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August 15, 1995

A figure materialized with a faint pop precisely in the center of the ragged patch of grass just as the watch in her pocket struck midnight. The figure immediately lost her footing and stumbled, nearly falling into the squelching mud that had loosened from the ground after the rain earlier in the day, and swore under her breath. The only witness to her appearance was a small rat who squeaked in surprise and scurried towards Number 11, Grimmauld Place, its tail whipping though the scraggly grass.

Nymphadora Tonks hurried across Grimmauld Square towards the door that had just appeared between Numbers 11 and 13, opening it with a tap of her wand.

When she went inside, she realized she had underestimated the importance of this meeting-everyone had come. Various members of the Order of the Phoenix had settled themselves on either side of the long kitchen table, and there were still more people standing in the corners of the room. Light flickered from guttering candles resting on the rough surface of the table and the air was hazy with smoke from Mundungus Fletcher's pipe. The Order members muttered to each other in low, concerned voices and Tonks heard random snatches of their conversations as she moved through the throng…

"Reckon Dumbledore knows-?"

"You-Know-Who won't act so fast, not yet-"

Then Severus Snape's silky, cold voice-

"Evidently, if certain fools did not make crucial mistakes, the Order would be far more effective..."

Tonks brushed past him as quickly as she could and then spotted a figure hunched at the far end of the table. Her heart leaped-it was Remus, sitting next to an unshaven, moody looking Sirius.

"Remus! Sirius!"

Remus looked up and grinned at her, while Sirius raised his hand in greeting.

"Purple hair today, I see," Remus observed. "I'm used to seeing you with pink hair."

"Well, now you won't be," Tonks teased, laughing back. Sirius rolled his eyes at them and drank from the bottle he was clutching. She knew they were being silly, but she didn't care. She needed to have some fun in these unpredictable, dangerous new times.

Before Remus could respond, the door swung open and Dumbledore entered. The room fell silent at once, and every eye was fixed expectantly upon him.

Dumbledore moved to the head of the table and surveyed the room with his piercing blue eyes.

"Good. I am glad that everyone was able to come to this meeting. First of all, we have some very important news about Lord Voldemort's plans for the next few weeks. Severus?"

Snape stepped forward, his features twisted in his habitual sneer.

"As we all know, the Dark Lord is interested in the Department of Mysteries and he wishes to claim the property in there that he believes will help him. .." Snape kept speaking, but Tonks had stopped listening. She had stayed up for the past few nights for guard duty, and now she was so exhausted that she felt as though her whole body was aching,…but no, she must pay attention…she gradually realized that she was aimlessly staring at Mundungus who was inspecting a shiny silver object in his hand instead of listening to the meeting.

It looked like an hourglass? No, that was impossible, why would Mundungus be interested in that? He only wanted to steal valuable items. Perhaps it was some other old heirloom from Sirius' family.

"Sirius?" Mundungus grunted. Sirius looked over, raising a questioning eyebrow. Tonks could see Dumbledore giving them an admonishing look out of the corner of her eye, and Snape gave them an icy stare.

"This goblin made, mate?" Mundungus asked, rubbing it with his sleeve. He accidentally turned it upside down, and the gold sand inside glittered as it sprinkled into the lower bulb. At the same instant, Dumbledore pulled out his wand and pointed at the hourglass-

Tonks felt the room swirling-or was it her? What was happening? Blurry shapes moved around her and she thought she heard voices shouting...or maybe she was just so tired she was dreaming this all…

She hit something solid, with a thud that brought her wide awake, her Auror instincts kicking in. She opened her eyes and drew her wand, but her hand collided with something else.


"Sorry Remus!" She gasped, looking around. Remus smiled weakly at her, holding his jaw. Next to him Sirius was picking himself off a plush scarlet rug.

"What's going on?" Bill Weasley asked from a few feet away, getting up and also drawing his wand. The entire Order seemed to have been transported to a…living room? What was going on?

There was a confused babble of voices as everyone began talking at once.

The room was large and cheerful. Sunlight poured in the windows and a cool breeze fluttered the white curtains. There were several large armchairs reminiscent of the Gryffindor common room (she had sneaked in there on occasion) and bookshelves were filled with various items and pictures. The large fireplace had a pot of Floo powder, and there was a decorated mirror on the mantle, along with some Mimbulus Mimbletonia in another pot. Evidently, this was a wizarding house, but whose?

She leaned closer to the mirror, adjusting her ruffled hair.

"Wipe that dirt off your face!"

Tonks jumped.

"That sounds exactly like our mirror at the Burrow," Molly Weasley said wonderingly as she moved next to her.

"Something strange is going on," Remus said warily. "What was Mundungus holding?"

"I'm not sure," Sirius answered, frowning. "I know that hourglass used to be in my parents' room. It was a gift from some Dark wizard, probably."

Tonks could see Mad-Eye Moody and Dumbledore talking quietly in the corner of the room with Mundungus. They were examining the silver hourglass, now shattered and devoid of sand. Moody's magical eye was scanning every direction.


"Silence!" Dumbledore said above the din, making a couple of firecrackers erupt from his wand. "Now," he continued, once everyone had fallen silent, "It seems that we have arrived in a wizarding house in either the past or the future."

Confused whispers broke out.

"This can't be happening," Tonks whispered to Remus. Remus shook his head, a dazed look on his face.

Dumbledore raised his hand for silence. "That object that Mundungus was holding was a Time-Turner. It was a very rare and ancient one; nevertheless it has transported all of us to a different time and place. I would advise all of you to place Disillusionment Charms on one another immediately. Until-"

"Dumbledore?" Kingsley Shacklebolt said in a very strange voice.

Everyone turned to look at him.

He was holding a picture he had taken off the bookshelf- a picture of a laughing man with messy black hair, holding the hand of a beautiful smiling red headed woman in a long white wedding dress. The couple were smiling at each other, walking away from the altar, while flower petals fell around them, thrown by unseen hands.

"Merlin," Tonks breathed. To her right, Sirius was gazing at the picture with an odd expression on his face, as though he was seeing a ghost.

"And look at those!" Emmaline Vance said, pointing. On the cheery light yellow walls, there were framed pictures of a little black haired boy, another boy with black hair, a small red headed toddler, and boy with bright blue hair standing with what must have been their parents- a man who looked exactly like Harry, and a woman who looked like an older Ginny?

Everyone was silent, staring at the pictures. Molly Weasley had tears in her eyes as she leaned against her husband. Snape had an unreadable expression on his sallow face. Moody's eye was still whizzing around, looking straight at the ceiling, perhaps into the rooms beyond.

"Put the picture down, Kingsley. And stop looking at the pictures," Dumbledore said calmly, breaking the silence. "Everyone place Disillusionment Charms on each other now-"

A door slammed somewhere in the house.

"Someone's coming," Moody growled, his eye fixed on the door to the living room. "A girl."

There was a flurry of activity as people rushed to cast the charms on each other-

"James! Where is my wand? I need it!" A girl's voice screamed in annoyance. "I know you took it!"

A teenage girl with long red hair slammed the living room door open.

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