I keep starting new stories and I am sorry, but this one I am making for a purpose. I am making it for 2 different reasons.

First I am going through a tough time right now, and I feel like taking my frustrations out on something. So instead of getting mad at my parents or friends I will make some of the characters in the story suffer. Don't get me wrong I love Kaoru to death, it's just I need to take some things out on something, and the twins are my newest obsession.

The second reason should be easy to spot. At the beginning and end of each story I shall put a quote. One with meaning. If you don't get the second reason for me writing this story at the beginning then you will at the end.

No matter which reason that you go by this is still a very meaningful story to me, and hopefully others out there.

Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment

-William Shakespeare-

Kaoru's POV

I was walking down the street. I don't know how I got into the commoners section of town, but then again I never pay that much attention when I am walking. I sighed as I looked down the street of the commoners market. If Hikaru were here then we would have probably tried to find Haruhi, and play a game with her. Not today, though. Today I am all alone.

I know that it probably hurt Hikaru if he found out that I left the mansion with out him, but he will understand that I just needed some air, needed some time to think. Why does this have to be so difficult. He acts like I can't take care of myself most of the time. Just because I am the younger twin doesn't mean that I can't take care of myself. He will probably be a little upset when he wakes up alone.

I sigh irritably as I walk through the street browsing through the shops. I doubt I would buy anything, why would I bother when I could get this stuff at anytime. I just hope that I don't run into Haruhi today. Yes she is my friend, but she would ask me about Hikaru I am sure. I really didn't care about Haruhi like I used to. She used to be my crush, but I let her go when I realized that Hikaru liked her as well.

"Hey kid." I looked up as a man came up to me. He looked to be about his mid-to-late-twenties. He had short black hair with ice blue eyes. "Do you mind giving me a hand? My van broke down and I can't find the spare tire to change it so I can leave."

"Do you have somewhere important to be?" I asked. The guys eyes scared me a little bit. Okay they scared me a lot. Who in this world has ice blue eyes. That is just creepy. I know not to talk to strangers, but I do anyway because I don't want to be rude. It's the same case as of now. I don't want to be rude, even if the guy scares me.

"Actually I do. If I didn't I wouldn't be asking you for help, but my daughter," The man bit his lip a little. He looked like he was in pain. ", my daughter she was diagnosed with leukemia just a few weeks ago. She is only 8. Today is her first day in treatment and I promised her that I would be there. If I'm not what will she think?"

"Of course I will help you. Where's your van? Also my name is Kaoru." The story just sounded so real. Also me, being me, was thinking of the 8 year old little girl.

"Thank you so much." The man said. "I could never thank you enough. Oh, where are my manner. My name is Dan. It's nice to meet you Kaoru." He smiled at me. "It's this way. I was trying to get around the crowd by going through the alley, but it only resulted in getting a flat tire."

"It's alright. I will help you." As Dan turned I saw something glint in his eyes. I dismissed it as relief and followed him to the alleyway in which his van was in. "Why were you driving a van to a hospital anyways?"

"I started to head for the hospital as soon as I got off work, and my manager said that I could use his van because I wasn't thinking this morning and so I just walked to work."

"Alright." I said. "Why did you ask me to help you instead of somebody else?"

"Well everybody else looked like they were busy, but you didn't." I nodded as I started to look at the tire that he said was flat. It wasn't.

"Your tire is fine." I said as I turned to face him. The feeling that told me not to trust him came back, stronger than before. I met his eyes as I tried to move around him.

"Also I chose you because you look like you would make a good one." His smirk widened. I was starting to get scared and when I went to run passed him he caught me by my wrist. He was stronger than he looked, a lot stronger than he looked.

"What the hell! Let me go!" My voice was raising in panic. Tears were threatening to come, but I refused to let them fall. I needed to stay strong.

"Sorry Kaoru. I chose you because you look like a fun toy." His voice that was once calm is now cold. I don't like the sound of that. I opened my mouth to call out to someone because he was stronger than I was, but before anything could leave my mouth he hit a place in my neck that made everything go black. I had one last thought before I lost consciousness.

I'm sorry Hikaru. I didn't know.

Hikaru's POV

I woke up slowly and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I felt fully rested now, unlike this morning when I was exhausted. I looked around the room to see that it was close to 6:00. I wonder where Kaoru is. He's probably downstairs waiting for dinner. With that thought in mind I got up and put on some clothes. After that I went down stairs to find my brother.

I didn't see him in any of the rooms that I had checked. Now I was really starting to wonder where he was. If this is another one of his jokes I am going to give him a piece of my mind. I saw one of the maids and I stopped her.

"Excuse me, but have you seen Kaoru?" I asked, and to my dismay she shook her head.

"Not sense this afternoon, sir. He said that he was going out for a walk. He said that he would call if he wanted a ride back, and that he would be back soon."

"When was this?" I demanded.

"I believe it was around 2:30, sir." She replied. 2:30! And he still wasn't back yet!

"Why didn't anybody go look for him, or call him?"

"Sir, I was the only one that he told sense I was the only one here, and then I had to do some errands in the shops. I just assumed that he had already been home."

"Alright." I mutter. I guess I couldn't really blame the maid, but she still should have been keeping watch.

"Maybe he went to your friend's house. The one you both seem so found of." She suggested.

"Maybe." I reply and run up the stairs and grabbed my phone. I quickly dialed Haruhi's number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hello Hikaru. What can I do for you?" Haruhi said as she answered.

"Hey Haruhi. I was wondering, is Kaoru there?" I asked. I hoped that he was. God dammit! Why did he have to wonder off like this.

"Sorry Hikaru. He's not." Dammit! "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing to worry about, Haruhi. Thanks and see you soon." At least I hope that it's nothing to worry about.

"Bye." With that she hung up. I threw my phone back onto the dresser and I stared up at the ceiling.

Dammit Kaoru! Where are you? You better be okay. This better be one of your stupid jokes. Somehow I doubted that it was one of his stupid jokes. I felt like something really bad was going to happen.

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

-Albert Einstein-

This story is going to be very meaningful. I will prepare you now that this story will be very emotional. Like I said in the first authors note, the story does have a larger meaning than just something to take my frustrations out on.

Honestly enough I do love reviews and they help me to write better, but I have already decided that even if I don't get a review for this story. I am going to write it. I am going to continue it until it is finished.

If your the type to cry easily I would be prepared because of the deep emotion that might appear in this story. I cry easily and I am the one who will be writing this.

Thank you for reading and you don't have to review this because I have stated above that I could care less for a review on the story.

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