'Gods! I could really get used to this!' He had Melanie on all fours as he thrust his cock faster and faster into her wet cunt. She was already moaning his name and he could tell that they were both close to climax.

Zim realized that he didn't care that this girl was human. He didn't care that she was friends with that son-of-a-bitch Dib. None of that mattered now. All that mattered was that this girl -this young, adorable girl- was his.

Dib continued to watch as Zim and Melanie fucked. From Melanie's moans and the fact that she was coming closer and closer to screaming his name, he knew she would cum soon. He would bet his left testicle that she would cum before Zim.

He had been vigorously stroking his own dick as he watched Zim take Melanie's virginity. He was imagining that he was the one with his hard cock inside of her wet pussy and that she was crying out his name and not Zim's.

"Oh god!" Dib heard Melanie scream between pants. "Oh god, Zim! Zim! ZIM!" Dib had to bite his lip and use every ounce of his will power to keep from making a sound loud enough for Zim or Melanie to hear as he emptied his load into his pants.

'Shit!' Dib cursed himself mentally. 'I didn't think I'd cum that much! Damn!' He looked back at Zim and Melanie. Melanie had her head on Zim's chest, lying next to him, both panting.

'Zim must have cum around the same time as me for me not to have noticed,' Dib noted. He carefully climbed down the series of pipes to the floor. When he looked up, he was face to face with Gir. He jumped and bit back a shout of surprise.

"What are you doing?" he hissed, trying to steady his racing heart.

"Filming a porno!" Gir yelled. Dib felt like running as Melanie and Zim looked up.

"Dib!" Zim shouted, jumping to his feet. "What the hell are you doing here? Were you spying on us?"

"NO!" Dib practically squeaked. "I…uh…was checking on her! On Melanie! I care about her and I wanted to make sure you weren't going to do one of your funny experiments on her!"

"You care about me?" Melanie piped up. Dib and Zim turned their attention to the girl. She was holding up her dress as a cover for her naked body, but she was smiling like her old self.

"yes," Dib admitted, his voice softening, slowly approaching her. "And I don't believe Zim made love to you the right way."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIDN'T-!" Zim started to shout when Melanie raised a hand to silence him.

"How would you make love to me then?" she asked. Her voice was so…sensual. And her face…her angelic face was twisted with lust. Melanie let the dress she was holding slip through her fingers, revealing her naked body. Dib was already hard again. He was right over her now, looking down at her. He got down on his knees so he was on the same level as her.

"Like this," he whispered, his voice husky as he pulled her into a sweet, but passionate, kiss.

"WOOHOO! MORE PORN!" Gir screamed.

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