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Chapter 2.


The days flew by since the hangover, Yami and Yugi still talked about it now and then, but Atem was still pissed for having to take care of both his lovers at the same time back then and was nowhere near forgiving them. A week after Atem was pretty much desperate for some kind of love again since Yami had banned Atem from the room to sleep on the couch because he always made Yugi cry. That day, Joey dared to show his face at their place, but was accompanied by Kaiba in case Atem or Yami wanted to murder him. But non of them did. Atem just glared while Yami and Yugi greeted them like they usually did.

"So... how's Mokuba?" Yami asked, they were all sitting in the living room, except Atem, who had gone out to get some groceries.

"Hyper.. I have no other words for it.. I think Joey's hyperness is rubbing off on him.." Kaiba complained and Joey glared up at his boyfriend.

"S-Seto, I don't.. rub off on Mokuba.." the teen complained, but Kaiba ignored him completely, instead he turned to Yami.

"I talked to Atem that day when you had the hangover.. he had to hang up quite quickly.. why?" he asked, Yami frowned and pulled a hurt-looking Yugi closer. This the two noticed right away.

"What happened?" Joey asked, worried.

"Except for the fact that he scolded Yugi?" Yami asked, glaring out the window. Joey sighed.

"I've said sorry several times.." Joey complained and looked down. Yami chuckled and the rest turned to him.

"He is just stubborn.." Yami said, nuzzling his light.

"Plus, I get to have Yugi for myself for a while" he said with a smirk and Yugi gawked, then he blushed and swatted at him.

"Y-Yami!" the teen stuttered and glared. Yami laughed and hugged him.

"Hey, Yugi.. have ya heard 'bout Tea?" Joey suddenly asked, Yugi looked up at him and shook his head, then he frowned. Yami blinked and stared at his lover.

"I'm not really interested in whatever she's done now" Yugi said.

"What has she done?" Yami asked, completely obvious of what had happened.

"Ya know Tea tried ta get Yugi ta date her right?" Joey asked, and Yami nodded.

"Well, a week or so 'go.. she disappeared, none 'as seen her since.." Joey said, Yami and Yugi exchanged worried looks.

"Maybe she got into.. trouble?" Yami tried.

"She is the trouble!" Kaiba complained.

"Oh?" Yugi murmured.

"Ya can try ta sum it up, she's tried ta split up Malik an' Ryou.. then she flirted with Tristan.. she even tried ta split me an' Seto ta.." Joey growled, Yugi gasped and stared at them. Yami stared back in shock. The sun shone in through the window, making Yugi and Yami's shocked expression stand out more as day went towards night.

"Why would Tea do such a thing?" the former Pharaoh asked.

"Obviously, because she is a bitch.." Kaiba said.

"Or because she wants to see someone heartbroken.." Joey suggested.

"I'll go for the bitch-part.." Yami said with a groan.

"Who?" asked another voice, they all turned and stared at a tanned man.

"Oh.. Atem, your back.." Yami said, looking at Kaiba and Joey again. The CEO noticed the desperate and hurt look in Atem's eyes before the man spun around.

"Of course, you know.. I met that girl on the way here.. that girl with brown short hair and such.." he said, slowly walking away.

"You saw Tea!" Yugi asked, getting to his feet. Atem turned and glared, but not in anger or annoyance towards Yugi. The light flinched either way.

"She was dressing like a slut.. freaking unbelievable that she was your friend just a little time ago.." Atem growled and walked away. Everyone stared after him, Yami frowned and hugged Yugi closer to him.

"Did she do something to you?" he asked, loud enough for Atem to hear.

"DAMN RIGHT SHE DID!" the man howled and everyone jumped in their seats. Atem soon came in, all red in the face and fuming with anger.

"If someone doesn't shut her up soon I will.." the man growled and sat down beside his lovers. Yami gave him a stern look, since Yugi was tearing up and Atem sighed, then he smiled to Yugi.

"Sorry, I did not mean to scare you Ahku, it's just.. I had never thought she'd lash out at me when she saw me.." he said, a hand on Yugi's shoulder. Yugi paled and his eyes widened in shock and fear.

"S-she.. attacked you!" he asked, shocked.

"Yes.." Atem answered and took of his jumper, they all gasped when they saw the thin line of blood on his arm. His lovers jumped him the next second, wanting to know why, how and if he was okay. So much for trying to be angry at him.

"I'm okay!" Atem said after a while, all red because of embarrassment. Yami chuckled when Yugi hugged their lover.

"Thank God, if Tea had hurt you badly.." Yugi whispered. Atem smiled softly and hugged Yugi.

"I am sorry too.. I forgive you.. " he answered, Yugi squealed in delight and hugged back. Atem looked up at Yami and found him smiling.

"Fine, your off the hock.. for now" he said and Atem smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you.." the Pharaoh whispered, then he turned to Kaiba and Joey, they were both smiling.

"So, what else has Tea done.. did she hurt you too cousin?" he asked. Kaiba glared back at him before he scowled.

"First, I'm not your cousin, second.. she only tried to split me and Joey.." Kaiba said with his matter-of-fact voice and glared even more.

"Fine fine, it's not my fault you happen to be my reincarnated cousin, anyway.. if she tried to split you up.. she hasn't come that far with us.. and she never will!" Atem said and pouted. Yami chuckled and leaned against Yugi. Kaiba got up and dragged Joey with him. The teen protested.

"Why, I don't wanna leave yet.." the teen said, Kaiba glared and grabbed him.

"We're going, I don't want to be here when these three start fucking each other and if you remember, I have a company to run!" Kaiba said. Joey turned deep red and stuttered something, and Yugi joined right after. Yami gawked while Atem just chuckled deeply.

"Just call if Tea does anythin' again 'kay?" Joey asked as he was dragged towards the exit. Yugi and the rest nodded.

"We'll call alright.. but not right now.." Atem said, his hands was on Yugi's hips and the teen was blushing a deep scarlet right now.

"A-Atem.." the teen stuttered.

"Atem, don't leave me out.." Yami complained and Joey began to blush a nicer shade of red than Yugi. Kaiba growled and waved a hand.

"Can't you at least wait till after we've left!" Kaiba stated before he disappeared. The three heard the door slam shut before the men began to laugh.

"That was.. easy.." Yami laughed, Atem chuckled and watched Yugi gain a confused look on his face. Atem leaned in and licked Yugi's lips, the two watched as his eyes darkened, filling with lust and desire. Yami raised and eyebrow and pulled Yugi out of Atem's arms.

"Yami?" Atem asked, completely dumbfounded.

"Since you were so stupid these last days, he'll be mine first!" Yami said. Atem pouted, but nodded slowly. Yami smirked and turned Yugi around before kissing him roughly. Yugi blushed and moaned before wrapping his arms around Yami's neck. The paler clone of the Pharaoh smirked and gave Atem an amused look before going back to his original plan. Atem, while watching this unfold grew more and more hard until he nearly cried in pain, and this did not go unseen by Yami.

"You want to join?" he asked when he and Yugi parted for a second. Atem nodded frantically, sweat was already going down his forehead. Yami smirked even more and leaned against Yugi, licking his cheek and making the light moan.

"What do you think?" he whispered into Yugi's ear, the teen moaned, but nodded.

"Yami?" Atem asked, not sure if he was really accepted.

"Come.." Yami coaxed, and Atem didn't even think about acting before he did. He nearly bounced into Yami and Yugi, both smiled and wrapped their arms around the Pharaoh. Yami kissed one cheek while Yugi kissed the other.

"Welcome back.." Yami whispered teasingly while Yugi giggled. Atem raised and eyebrow before smirking.

"Now then.. here or bedroom?" Atem questioned, he watched with amusement as both his lovers went quite red. They exchanged a look before turning back to him with each their cute smile on their faces.



Atem closed the door as he watched his lovers strip of all clothes they had, well, it looked more like a sensual dance, Yami kept striping Yugi of all clothing while Yugi did the same to him. They exchanged kisses now and then, moaning into each other's mouth. Atem took a step closer, then he smirked and leaned against the desk, while the other's wasn't watching, he opened the drawer and took something out. When Atem had fished out what he wanted, he closed the drawer and pounced the two unaware males. There was a click and they blinked, then they looked at their hands. Yami's left hand was cuffed together with Yugi's right hand. They blinked yet again before turned to Atem, who was smirking with a new glint in his eyes.

"Atem?" Yami asked, Yugi blinked and looked confused at the cuffs. Atem took a hold of the chain in between and pulled the two naked males towards the bed. He then pushed the two onto the bed, getting on top of them. Yami blinked and smiled nervously to Yugi, who was staring nervously back.

"Atem?" Yugi asked this time. Atem smirked and leaned down towards them.

"You'll have to be prepared boys.." he whispered, making both blush deeply.

"What do you have in plan?" Yami asked, teasing Atem by tracing a finger down his half exposed neck.

"A lot" was all that came from Atem, then he noticed the look on his lovers, first Yami sat up a little, then Yugi did as well. They moved like they were one, touching and pulling at Atem from each their ends. Atem groaned as Yugi pulled at his shirt while Yami pulled at his pants.

"You really want me out of my clothes that fast?" he asked, the two smirked up at him and he felt himself grow impossible harder. Somehow the two managed to get him out of his clothes faster than he managed to think about it, and then, they each did their work. Atem nearly shouted out all of his pain and pleasure when Yami began to suck him off whilst Yugi kissed and nipped his chest, neck and every other place that he had easy access to.

"You two.." Atem breathed, holding back a groan. Yami smirked and hummed, making the Pharaoh moan and arch into the hot mouth. Yugi though, was having a hard time because Atem had reached down and clamped a hand around Yugi's length, stroking in time with Yami's sucks. Soon Yugi began to trash and maon, so Atem let go, this made the teen whine and pout.

"Can't you wait?" Atem asked and Yugi blushed. Suddenly Yami sucked ten times harder and Atem groaned before realising into his mouth with a call of Yami's name. The man slumped against the other two for a second while catching his breath before he sat up with a smirk.

"You do realise.. that I'm not going to go easy on you right?" he said and watched his lovers blush, then nod.

"We.. didn't really expect you to.." Yugi said, suddenly he closed his eyes and frowned before opening them again.

"Yugi?" both the ancient ones asked. Yugi smiled slowly before he blushed deeply.

"I.. remember.. what we.. did.." he stuttered and the two men blinked.

"Remember?" the two asked.

"That night.." Yugi said while blushing. Atem and Yami blinked again, then the oldest of the two smirked.

"You do? About time!" he said, Yugi's blush deepened and Yami chuckled, then he became serious, well, serious-looking.

"Someone remember what we're doing right now?" he asked, the two turned to him before they nodded.

"Well, do something about it" the man complained and Atem smirked.

"Fine" he teased and pulled both close by pulling the chain that linked the two.

"A-Atem.." Yugi stuttered, Yami though, just smiled a little.

"I guess we're in for it now.." the man murmured as Atem brought them close, he smirked as he kissed Yugi, while one of his hands found their way down to Yami's groin and he squeezed. Yami moaned and bent a little forward, Yugi moaned as well and tried to wrap his arms around Atem's neck, but failed with one hand, seeing it was linked to Yami with a handcuffs. Atem backed off and instead tilted Yami's face upwards, he smirked at his paler look-alike's confused look.

"Why so confused?" he teased. Yami blushed and tried to look away, but was held back by Atem's hand. Yugi was just standing there, watching them. Then he got down to his knees and kissed both length's at turn. Atem and Yami groaned before looking down, they were standing almost close enough for their length's to meet. Atem, understanding what Yugi seemed to want, stepped closer to Yami, their hard members clashing together and making the two men moan. Yugi reached forward and licked his way up and down the two men's length.

"Ra.. Yugi.." Yami moaned, bucking over more. Atem held Yami were he was before he leaned in.

"Yami.." the Pharaoh whispered before he kissed the man. Yami moaned, then arched as Yugi dragged his hands over their length's. Atem smirked again Yami's lips before forcing his tongue inside his mouth, the pale version of the Pharaoh moaned and wrapped an arm around Atem's neck. When they backed off, Atem pulled Yugi to his feet and unlocked their handcuffs, he threw them across the room, not caring were they went before he took a good hold of Yugi and lifted him up. Yugi squirmed and blushed.

"W-wha.. what are you.. planning?" Yugi asked. Atem smirked and lifted Yugi so he was in between them, this was when Yugi understood what was going to happen and blushed deeply. Yami had also understood what his look-alike was about to do and smirked.

"Take a good hold around my neck Ahku.." Atem said slowly, the teen nodded and did as he was told. Then Atem got Yugi to wrap his legs around his waist. Yami smirked and got closer, then he placed his hands on Yugi's hips.

"Yugi.. relax.." the paler of the two men whispered, Yugi shivered and nodded. Yami then, slowly brought Yugi down onto him, the teen moaned and arched upwards in the pleasure. Atem smirked and also took a good hold of Yugi.

"Ahku.." the Pharaoh whispered as Yami helped him pull Yugi upwards, then down, but this time Atem also entered him. Yugi screamed their names and arched.

"Ra.. so.. tight.." Atem moaned, the two of them exchanged a smirk before they lifted Yugi up, then slammed him down onto their erections. Yugi screamed again and tightened his grip around Atem's neck.

"A-Atem.. Yami.." Yugi breathed out before he screamed again, the two had hit his prostate on their trusts. Yugi's walls clamped down around the two men and they groaned deep in their throats.

"Yugi.." they both groaned in unision and Yugi screamed over and over.

"I'm.. I'm going to.. Ah!" Yugi screamed as he came hard, covering both his and Atem's chest. Yami and Atem groaned, but did not come. The two of them pulled out and Yugi groaned at the loss. Atem gently placed Yugi on the bed and sat down beside him, but he was obviously not finished. The Pharaoh grabbed Yami, who was standing nearby and pulled him down onto his lap, all while Yugi was watching.

"Atem.. what are you planning now?" Yami asked, his eyebrows lifted in confusion. Atem smirked and brought their hips hard together, making their erections clash together and Yami nearly screamed.

"I think you know what Yami" the slightly taller man said. Yami flushed and tried to calm his breath, but kind of failed when Atem kept touching him. Yami moaned and wriggled in the hold.

"A-Atem.." the paler man whispered. Atem smirked before he lifted Yami up long enough for him to enter him, Atem groaned and pushed Yami even more down onto him until he was seated completely into Yami. The male on top moaned loudly, but Atem didn't give him much time to get used to him as he lifted him and then slammed him down onto him again, hitting his prostate on first try. Yami's head fell back and he screamed. Suddenly Atem felt hands crawl up his spine and he shivered, and he knew that those hands did not belong to Yami, because his hands was locking onto his arms. Atem looked over his shoulder to see Yugi leaning softly against him, his hands still roaming his body.

"Do you want more Ahku?" Atem asked, he could practically feel Yugi blush and chuckled while still trusting in and out of Yami, who was by all means screaming.

"Y-yeah.." Yugi mumbled embarrassed.

"Then come here" Atem coaxed, he twisted himself around and lay Yami down onto the bed, making the man moan lowly before he opened his closed eyes. Atem smirked as he brought Yugi closer and pulled out of Yami, making him groan.

"W-what.. are you... trying.. now?" Yami asked between deep pants.

"You'll see.." Atem just answered, he whispered something into Yugi's ear, making the teen go deep red.

"M-me?" Yugi stuttered. Atem nodded and gave Yami an amused look.

"Come on.." Atem coaxed.

"F-fine.." Yugi mumbled, still blushing deeply. Yami gave them some confused look before his eyes widened when Atem helped Yugi crawl in between the pale males legs.

"Wha- are you planning to.." Yami began, but Atem's dark, lustfilled eyes glaring back made him shut up. Atem pushed Yugi gently forward before he followed, standing right behind the teen. Yami raised an eyebrow, but did not comment it. Then he noticed the worry and nervousness in Yugi's eyes.

"It's okay Yugi, it's be fine" Yami told him, he reached up and cradled Yugi's face in his hands. Yugi closed his eyes for a moment before he opened them and smiled softly.

"Okay.." the teen finally said. Atem and Yami smiled, the tanned male helped Yugi closer before kissed the teens neck, making him moan. Yami wrapped a leg around Yugi and pulled him closer.

"Yugi.. I'm not as patient as you are.." the man said. Yugi looked at him and blushed, before he nodded. Yugi positioned himself and looked up at Yami again. Yami nodded in approval and Yugi pushed in. Yami moaned and fell back onto the bed. Atem smirked and came even closer, he placed his hands onto Yugi's hips. The teen, who was already leaning over Yami, turned his head.

"Atem?" the teen asked, Atem smirked and moved Yugi forward, making both the teen and Yami moan. Atem chuckled before he trust deep into Yugi, making him go deep into Yami as well. Yugi screamed as Atem hit his prostate. Yami moaned loudly.

"Yugi.." Yami moaned and pulled Yugi down to a kiss. Yugi moaned into the kiss, then screamed as Atem moved, trusting deep into Yugi.

"Ra.. Yugi.. Atem.." Yami moaned, Yugi blinked and tried to find that spot. After several trusts he found it. Yami's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he screamed. The teen gasped out as Yami's walls clamped down around him and he barely managed to hold himself, so he reached down and grabbed Yami's length. Yami moaned loudly when Yugi moved his hand. Atem smirked and pulled out before slamming back in with such speed and strength both males underneath screamed and arched forward, the bed creaked and slammed against the wall as they moved. Soon Yami began to trash with his head.

"Ra, Yugi.. I'm.." that was as far as he got before he tensed, Yugi blinked and looked down at his lover. Suddenly Yami arched high of the bed and came with a scream of his light's name. Yugi nearly squealed when Yami's tight walls closed in on him and then he groaned, coming. Atem though, did not and watched with amusement as Yugi pulled out of his lover before he slumped down onto Yami. The Pharaoh pulled out, but trust back in, making Yugi moan and arch a little. Yami looked up at Atem with glazed eyes.

"You still hard?" he asked. Atem smirked.

"Unlike you, I have quite the stamina.." he said, groaning as Yugi screamed when he trust into him. Yami pouted.

"That's right.. this would be.. Yugi's.. third round.. my.. second, and your second.. as well.." Yami managed to say between moans and pants.

"Yeah, that's about it.. but why do you keep count on that?" Atem asked, still trusting into Yugi. Yami shrugged his shoulders.

"I just thought about it.. since Yugi usually is so sore after sleeping with you.. I too for that matter.." Yami flushed a little at the last statement. Atem smirked and leaned down to placed kissed on Yugi's neck. The teen moaned.

"I feel flattered.." the man said, smirking at Yami's glare.

"You.. remember me right?" Yugi suddenly asked, making both men stare at him in confusion.

"What.. do you mean by.. that Yugi?" Yami asked. Atem nodded.

"Do you always.. talk so much.. while having sex?" Yugi asked. Atem raised both eyebrows before he smirked. Yami on the other end just flushed more and looked away.

"We do remember you Ahku" Atem stated and slammed into Yugi's body, making the teen scream. Yami moaned before kissing Yugi roughly, his hands playing with the teens nipples, chest and stomach. This went on for a while as Yugi and Yami got hard again. Atem continued to slam into the willing body before he felt himself grow close to climax.

"Yami.." the tanned man called, Yami looked up at him and nodded, seemingly understanding what was going to happen. He reached down and grabbed Yugi's length, making the teen squeal and moan. Yami then began to ruthlessly pump the member while Atem continued to trust into him, making Yugi scream before he came violently, making Atem groan and come as well. Completely wasted, Yugi slumped against Yami with a sigh. Atem smirked and pulled out of the tired teen.

"His finished.." Yami said with a chuckle.

"I see that.. but I know that you aren't.." Atem said, smirking. Yami flushed as he tried to move away, but Yugi trapped him without knowing it. Atem reached down and gently pulled Yugi off of Yami before gently placing him on the bed beside them. Yugi though, had not fallen asleep and was watching them with wide eyes. Atem reached down and pulled Yami's legs up so the man was completely exposed to the Pharaoh. Yami blushed and looked away.

"W-what are you.. doing?" the man questioned.

"Hm, nothing at the moment, was thinking about fucking my other self though.." Atem said, running a hand down Yami's stomach, making him shivered. Yami growled and glared playfully at his lover.

"And that's supposed to mean?" he asked.

"Nothing really.." Atem snickered before he slammed into Yami, making his eyes roll into the back of his head and he screamed to high heavens. Yugi moaned from their side, but did not move.

"Oh Ra.. Atem.." Yami screamed, arching high off the bed to meet with Atem's steady, but extremely powerful and rough trusts. Atem groaned as Yami tightened around him as he slowly dragged out. Then Atem trust in again, now breaking the rhythm they had to make sharp, strong, rough and hard trusts that made Yami scream and tremble violently.

"A-Atem.. I'm going to.." Yami began.

"I'm too.." Atem groaned and grabbed Yami's length, making him scream and arch high off the bed yet again. The bed was creaking badly, threatening to colapse under them as they continued their act. Suddenly Yami tensed.

"Oh.. A-Atem.." Yami groaned, then his eyes widened. Atem smirked and roughly pumped his length before Yami came with a scream of the Pharaoh's name. This time, Atem couldn't hold on for to long and came as well with the name of his lover. Atem pulled out of Yami before he slumped down between his lovers, trying to catch his breath. Yami smiled and turned over, facing him.

"Ra I'm happy we finally agreed on a truce" Atem groaned, trying not to move, still in his daze. Yami laughed and blinked at Yugi.

"I think there's a certain someone who agrees!" he teased, Yugi turned deep red.

"You too" the teen said, pouting. Yami smirked and blushed, but did not deny it.

"I'm glad you liked it!" Atem said from his spot on the bed, he wrapped one arm around each of his lovers before he pulled them close. Yami yelped at suddenly being pulled so close, but relaxed soon enough. Yugi though, relaxed at once and yawned.

"Whats.. the clock?" Yugi asked. The two men looked a the clock and gawked.

"Do you have.. school tomorrow?" Atem asked.

"Yes.. why?" Yugi questioned.

"Oh crap.. sleep now!" Atem and Yami nearly shout before the palest of the two pulled the covers over them. Yugi blinked and tried to see the clock, but Atem made sure he didn't.

"H-hey.. let me see.." Yugi squirmed.

"It's.. not needed.." Yami said with a nervous smile.

"Why!" Yugi asked.

"Because you have school tomorrow" Atem stated. Yugi growled and managed to twist his way out of Atem's arm. The two men both drew a deep breath as Yugi looked at the clock and dead panned.

"4.. am.." the teen mumbled before his face darkened. Atem and Yami could practically see a nerve explode.

"Y-you.. KEPT FUCKING ME TILL 3 AM IN THE MORNING!" Yugi screamed at the two who winced and scrambled out of bed. Yugi slowly followed them out of the bed as the two tried to become one with the wall.

"B-but.. Ahku.." Atem tried, but Yugi's glare made him shut up.

"You two.." Yugi began. Yami and Atem exchanged frightened looks, but before any of them could actually act on either fear or horror, Yugi walked up to them and yanked their bangs. The two men yelped and whined.

"Yugi, dear light.. please let go.." Yami whined, but Yugi didn't as he turned around and pulled them back towards the bed.

"Ahku, dear little.. Ahk-" Atem begun, but was shut up when Yugi turned to face them. He didn't look that mad any more, in fact he looked a little needy.

"If you kept me up.. this long, I'm not going to bed.. there's only a few hours till I have to get up.. do something about it!" Yugi said, flushing. Yami and Atem exchanged shocked look as Yugi let go of their hair. Then Atem smirked and grabbed Yugi's right hand while Yami grabbed Yugi's left. The two of them leaned in towards Yugi, who blushed deeply.

"Do you realised what your proposing?" Atem asked with one of his famous smirks. Yami smiled as well, just in a more gently way.

"Yes I do!" Yugi said and pouted. Yami pushed forward and kissed on cheek while Atem did the same on the opposite cheek.

"Then you'd better be prepared!" Atem said. Then the two of them brought Yugi down to the bed for another three hours of love making. Yugi giggled and smiled at them before he kissed Yami.

"I love you.. both" he whispered. Yami and Atem smiled gently.

"We love you too Ahku" both said and leaned down. Yugi closed his eyes and let himself be swept away on the waves of pleasure. Wich Yami would be just half an hour too anyway.

"We'll be together.. forever!" Yugi whispered.

"We will" Yami answered before they let the pleasure speak for them.

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