Eyes open. Nail polish is spilt, ruining my other make up and splashing my gills. Most of my desk is mixed with hot coral and light lilac, creating a pink of soft shades. Everything is covered, except my diary, my journal. I look in front into the mirror on my desk. My face is red and puffy; like I got punched in the face. I close my eyes to let the tears dry and stop them from streaming down my cheeks. I close the book silently. I leave to take a shower to wash my face. As I get out I grab a hold of my diary and hold it close to my heart I remember my past. It's good to remember. But sometimes you need to forget the past. Tuck it away until you're strong enough to remember. I blot out my memories and a half burnt photo of my parents; that I hide into the diary. I close my eyes once more and let a tear drop onto my diary, a single tear. I turn to my fire place and watch the flames burn. Luka walks in and sits on my bed. I toss my diary into the flames and we both watch it crackle and burn; mixing with the flames. After a few silent moments Luka says, "what was that, Kat."


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