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"Quickly!" Tonks hissed as her hair turned a fiery red in alarm. "Disillusion yourselves!"

Before she had finished her sentence, the Order had already begun to frantically cast the charms on each other. Once they were all Disillusioned, they stood silently in the study, nerves jangling as they waited for the inevitable.

"-so what are you trying to say, Kreacher?" Ron's voice was saying loudly.

A muffled squeal answered him, and a few loud thumps.

"Stop that, Kreacher! Don't hit yourself!" Harry said quickly, and there was a brief silence.

"Did someone order him not to say anything?" A new voice said.

"I don't know Teddy," Harry said wearily. "Kreacher's only masters are this family. So unless someone was doing something they shouldn't have been and ordered Kreacher not to tell…" His voice trailed off.

"It was probably Lily," Ron said firmly. "She was the only one at the house today, anyway. And I told you I was hearing some funny stuff about her and some bloke at Hogwarts."

"She's fine, Ron," Harry said, a trace of amusement in his voice. "Shall we try Homenum revelio?"

A moment later, everyone in Order shuddered as something swooped low over them.

There was silence, both inside the study and out.

"Merlin." Ron swore quietly. There were some hurried whispers, then the thudding of feet.

The study door flew open, rattling on its hinges, as three people advanced into the room, wands held out defensively.

Harry came in first, his jaw clenched, and his eyes alert. He walked slowly into the room, glancing all over the study. His eyes lingered on the portrait next to his desk. The occupants had vanished, leaving only the gold backdrop of the portrait.

Sirius felt strange as he watched Harry from his spot next to the desk. He was having a hard time believing that the teenage Harry and this determined looking adult were the same person. He felt as though this was surreal, a dream, and he was seeing James as he might have been had he lived to middle age-

He forced himself to stop thinking about that, but he swallowed a lump in his throat. He wondered if he were still alive, and if he knew Harry's children. Well, he would find out, soon enough.

Harry's hair was still as untidy as ever, but it had a few gray strands here and there. There were laugh lines around his mouth, and faint crow's feet around his eyes. He had certainly filled out, and his arms had muscles in them-whatever Harry did for a living had helped him grow out of his skinny teenage body. And, just visible under a tuft of hair, was his scar.

Ron hovered behind him, also looking warily into the room. He too had a few gray hairs, and sported more lines on his face, and he had become more muscular. He had grown even taller than what he had been at fifteen, and curious looking scars marked his arm.

Tonks drew in her breath quietly as the third person came in the room. It was the blue haired boy, but now he was much older; he looked to be in his twenties. His eyes were flashing amber and his hair turned a darker shade of blue as he crept cautiously behind Ron.

This man's name had to be Teddy; she had heard Harry calling him that. Teddy was her father's nickname. And this Teddy was a metamorphmagus. This was too much to be a coincidence and there could only be one conclusion. Tonks felt tears come to her eyes, though she wasn't a sentimental person. Why were there pictures of Teddy as a young boy, along with Harry's children, in the study? Had Harry raised him?

Next to her, Lupin twitched nervously.

On the other side of the room, Snape leaned against the edge of the window frame, watching Potter approach. The skinny, self-absorbed, idiotic boy had actually made it to adulthood and had reproduced as well. He probably only lived this long because he relied so much on other people who were more talented and clever than him. Potter's startlingly green eyes were alert and wary, scanning the room, and Snape felt, deep down, as though a hand had gripped his gut and twisted. Lily-she should have lived to see her grandchildren, and her son grow to adulthood-

He looked away from Potter, and instead focused on that blue haired man with the amber eyes. Interesting….Shame they were all Disillusioned. He would have liked to see the looks on Lupin and Tonks' faces.

From her place near the door, Molly Weasley dabbed her eyes and smiled happily. Harry and Ron had evidently grown up safely and were successful. All her other children must be as well; she could hardly wait to meet them! And all of her grandchildren!

The three men glanced briefly at the room, oblivious to the reactions their appearance had sparked in the silent group of Order members.

"There's no one here," Teddy said, raising his eyebrows.

Harry looked around at him. "Yeah, I think you're right, Teddy. Maybe we were mistaken," he said casually, lowering his wand, and moving toward the door.

Molly Weasley heard a faint sigh of relief from Emmeline Vance, who was to her right. Teddy's head instantly snapped in their direction and he raised his wand. He seemed to have excellent hearing…

Red light flashed around the room as Harry abruptly spun around and aimed a nonverbal Stunning Spell.

As Emmeline toppled to the ground with a loud thump, Molly Weasley suddenly realized that Harry had been planning this since he walked in the study door. Suddenly she felt slightly afraid of this Harry, this older Harry that had evidently been through situations that had made him a seasoned fighter like this. What had happened in those years between the past they were from, and this present?

The rest of the Order were silent, holding their breaths. There was no escaping now. They could, Molly supposed, Obliviate Harry and Ron and Teddy, and escape to find Dumbledore, but that didn't feel right somehow.

"Good aim, mate," Ron said, grinning. He walked over to where Emmeline had fallen and groped in what seemed to be midair.

"Disillusioned," he muttered, before tapping his wand on what must have been Emmeline' head.

Emmeline appeared, lying on the ground in a crumpled heap. Ron turned her over so her face was visible, and froze.


The two men leaned over and stared at Emmeline's face for a few moments.

"Who's that?" Teddy said curiously.

"I think she's Emmeline Vance…." Harry muttered. "Remember, Ron? She was in the Order."

"She's dead, though," Ron said blankly. "She died ages ago. Didn't Death Eaters kill her?"

"Yeah," Harry said slowly. "I think so."

"How did she get here? I mean, did someone find her body and make Polyjuice Potion, or something?"

Harry looked away, disgust twisting his face.

"That's impossible," he said. "Here, she's alive, right? If someone had made Polyjuice Potion, wouldn't they just look like her-"

"-decaying body?" Teddy finished, grimacing.

"Yeah," Harry said. He thrust his hands in his pockets and stared at Emmeline's motionless body for another moment.

"How is this possible?" he asked in frustration, running his hand through his hair.

"Maybe someone thought it would be amusing to charm themself to look like a dead witch and break into the house," Teddy suggested, looking torn between disgust and curiosity.

"But why?" Harry demanded, glancing at Emmeline. "And how? How can someone break in? We have the highest security here."

"Who put protective charms on the house?" Ron said. "Someone knew that she was here. And it had to be someone from our family."

"Lily," Harry said seriously. "Lily was the last one here this morning. Should we call her here and ask her what's going on? If she saw anything?"

"Nah, leave her out of it," Ron said, shaking his head. "She probably got scared of whoever came here and left, but she sealed the house on the way out." He looked back at Emmeline's body, and his eyes darted over the seemingly empty room. "And it was lucky she did," he added. "Or people might have come visiting and just left, without us meeting them."

"But Lily doesn't get scared easily," Teddy said, shaking his head also. "I would think if she met some burglars, or something, she would have fought them."

Harry sighed. "Kreacher!"

He looked around as the small elf appeared at the door, trembling.

"Kreacher tried to tell Master Harry," he whimpered. "Kreacher tried."

"It's alright, Kreacher, it isn't your fault," Harry said. "Who said you couldn't tell me anything, though?"

Something whooshed past him as he asked Kreacher the question, but he knew there was no one else visible behind him except for Teddy. The Homenum revelio spell had revealed much more than one presence, but Harry and Ron had decided to catch these people off guard when the time was right, since it was impossible for three wizards to take on a group of twenty and defeat all of them while escaping unscathed.

However, the thought that there were unseen people who had been in his house for Merlin knew how long, and who were currently watching his every move, was more than a little disconcerting. Evidently, though, Kreacher had met these people…why were they in his house though? Why would twenty people just break in? A group of crazy Rita Skeeter relatives, perhaps? He held back a laugh, but sobered almost immediately. These people could be dangerous, a threat to his family.

Kreacher opened his mouth to answer Harry's question, but no sound came out. He gagged and choked, trying to form words.

At the same instant, Teddy aimed a hex at a spot next to the window. The spell ricocheted off an unseen object and flashed back at Teddy, who quickly deflected it into the wall, causing a small crater. Pieces of paint and small chunks of the wall flew everywhere, and the three of them ducked.

"Teddy!" Ron exclaimed, brushing dust off his sleeve as he straightened.

"Sorry!" Teddy gasped, spitting dust out of his mouth. "There's someone there, though…"

Tonks drew in her breath again, as she felt her hair resume it's mousy brown color. Teddy's hair had also returned to its normal light brown color. She wanted, more than anything, to ask him who his parents were-

"Well, now we might as well do this directly," Harry said, pointing his wand at the window. His eyes hardened as he moved slowly forward. He thought he heard a few quick intakes of breath, but he didn't care anymore. He felt adrenaline rushing through him, and a sort of recklessness washed over him, as it did in situations like these-where it might be hopeless, but he would fight anyway. Next to him, Ron advanced also, pointing his wand at the center of the room, and he sensed Teddy on Ron's other side, walking toward the desk.

"Show yourselves," Harry said coldly, his voice hard and emotionless. It was the same voice he used when he caught Death Eaters and it had proven to be quite effective at times. "If you don't show yourselves, we will be forced to arrest all of you."

A soft snicker from near the window strongly reminded Harry of someone, but he couldn't remember who it was. He chose to ignore it.

"You have until the count of three," Ron said, with deadly calm.


Molly shuddered. Harry and Ron wouldn't hurt them if they showed themselves, but they would certainly do something terrible if they didn't show themselves. She had never heard Harry or Ron sound so emotionless


Some Order members shifted uneasily.

Sirius watched Harry cautiously. He looked determined, and his jaw was set. He evidently thought the Disillusioned Order was a threat to him and his family. What if he, Sirius, revealed himself? Harry would not let any Death Eater know of the Order's presence anyway. It was better than risking Harry, Ron and Teddy cursing them all.


The three men raised their wands.

Molly made up her mind in an instant. She removed the Disillusion charm, though Arthur gripped her arm and tried to Disillusion her again-

"Ron! Wait!" She looked at her youngest son.

Ron turned his head and jumped in shock. Harry and Teddy turned also, and their faces bore identical looks of confusion mingled with astonishment.

She heard gasps from the rest of the Order, but she ignored them. She was going to set this all straight, so her son and her future son-in-law wouldn't fear her and the rest of the Order.

"Mum!" Ron yelled. "What are you doing here-why did you-"

Before the three men could do anything more than gape at her, a new voice spoke from near the desk.

"Harry, lower your wand. It's okay."

Molly looked over Harry's shoulder, and saw that Sirius had removed the Disillusion charm as well. His face was a mix of barely contained excitement and uncertainty as he looked at Harry and pushed away someone still Disillusioned, who seemed to be trying to Disillusion Sirius again.

Sirius didn't get the reaction he expected.

Harry's jaw dropped and some of the color drained out of his face. His wand slid from his fingers and landed on the soft carpet as he gaped at Sirius, his eyes wide and disbelieving.

"What?" Ron said. He too, had a look of total disbelief on his face. He looked from his mother to Sirius, and he turned whiter.

"Harry, isn't that Sirius Black?" Teddy asked, glancing at his godfather. "Harry?"

Harry had picked up his wand, and angry color was flooding his face. He suddenly knew what this was about.

"Whoever you are, this isn't funny," he ground out between gritted teeth. He was shaking, and he held his wand so tightly his knuckles had turned white.

"Harry, it's me-" Sirius began, looking confused.

"And you!" Ron bellowed, looking at Molly. "Who are you, really? Do you think you can fool us? What did you do to my mum?" His ears turned scarlet.

"Ronald Weasley!" Molly yelled, red with indignation. "I'm your mother!"

Next to her, Arthur sighed. She ignored him and glared at her youngest son.

Harry turned away from the Molly impersonator and faced the Sirius impersonator.

"Stupefy!" he yelled and watched with some satisfaction as the Sirius impersonator crumpled, a look of shock still on his face. Everyone knew that Sirius had been his godfather, and he didn't know which sick, twisted person would taunt him like this, but he wasn't going to tolerate it.

"I don't think you should have done that, Harry," a very familiar voice said. Lupin appeared next to Sirius, a weary look on his face as he bent to check on Sirius. Harry couldn't believe his eyes. What-?

"Dad?" Teddy's voice was little more than a whisper, but his face shone with eagerness, joy, sorrow… Lupin straightened hurriedly, and his face became bloodless as he gazed at Teddy.

Harry and Ron exchanged dumbfounded looks.

"Are we dead?" Ron said faintly.

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