfectly capable to drive Sam. Jesus, stop acting like such a God damn Mother Hen." Dean snapped harshly. Sam felt his mouth drop open at Dean's rough tone and stared at his brother. Dean blinked a few times before shaking his head quickly. "Whoa, I-I'm sorry Sammy. I didn't mean-"

"No, no, it's okay Dean." Sam cut in earnestly. "But I really think I should drive."

"Yeah, okay." Dean said slowly, tossing the keys over to Sam as they got in the car.

"Are you sure you're alright man?" Sam asked.

"I'm good Sammy. Let's just get back to the motel." Dean reassured as he stared out the window. Sam watched his brother for a moment before starting the car and driving away from the witches' house.

Dean couldn't help but feel this growing, burning, intense feeling begin to well up inside of him...


Whitney watched the Winchester brother's pull away as a grin stretched across her face.

She could have killed the two morons when she had the chance, but no. This was way better than killing the legendary brothers herself.

Watching Dean kill his own brother, then taking his own life at the sheer guilt of the murder would be quite a sight to see.

But for now, all she could do was wait for her spell to fully take effect on the older brother.

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