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'Li'ili'i Kaikamahine'

'Little Girl'


It shouldn't have been them, Steve knew, the bomb planted in the wedding car was meant for him and Danny, not Rachel. It had taken them so long to get back together after everything that had happened between them. It had taken years to finally put the pieces of their marriage back together, and Steve had destroyed it. He was the reason for their death. He was the reason Gracie was now an orphan.


Rachel, her mother and Danny's mother had been in the car that had blown up. The only bridesmaid was Grace, she had rode in Steve's truck behind with Steve, Kono and Chin after a Kamekona caused mix up with the wedding cars. Danny was already at the registry office.

The explosion happened as the car pulled up outside the building, Danny must have heard it from inside and came sprinting outside. Steve and Chin had already jumped out of the truck, instructing Kono to get Grace out of the car and take her away from it all, worried that the truck had been rigged with an explosive too.

Danny had already dived towards the wedding car along with both his Dad and Rachel's father when the truck exploded. Directly behind the burning remains of the wedding car. The impact of the second blast sending the wedding car flying towards the three men. One of which was too close to move.

Steve saw the wedding car crush Danny, engulfing his body completely before slamming into the two fathers.

'Danny!' Steve roared, covering his mouth in shock, his stomach like a lead balloon.

'Danno! Mommy!' he heard a hysterical scream and turned to see Kono half way down the street wrestling with Grace, who was trying to get closer to her mother and father.

'Get her out of here!' Steve yelled to Kono, who nodded, tears dripping down her face, before picking the little girl up in a vice hold and dragging her away.


That day was one of the worst days of Steve's life, losing his partner and Rachel in one day. He hadn't known Rachel a great deal, but he has liked the woman. Wo Fat had planted the bomb, intending to kill Danny and Steve to bury any information they had about him.


It was only the day after that Steve had been able to sit and reflect on the events that had happened.

Rachel and the two mothers had been killed instantly in the first blast, Danny when the car had crushed him; Rachel's father had also died when the car had hit him as the trauma to his body had given him a heart attack. The only survivor was Danny's father, who was in hospital in a critical condition. They were hopeful that he would recover but that he would be paralyzed from the waist down. He may also have suffered brain damage, after a bleed on the brain had forced the doctors to put him into an induced coma.

But that left Gracie alone. The only person being able to take care of her was Danny's brother Matt who had disappeared and wouldn't give Grace the care and security she needed.

Kono, Steve knew, would offer to have her; she loved the little girl as if she were her own. But Kono was so young too; she had her whole life ahead of her that she wouldn't be able to live properly. So would Chin, but Chin had enough drama in his life without adding Grace too.

Which just left Steve. The person Danny always joked was the most terrible person with children ever.

But he couldn't let her go into care, Steve promised himself that, he would do everything in his power to stop that from happening. Grace was Danny and Rachel's lives, he would never forgive himself if he let her be shipped off to a care home. Gracie didn't deserve it, not after everything she'd been through.

This was a promise Steve knew he would keep, no matter what.


Steve walked from the Camero to the door of Kono's parent's house. Kono had taken Grace back to her parent's as her apartment only had one bed, and was in no fit state to take Grace to.

Kono's Mom answered the door before putting her fingers to her lips motioning for Steve to come in.

'She's finally asleep,' the older woman whispered, bags already forming under her brown eyes.

Steve nodded and stepped into the house, closing the door almost silently behind him

Kono's father smiled slightly at him as he came into the living room. Steve smiled back, looking around for Grace, spotting her lay across Kono's knee.

Kono looked up at him slowly, her eyes as red as Grace's from tears, before giving him a watery smile that broke the SEAL's heart.

Unfortunately, the movement caused her body to tilt slightly, moving Grace's head slightly, but enough to wake her.

'Daddy?' she asked in a small voice, looking up at Steve, before realisation sank in and she burst into tears, throwing herself at Steve.

'Oh Gracie,' Steve pressed her to him as she buried her head against his chest, lifting her into his arms like you would a toddler, before carrying her over to the sofa.

'Steve,' the little girl whimpered through her sobs.

Steve waited, sensing she wasn't finished; she was just trying to get the words out through her hysteria.

'Mommy and Danno are in heaven,' she sobbed, her voice muffled against his chest.

'I know sweetie, but they're looking down on you and you have to be a brave girl. You have to be a brave little girl for Danno and Mommy. They wouldn't want you to be sad.' Steve soothed her, rubbing her shaking back.

'But I'm never going to see them again or Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Williams,' she carried on.

'I know, I know,' Steve hugged her as her sobs grew louder and more hysterical.

'I want my Mommy,' Grace howled, clutching Steve's shirt with more strength than he thought possible for an eight year old girl.

'I know you do honey, we all want them too,' Steve stroked the back of her head, aware that all eyes were on him to calm the little girl down.

When Gracie didn't reply, Steve tightened his arms around the little girl.

'I wanna go home,' Grace cried, her words almost becoming a wail.

'How about you come stay with me for a while?' he said gently.

No reply.

'Gracie, would you rather stay with Kono or come and stay at my house.' He rephrased his question so that the choice would be hers.

'I wanna stay with you Uncle Steve,' Grace replied.

'Okay honey,' Steve rubbed her back again and smiled over at Kono who rubbed her eyes tiredly.

However much she loved the little girl, Kono wasn't old enough to have to act like a mother, Steve wanted her to live her life whilst she still could.

Gracie reached up and wrapped her arms around Steve's neck, her sobs easing and her breathing less erratic.

Steve hugged the little girl, who was all that was left of his partner.

The little girl that was the reason Danny had been here.

'Come on sweetie, let's go so that Kono can sleep and then catch some bad guys.' He said picking her up.

He felt Gracie nod into his wet t-shirt as he stood up, cradling her tightly to him.

She clutched him, as though afraid that he might disappear too.

'Steve, I want Annie,' he heard her mutter, as sleep threatened her exhausted little body.

Steve shot Kono a puzzled look, and she mouthed 'her doll. Dolphin trainer Annie'

'Tell you what Gracie, I'm sure Mary will let you borrow Spotty, her toy Dalmatian and we'll go find Dolphin trainer Annie later okay?' Steve replied, praying that this wouldn't set her off sobbing again.

'Okay,' Gracie agreed.

Steve was mildly surprised, for a little girl she was pretty reasonable.

Kono looked relieved too, she clearly had expected another outburst of hysteria.


Steve carried Grace out to the car, strapping her in before promising her to be right back.

He went back to the front door, where Kono and her parents were watching.

'Thank you for taking care of her,' Steve said gratefully, rubbing his hand over his face.

'What's going to happen to her, Boss?' Kono asked, concern plastered all over her face.

'I'm not sure; I won't let her go into care. I promise you that. I'm going to speak to the Governor later and see if she can pull some strings before Social Services demand custody of her.' Steve touched her arm reassuringly.

'I'll take her, I don't care if you don't want me to, I love that little girl.' Kono insisted.

'I know, it won't come to that.' Steve said, not sure who he was trying to convince.

Kono nodded 'okay. If you need anything just give me a call.'

'Thanks Kono, Mr, Mrs Kalakaua, I really appreciate everything you've done for Grace.' Steve told them.

'You look after that little girl,' Mrs Kalakaua told him sternly 'and bring her over here if you need anything. She's always welcome here. Poor little mite.'

'Mahalo.' Steve hugged Kono and her mother and shook hands with her father before he headed back to the Camero.

Grace was curled up on the seat, leaning against the door, hugging a t-shirt of Danny's that she'd found on the back seat.

He could see the small tears running down her cheeks, but her lack of sleep had finally caught up with her and her small shoulders had slumped, sleep finally claiming her.

Steve had never seen her look so small and vulnerable; usually she had Danny's fight, now all he saw was a broken little girl who thought she had nowhere to go.

It was the most heartbreaking thing he had ever seen.


Steve carried Grace out of the car, into his house.

She was still clutching Danny's shirt, but didn't stir when he laid her on the sofa and went to find a blanket, not wanting to put her upstairs in a bed, where he wouldn't be within eyesight when she woke up.

He knew the panic caused by waking up in a strange place.

After draping the blanket over her small frame, Steve sat on a chair and looked at Grace.

The truth was, he knew what he had to do.

Not have to do, want to do, he reminded himself.

But even though he knew this, the question still haunted him.

Can I raise a child?

Will they think I'm a suitable person to look after her?

He rubbed his forehead tiredly and got up to make coffee, thinking about what he and Grace would have to get from her house and the store later. He needed to call her school and explain what had happened.

Steve was stirring his coffee when he heard the first scream.

'Danno! Mommy!'

He rushed back into the living room, looking at Gracie who was sat up straight, screaming in terror.

'Gracie. What happened?' he asked, pulling the little girl into his arms.

'I saw them, I saw it Uncle Steve.' She sobbed, but only weepy tears this time.

She was thoroughly cried out.

'It's okay, it was only a dream this time.' Steve told her.

She nodded.

'I'll go and get you a glass of water.' He said, starting to detangle himself from her.

'No please. Please. Please don't go. I need you to stay here. Like Danno did. I need you' she sobbed, not knowing fully what she was saying, but to Steve it was clear.

He knew what he had to do.


The Governor wasn't surprised when she received a call from Steve McGarrett. She had been expecting one.

'Commander, I am so sorry for your losses. How's Grace?' she asked, genuinely concerned.

'She's not too good, but I think she'll be okay with time.' Steve told her.

'That's good. Now, what can I do for you?' Governor Jameson asked, sensing an underlying agenda to this conversation.

'I wanted to talk to you about Gracie.' Steve admitted.

'Oh,' this she didn't expect 'what about her?'

'You know how it goes, Gracie has no one left. So that means social services will want to take her.' Steve stated, sounding nervous.

This was definitely not what she had expected.

'I know. So what do you want me to do?' she asked, needing clarification that she hadn't misread the conversation.

'I'm asking you to help me. I need you to pull a few strings.' Steve told her, his voice gruff from stress.

'In what way?' she pushed him and the reply was all she needed.

'I want to adopt Gracie.'

El fin.

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