Hey, guys! Just your friendly neighborhood Me here to give one hell of an important announcement!

I care deeply about you all, and that is why I am adding this onto here instead of making it a surprise. I have been absent from posting anything for a while - I need to fix that. I need to work on everything else that I already have posted on here, but, for now, I shall go ahead and give you this news.

There WILL be a sequel to Selfless. I have not started on it yet, but I will get to it. I actually didn't truly decide on this until yesterday(?), I think it was, when I was reading over it and all the lovely reviews that it got.

It will be coming out sometime in May. I'm not even sure on which day it will come out on yet. I still have time to decide things! I even gave myself some time to tweak the idea if need be.

Selfless was (and still is) my most popular story. It has 21,149 words - not counting the Author's Notes and the Quotes - 11 chapters - not counting this one - 64 reviews, 50 favorites, 49 alerts. There is currently 11,470 views total. This is the story that is constantly on the top of my screen anyway I have it.

Normally I care if you like my stories, and I do care this time too. I feel touched that so many of you enjoyed it, but with this series of stories, I can't help but NOT finish it. Even if you don't like it. I am sure that you will like it though.

If you liked Selfless, I am sure that you will like Self-Sacrificing. Yes, that is the name of the sequel and there is going to be a change of scenery in it. All of our favorite characters shall be in it (except Arai.. He probably won't be ABLE to be in it from the way I have it set in my head) and even your favorite guy from me, Dylan. Yeah, you guys that have a soft spot for him? Get ready to feel that spot start to ache for him again.

Hell, you're even going to have a new favorite guy to hate!

I just thought I would let all of you know this news personally instead of waiting until after I already posted it.

Consider this your Christmas present. :3