How should I star this.. hm.. I guess you could say that I got so much good responce from my last threesome that I desided to go furter on it.. this is actually a sequel of Amai Kousoku! Though.. somehow, the sequel is longer than the original X9 actually, this wasn't planned to be longer than one chapter, but it kind of just kept on building.. so I'm already working on chapter two.. ^3^ This story comes from an idea of mine.. yesterday.. or so.. I was on a party.. been partying every weekend for two weeks now :D and so I thought about how funny it would be with Yugi drunk, and then it was all "Hm.. a new threesome.. yes!" ^\\\^ thus, here it is! Hm.. want to party.. but have to wait till tomorrow.. our last day with party before our national day.. :D yay for being Russ ^.^

Oh.. and I just enjoy writing threesome and all the stuff that comes along.. and yes, it's even funnier writing about Yami being submissive, so.. enjoy everyone :D

WARNING: Yaoi(boyxboy), heavy lemon and threesome.. stay away if you don't like either of these!

Yugi: She doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh! though..

Yami: And never will..

Atem: Or Yu-Gi-Oh! would be only of yaoi.. and apparently threesome.. :9

Kuwurasetai no.

Chapter 1.


The clock was around 6 pm and Yugi was getting dressed for the party. Atem and Yami was watching him from the doorstep.

"Are you sure you want to go Ahku? You usually can't hold your alcohol well" Atem said. Yugi looked at them from over his shoulder. He had never had a hangover before, so he hadn't been that drunk either, but he would easily lose himself with just one drink and that worried the two older males.

"Of course I am, it's just a party between us.." Yugi said, smiling at his boyfriends.

"Who's coming?" Yami asked, still not convinced.

"Um.. Joey, Ryou, Tristan.. Kaiba, Duke... Tea wasn't invited.. Serenity wasn't allowed by Joey, so.. I guess if just us.. but I think Malik is coming too" Yugi said, fastening the leather choker around his neck before he turned around to face them. Yugi had adapted to Yami's fashion, using a lot of leather and black clothes, but he was still the innocent light they knew.

"And a lot of drinks?" Atem questioned, and Yugi puffed his cheeks.

"Come on Atem.. I rarely drink any and we are just meeting to have fun!" Yugi stated annoyed, Yami sighed and nodded.

"And we all know that Yugi, but we're just worried.." he said and his look-alike nodded. Yugi smiled softly at them and walked over, he gave them both a hug and a kiss before walking towards the front door. Yugi got the shoes on before he turned and smiled at his lovers.

"I promise I wont drink much okay?" Yugi said, he then waved and disappeared out of the door. The two looka-likes stared at the door before Yami sighed.

"I'm not so sure about this.." he said slowly.

"I agree.." Atem mumbled before he sighed as well.

"But we have to trust him in his choice" Atem stated and Yami gave him a short nod, then he adapted to a murderous look.

"But if Joey and the rest does something.." he murmured.

"I know, we'll take them down" Atem agreed.

The household was very silent, the clock ticking slowly towards 3 am and two Egyptian males was soon to be awakened by one noisy gang. The two of them was currently located on the couch in the living room when the door opened and they heard someone stumble through. There was a short laugh and a curse.

"Sssh.. Yami's probably in bed already.." they recognized the voice as Tristan's and he didn't sound that drunk, a little sober in fact.

"Yeh.. let's.. get'im ta bed.." this voice, very drunken and unstable was Joey's and the two exchanged looks before they got to their feet.

"Neeh.. I'm alright.. I'ma not sleepy.." another voice joined and the two males frowned, this voice was Yugi's and he did not sound all to good. Yami took the first step towards the hall, Atem followed quickly as they entered the badly lit hall.

"Yugi, you should really head to bed.." Tristan said, they all heard a snort and the two Egyptian males frowned even more.

"I'ma 'kay.. Tristen.. sersly, I feel fine.." Yugi grumbled.

"For the last time, my name is Tristan.. and you don't sound okay.." Tristan said.

"I'ma... relly.. am.. 'kay.." Yugi stuttered.

"You don't sound okay" Yami said, finally breaking the shock on them. There was a long silence before Atem turned the lights in the hall on, though the gang could only see Yami at the moment. Before him stood the whole gang, Tristan was holding Yugi up by holding his arm, the two frozen to the spot. Joey was leaning against Kaiba in shock and fear while Duke leaning against the doorway, his eyes wide in shock. Ryou and Malik was standing outside of the door, both looked rather drunk, but wasn't even swaying so when they took a step back they both exchanged fearful looks.

"Ah.. you were awake?" Tristan said, Yugi eyed his lover before he staggered forward with a happy smile.

"Yami~" he sang and hugged his tall boyfriend. Yami stared down with a raised eyebrow before he glared up at the rest of the gang, and the all tense in fear of what was coming. Kaiba sighed and pushed Joey off of him.

"This is the mutt's fault.. blame him, but do it tomorrow" the CEO said, Yami nodded slowly.

"We'll take care of him tomorrow.. now to take care of this one" Yami groaned.

"I agree.. I almost feel like ditching Ahku at Joey's place for the night, if he hadn't been my precious one.." Atem grumbled and appeared before everyone else. They all knew of Yami's other self and thus also knew of their combined anger was one of the worst. Ryou and Malik had disappeared while they talked. Duke and Tristan ran the second Atem appeared, this left the last couple. Kaiba took a good hold of Joey before backing away. Yami seemed to understand and nodded.

"Yes, please leave.." he said and Kaiba nodded, he turned himself and Joey around before closing the door. As soon as the door closed the two men sighed and looked down at the drunk Yugi. The teen smirked stupidly up at them as he hugged Yami harder.

"Let's get you to bed shall we?" Yami stated, but Yugi protested with shaking his head. Atem blinked and looked at Yami.

"Nooo.. dun wanna.." Yugi whined and struggled to get away. Yami growled and grabbed Yugi, then hoisted him onto his shoulder and turned towards their bedroom. Atem chuckled at Yugi's attempts to get away.

"He really doesn't want to does he?" he commented, Yami sighed.

"No.. but he has to.. we too.. there's no way we'll going to be able to handle him tomorrow if he holds us up all night.." Yami point out complained. Atem agreed silently to that as they quickly entered their bedroom. Yami then ditched Yugi on the bed. They watched Yugi try to crawl out of the bed, but failed as he only wrapped the sheets more and more around himself in the prossess. Atem growled and Yami chuckled.

"He is cute though.." Yami had to admit, Atem stared at him before he pushed his twin towards the drunk teen.

"Then you take care of him while I get a bucket and a glass of water for tomorrow.." he said, Yami glared and pouted.

"Evil.." Yami complained.

"No, just sexy!" Atem commented and chuckled deeply as he walked out of the room. Yami glared after him before he turned back to Yugi, who was eyeing him with an odd look.

"Yugi?" Yami asked, he took a step closer as Yugi reached up.

"Ymi.. love u.." Yugi whispered, he caught Yami and pulled him down to a kiss, a desperate and rough one at that. Yami stared with wide eyes at Yugi.

"Yami, where's the parace-" Atem asked as he entered the room, but stopped when he saw what was going on. Yami gave him a desperate look of help and Atem quickly came to his side to help him away from Yugi, but it was no use, Yugi had locked his hands around Yami's neck and wasn't letting go at any cost. When Yugi finally stopped kissing him, he began nipping at the darkness' neck, making Yami frown.

"Some help here? He's to gone to stop now.." he said. Atem nodded slowly, then he smirked. Yami looked up at him before frowned even more.

"Atem.. we don't take such advantage of Yugi.." Yami said, but Atem leaned in and took a hold of Yami's hips, then he drove his own hips into Yami's making the man gasp and moan. Yugi moaned as well as Yami's mindlink opened for Yugi to feel everything Yami felt.

"I think Yugi doesn't want to either.. I think he wants something else" Atem whispered against Yami's ear, making the man shiver in want.

"A-Atem.. what do you-ah!" Yami near shrieked at the end as Yugi reached down with one hand and ground his hand against Yami's clothed member. Atem smirked and grind against Yami's ass.

"R-Ra.. you two.." Yami groaned and tried to stop the two, but failed. Yugi pulled Yami down and kissed him roughly while Atem smirked and snapped with his fingers, the next second all three were naked as the day they were born. (1)Yami gasped against Yugi's lips as he felt a finger against his entrance. The tanned man smirked and quickly shoved two fingers up into Yami's prostate, the man in the middle screamed into Yugi's mouth and began to grind against Atem's fingers. Yugi screamed as well and the two stared into each other's eyes before Yami backed out of the kiss.

"Oh.. Ra, Atem.." Yami moaned and arched forward with each trust Atem did with his fingers, a third one joined the two other as Yugi pushed Yami up so he was leaning over Yugi, the teen grabbed the length and quickly began to suck on it like a lollipop. Yami near screamed at the double attack. Atem smirked and pulled back, but instead of fucking Yami senseless like he usually would, he crawled onto the bed and around Yugi. The little one didn't notice until he felt hands on his hips, but he didn't stop. Yami watched as Atem positioned himself.

"Atem.. prepare.. him first.." Yami gasped out between moans.

"He is used to us.. at once.. it'll be fine" (2) Atem said before he quickly trust inside. Yugi screamed and deep throated Yami, who screams at the feelings that rush through their link, at the same time. Yami reached out and in desperation kissed Atem, wrapping his

arms around the man's neck. The Pharaoh smirked and kissed back while trusting hard into Yugi, hitting his prostate on each try. Soon the teen began to whine, making Yami moan and groan at the same time.

"Ra.. Atem.." Yami whispered as they parted, but seconds later he began to tremble. Yugi let go of Yami's length and gasped out.

"I'ma.. Yami.. Atem.." the teen screamed as he came hard, Yami groaned as well and came, covering Yugi's face and held onto Atem with what strength he had left. The two men both watch Yugi grip Yami's hips and force him close.

"Want more Ahku?" Atem asked, still within Yugi and feeling up and down the teens spine with one hand. Yami looked down to see Yugi nod frantically and move against Atem to get him to move, but Atem didn't, instead he pulled out and backed off. Yami and Yugi both looked up at him, confused.

"Turn around Ahku" Atem coaxed and Yugi did so, though very oddly since he was quite drunk. Yami watched him as Atem smirked back, then Yami blinked before smirking.

"I get it.." he said before grabbed Yugi's hips. The teen was a little startled, but let it go as he stared at the length in front of his face. Atem smirked even more and leaned down.

"Suck.." he ordered and Yugi did as he was told to. He opened his mouth and licked the tip before taking it all into his mouth. The teen moaned and tried his best to do what he was supposed to.

"He is easy to play with when drunk.." Atem commented and Yami glared.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked. Atem shook his head and leaned close to Yami, he took a good hold of the man's hip, driving him against Yugi. The two moaned. Yami grabbed Yugi's hips harder for support as Atem forced them to grind together. Yugi moaned again, making the sound vibrate through Atem's body and the man groaned. Yami watched it for a second before he quickly trust into Yugi.

"Ra.. he is.. tight.." Yami groaned, but continued till he found that spot. Yugi screamed around Atem's length when he found it, Yami moaned at the feeling through their mindlink. While Atem moaned. Yami smirked, but then groaned as Yugi's walls tightened around him. Suddenly Atem backs off and grabs Yami's shoulder. Everything went fast for the two, and in the next second Yami found himself lying on the bed with Yugi on top, still within him, though he was now facing him. Yami looked past his drunk light to see Atem crawl towards them.

"Atem.. what are you.. planning?" the darkness asked. The Pharaoh smirked and blinked at him.

"You'll find out soon.." the man said and Yami tensed. Suddenly Yugi moved and Yami moaned.

"Y-Yugi.." Yami moaned and looked up at his light, hoving over him. Yugi smiled and leaned down, though swaying a little.

"Luv.. you.." the teen whispered and kissed him. Yami complied and kissed back.

"Now then.. let's see.." Atem whispered, though Yami heard it fairly well, but he didn't have time to act on it as two fingers was shoved right up into his prostate. Yami screamed and arched up into Yugi, who screamed as well at the double pleasure brought to him. Yami's eyes rolled to the back of his head as Atem continued to play with his prostate.

"Hm, your quite tight yourself" Atem commented. Yami backed out of the kiss and opened his mouth.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, though breathless from being so roughly handled by his lovers.

"I mean this!" Atem said, while Yami had talked he had removed his fingers, now he was gripping Yami's legs and pulled them up, seconds later he was deep inside of Yami. The former Pharaoh screamed to high heavens as his look-alike groaned. Yugi screamed as well and began to move up and down on top of Yami.

"A-Atem!" Yami screamed before he grabbed onto the first thing that came to his clouded mind, Yugi's length. Yugi screamed even more now and trashed about. Only a moment later and the teen came, covering Yami's hand. This pleasure and tightness was to much for Yami and he came as well, with a scream of Atem's name. There was a long silence as Yami managed to get Yugi off of him, but he was still slumped on top of him.

"Ahku.. sleepy now?" he asked, wanting the little one to sleep. But to both he and Yami's surprise did he get up again only to turn around, grab Atem's hips and bring his mouth onto Atem's erect member. Yami, still to tired to act, watched and had to smirk.

"He's hard again you know.." he commented and Atem blinked.

"Remind me to never let Ahku drink again.. this is the third time.." (3) Atem complained, but he didn't deny that he liked Yugi like this. Said teen was now sucking him off like there was no tomorrow, but Yami wasn't even looked at them anymore, his erection had come back full force when he had seen Yugi act so bold, he crawled a little lower so he was fully underneath the two. Then the man grabbed Atem and brought him down onto his length with all the force he had. Atem gasped out and stared down to see a smirking Yami, but couldn't find his face, he did however see black-crimson hair underneath Yugi. The teen moaned as Yami licked his length before sucking hard.

"Yami, what are you doing?" Atem asked while moaning. Yugi was still sucking on him while he was still on top of Yami, with his length inside of him.

"Nothing at the moment" Yami answered between sucking and licking Yugi's member. Atem raised an eyebrow and wriggled his hips, he did not however see the smirk that flew across Yami's face.

"It's time you know how it feels!" Yami said, Atem furrowed his eyebrows at that.

"What do you mean?" he asked, but Yami didn't answer. Instead he raised Atem's hips upwards and than slammed him down again. Atem let his head fall back and he screamed whatever came out of his mouth. (4)

"How is it?" Yami asked as he continued to bring Atem down on him with extreme force. Atem just screamed as an answer and trashed about.

"Good" Yami said, Yugi moaned as well before he gasped out. Yami smirked and sucked hard, thus Yugi came violently. This time the teen fell over and slumped against Atem, who continued to raise and fall on Yami. Atem, though still being fucked, managed to turn Yugi around before he let Yugi slump on top of Yami instead. Not that he didn't want Yugi close, but right now Atem had other thoughts on his mind. Atem smirked as he raised himself high enough and slammed down, making Yami groan as he himself screamed.

"And you said I was tight!" Yami groaned, Atem smirked and pulled off. Yami blinked and looked up at Atem in confusion.

"It wasn't that I didn't like it Yami.." Atem said and leaned down, he kissed Yugi's cheek and then kissed his clone. Yugi's eyes opened and he stared at the two.

"Then why?" Yami asked as they parted.

"I just like to be the one in control, that's all!" Atem said before he pulled Yami's feet up and trust deep into him. Yami's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he screamed as loud as he mustered. The man wrapped his arms around whatever he could get his hands on, wich was Yugi. Yami screamed over and over as Atem continued to trust into him.

"I did like it Yami.." Atem whispered, leaning down. He stopped by Yugi's shoulders, wich was where Yami's face was. The paler version of the Pharaoh looked up and Atem captured his lips. Then he backed off. Yugi gasped as he felt a finger prod his entrance and moaned. Yami looked at his light before he nipped at his neck, kissing and sucking. Yugi moaned and squirmed to get more. Atem smirked and trust into Yami, all the while trusting into Yugi with his fingers.

"Two.. timer..." Yami complained and glared playfully.

"Oh? Am I?" Atem asked, he pulled Yugi off and the teen whine of being left out. Atem leaned down so their position changed slightly, he took a good hold of Yami's tights before dragging slowly out. Yami watched him as he stopped with a little of himself still inside of Yami.

"Atem, what are you planning now?" Yami asked, Atem leaned down, but instead of kissing his clone, he turned to the slightly slumbering Yugi, but as soon as his eyes landed on Yugi, the teen tensed and stared back.

"Watch.. Ahku" Atem coaxed and stood proudly over Yami before he used all strength he had in his body to trust into Yami. The mans scream reached a new pitch as the whole bed creaked and slammed against the wall. Yugi's eyes widened and he reached out in his daze. He crawled over and kissed Yami roughly. Yami screamed into Yugi's mouth and wrapped his arms around him.

"Y-Yugi.." Yami moaned when they parted. Yugi smiled and went a little lower, he kissed Yami's length before taking it all into his mouth. Yami screamed at this double attack and arched high off the bed.

"A-ATEM.." Yami screamed before he came. Then, as a final Atem came as well, filling Yami before slowly pulling out.

"I think.. I'm more tired than.. Yugi is.." Yami complained as Atem fell down onto the bed beside him.

"It's all his fault.. blame him.." Atem said.

"You didn't go for three rounds.. we did.." Yami groaned and moved a little, but winced and stopped moving, instead and cuddled Yugi close to his chest as Atem laid down beside them and hugged Yugi from the other side.

"You didn't seem to mind it though.." Atem stated with a smile of his own. Yami eyed him while a blush crept onto his face. Then he pouted and looked away. This made Atem chuckle and cuddle closer to his lovers.

"Atem.. Yami.." Yugi whispered, a little more sober now than earlier.

"Yes?" Atem and Yami asked at once.

"I luv.. you.." he whispered, then he was gone, sleeping against Yami's chest. The two older males smiled and hugged their light.

"We love you too Yugi.." they said in unision, then the two of them fell asleep as well, the sky outside had already gotten lighter and in just a few hours the sun would rise.

Yugi moved about, but noticed he was trapped. He opened a single eye and saw creamy skin. Then the teen groaned and turned away, he felt like someone was using a hammer on his head, no, not a hammer, an axe. He felt like he wanted to puke as well. Why the heck was he so sick? He couldn't remember anything.

"Oh, your awake Yugi?" Yugi turned to see Atem smiling at him.

"I don't want to.." Yugi groaned and turned away, only to see Yami smiling at him.

"No wonder after what you did last night" he said, Yugi blinked confused.

"What I did?" he asked, then he stopped and laid back down, closing his eyes and holding a hand on his mouth.

"Did you bring the bucket with you?" Yami asked.

"No.. I kind of forgot when a certain someone was kissing you senseless last night.." Atem said, chuckling. Yugi's eyes snapped open, then he groaned.

"What I did?" Yugi asked.

"Why can't he remember?" Atem asked.

"Obviously because he was so drunk.. they usually don't remember much when they are that drunk" Yami said. Yugi opened one eye slowly and stared at his lovers.

"Was it.. that bad?" he asked, a nervous smile made it's way to his face as his boyfriends glared at him.

"Yes it was!" Atem said, Yami nodded and Yugi shrunk on the spot.

"Oh.. shit.. sorry?" Yugi tried, but only seemed to made the two men snap.

"You promised Ahku.." Atem said with a groan.

"We trusted you.. and instead you came home.. 3 am.." Yami said.

"And you were completely drunk.." Atem agreed.

"Worse than Joey even.." Yami complained and glared at Yugi.

"We were worried Yugi!" Atem said and Yugi looked away.

"I didn't mean to worry you.." he mumbled.

"But you promised not to drink to much.. you know you have a low tolerance for alcohol!" Atem raised his voice and Yugi winced. Yami sighed and laid a hand on Atem's shoulder.

"We'll take this later, Yugi isn't really in shape to take this now.. plus.. if we raise our voices we'll just bother him" he said, he looked like he was in pain as well.

"Yeah.. but one thing, do you have the hangover as well?" Atem asked. Yami blinked, then he looked down.

"Since we share every feeling through the link.. I do feel the goddamn headache and such.. but obviously.. I have a hangover.." he complained, thus Atem glared even harder at Yugi, who looked at Yami in shock.

"Great, now I have to take care of two with hangover.." Atem groaned and got out of the bed.

"Atem? Where are you going" Yami asked. Atem glared over his shoulder.

"To get a bucket!" the man growled and left the room.

"He is angry isn't he?" Yugi asked. Yami sighed and slumped down onto the bed.

"Yes he is.. since he has more temper than me.. I'd say he's pissed beyond normal" Yami said, and Yugi looked away. Yami looked at his light and gasped.

"Wait.. Yugi, don't cry please.. it's just.. he didn't think-"

"Think that I'd get drunk! That my feelings would grow onto you as well!" Yugi cried and held his head as well. Yami winced and cuddled his light.

"It's okay Yugi, besides, according to Kaiba it was all thanks to Joey that you became drunk.." he tried, but it only made Yugi cry more.

"But.. then Atem would.. hurt Joey!" he cried.

"No, I doubt it" Yami said, hugging Yugi close and kissing the tears away.

"Sleep little one, you need it" he said. Yugi stared back, but shook his head.

"I.. can't.." he stuttered. Yami frowned.


"Because.. I think I'm going to.. puke.."


The phone rang and was soon pulled up.

"Yes?" answered one annoyed Atem.

"How's Yugi?" asked the one at the other end.

"He's in bed.. Joey up Kaiba?" Atem asked.

"No, his in bed as well.." Kaiba answered.

"At least you only have him to take care of.." Atem complained.


"Yugi's link was open long enough to give Yami a hangover as well" Atem growled. He heard a chuckle, then it stopped.

"So, Yugi cried because you scolded him or?" Kaiba asked and Atem stopped.


"Joey did"

"No, I left to get a bucket and some water, with a handful paracetamol as well" (5) Atem stated and he heard a sigh.

"Mind it.. go over and sheck him now.. by now Joey is puking all over the room" Kaiba told him and Atem stopped, then he looked down. The man was still holding the bucket in his hand.

"Oh shit.."

"You forgot?" Kaiba asked.

"No.. not really, I ju-"

"ATEM!" there was a shout and Atem froze.

"Shit!" he swore.

"That was?" Kaiba question.

"Yami.. gotta go!" Atem, he hung up and sprinted to their bedroom, hoping that he wouldn't have to clean up a total mess.

(1) I want shadow powers too T^T

(2) For you who haven't read Amai Kousoku, read it and you'll understand what Atam meant..

(3) Yes I did count.. not sure with Atem though.. I think he came.. twice.. but Yami and Yugi DID come three times.. :D

(4) Thought I'd let Yami take Atem for once.. it's not like it's gonna happen again X9 ... since Atem likes being the seme ^.^

(5) That's the full name, I couldn't written Paracet, but didn't bother since obviously, my computer kept telling me it was not a right word.. goddamn spelling-program..

Hn.. so.. that's it for now, a lot of hotness in the beginning.. then finished up with a pissed Atem.. hm. it can't get better..

Yami: *glare* you made Yugi cry.. and drunk

Atem: So.. it wasn't really Joey's fault.. it's yours..

Me: HEY! I'm sorry for having such an odd mind okay, but I can't afford it.. I had to get an excuse to get Yugi to jump you instead you jumping him.. *glares back*

Yami Tori: Hikair-pretty, did you drink much last night?

Me: Eeh.. not that much.. *nervous laughter*

Yami: She slept till 2.45 pm today..

Yami Tori: ... ... :( u'r dead!

Me: NUUUH *runs away*

Joey: She only drank 6 Smirnoff Ice..

Yami: SIX!

Joey: dere's only 4.7% alcohol in dose.. compared ta her friends.. dey drank stuff with over 20% when dey want ta, dat's pure vodka man..

Yugi: Review so Atem can forgive me T^T