"I'm bored."
"Eat a turtle."
"Mkay . . . What?"
-This didn't happen, I just want it to.


Chapter 15
"Nothing REALLY Changes"

Zim woke up in his lab, surprised to find himself there. He looked around groggily for a few minutes as he came to terms with where he was. It would've been a smooth transaction had he suddenly not come face-to-face with a pair of wide, cerulean eyes.


"AAH!" Zim shouted, startled. He jumped and found that he hadn't had as much room as he'd thought and proceeded to fall off the metallic table. The unexpected contact with the floor woke him up fully at least and Zim groaned as he sat up, scowling at his wannabe alarm clock.

"You're awake!" Gir said, with far too much energy then the situation deserved. Too Zim's confusion though, Gir turned away, skipping towards a microphone and screaming into it, "Mistress! He's up!"

There was no reply. Zim was completely baffled until he saw the elevator coming down and saw who was inside.

"How is he, Gir?" Gaz asked, amused. It only proceeded to confuse Zim all the more.

What was going on?

"Um," Gir drawled, skipping back over to Zim and peering extremely closely at him, which made Zim lean back. This went on until Gir had leaned just a bit too far and fell on Zim, knocking both of them over again. Zim glared down at Gir, who was giggling. "He's okay!"

Gaz smirked, approaching the two of them. "Wouldn't expect him to be any different."

"What is the meaning of this?" Zim demanded, obviously dumbfounded and irritated at his lack of information. "How did we get here?"

"Well let's see," Gaz said optimistically, placing a slender finger on her chin. Zim knew full well she was just drawing out the time it took to give him an answer and glared at her. She smirked again and knelt down, so they were at eye level. "You were knocked out cold by the boy you've been claiming you'd kill for the past week or so and spent a day in Hibernation I think. Technically you've slept now. Congratulations, you must be so proud."

Zim scowled at her sarcasm, but also at the events that had taken place. "And where is he now, then?"

"Traumatized and in a hospital," She replied cryptically, with a little smile. "After I woke up and broke his machine in me or whatever, I took out both of our revenges on him and called his father to advise him how to take care of things. We shouldn't be bothered by them anymore."

Zim gave her a look of envy, but respect. "I should've done it."

Gaz rolled her eyes, "Don't be such a sour puss, Zim. At least we won."

He grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms, obviously pouting over his loss.

She sighed, "You're ridiculous sometimes."

Zim was about to retort when his eye widened and he gripped Gaz's shoulders, startling her out of her eye roll. "Gaz! We've got to get that machinery out of you!"

Gaz made a face of remembrance, "Oh yeah."

Zim scowled at her nonchalant attitude. "Shouldn't you be worried about this?"

She shrugged, showing him a rather familiar wrist. "I've already had one thing forcibly attached to me at one time. What's another?"

"Hmm . . . Good point."

Gaz and he both stood then, Zim shoving Gir off of him as he did so.

"Let me guess," Gaz said, sitting up on the table Zim had fallen off of. "Lie down?"

"Unless you'd like to keep it as a souvenir from your competition," He replied, sarcastically, with a smirk.

Gaz made a face of disgust. "I don't want anything of his inside me, thanks."

Zim snickered and began booting up his machines, "Of course. Computer, scan for foreign objects inside of Gaz."

The familiar grid pattern scanned up and down her body as she laid back, clearly relaxed. The heat from the lights warmed her normally cold skin (though she hardly noticed it, it was mainly others who pointed it out) and she looked boredly up at the ceiling.

Then it stopped and a beeping was heard before the computer announced, "No foreign objects detected. However, a change has been made in the system of subject: Gaz."

"Change?" Gaz demanded, sitting up. "What change?"

"Computer, display DNA comparisons Prior and Current." Zim ordered.

Two separate data appeared and Gaz continued to simply sit on the table, a tad anxious. Zim's red eyes scanned over the data (as she had removed his unattractive disguise pieces in his sleep) with a serious expression. He did it for so long Gaz was getting ready to punch him when he suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

"Nothing bad?" Gaz questioned, a brow rising.

Zim shook his head, turning to her with a satisfied expression. "Not at all. The device Iggins implanted in you dissolved after a certain amount of time, which is probably why Iggins was so anxious to get the permanent surgery underway."

"But then what's the change?" Gaz demanded, glaring suspiciously at him. "Is it anything I need to worry about?"

"As far as blowing up your own house, yes," Zim replied, giving her a look she wasn't quite comfortable with. Zim was staring at her with an expression of slight awe and intrigue.


"Effectively, the dissolved device is now running through your system, permanently. Effectively, to put it in the simplest of terms, you technically have super powers now."

"SUPAH POWAS!" Gir screeched, hands up in the air. He then began to race around the room on his jet feet, squealing and hollering louder then Gaz or Zim thought possible.

"Enough, Gir!" Zim barked. "Stop that at once!"

Gir came to a stop and whimpered, walking off to the corner and pulling out his pig toy from his head. On another occasion, they might've been more sympathetic, but Gaz was in too much shock to feel anything.

"S-Superpowers?" It was one of the few times Gaz had ever stuttered in her life. And then her wide eyes narrowed at Zim, as if angry. "What do you mean superpowers, Zim? I don't feel any different at all!"

"Hm, strange," Zim replied, approaching her. "Well, try focusing heat on your hands or something. Maybe that will work."

Gaz gave him a look of caution before outstretching her hands and oustretching her fingers. When nothing happened just by doing that she arched her fingers and jumped in surprise at the result.

A familiar color, the fuchsia that had surrounded her line of vision in that haze, now appeared in balls of flame extending from her hands, like holding a baseball, except it was on fire.

"What . . . the hell?" Gaz demanded.

Zim, on the other hand, still looked intrigued. "Fascinating . . .! Unflex your fingers."

Gaz, in no condition to order herself around, proceeded to do just that. Immediately the flame disappeared.

"It appears it's triggered by bodily motions. Try resisting your powers while flexing your fingers."

Zim's instructions were starting to get annoying but Gaz had no experience with these kind of situations at all. However, she was beginning to calm down and so was gaining a bit of control over herself. She did what she was told and was relieved to find that when she wasn't trying, whatever was inside of her that had changed her body did not emanate flame against her wishes.

"Well, that's a relief," Gaz commented. She balled her hands into fists and still nothing happened. "I guess I should learn to be a bit more careful with what I do, then."

"I can help you with that, if you want," Zim offered. He turned his attention back to his computers, "Computer, where is Gaz's necklace?"

"My necklace?" She breathed, her hand immediately going to her throat. "Oh crap! I completely forgot about that!"

"That's why you have me here," Zim assured her gently. "Computer, add an adjustment to Gaz's necklace. Fuse a power inhibitor on the chain."

"I break those chains all the time, though," Gaz insisted with disagreement lacing her tone of voice.

Zim smirked. "Well you won't anymore. It'll be virtually indestructible now, and unless you take off the necklace, you won't be able to use your powers in the least, unless you really want to."

A metal arm came down from the roof then, in a fist until it was near Gaz. It then opened to reveal her skull necklace, tiny looking in the foreign hand. Gaz quickly removed it, without a thanks (not that it should've expected one) and dropped it around her neck. Gaz expected to feel tired, but instead she realized the strange erratic excitement that was shaking her nerves had disappeared.

Gaz gave him a smirk, "Thanks."

"My pleasure," Zim replied, taking her hands in his now that he felt it was safe. "I'll find a solution for this odd little side-effect soon enough. You don't have to worry about it."

"Eh, don't bother," Gaz insisted with a shrug. "It's pretty cool. Now I can scare the crap out of people even more."

"I'm sure you'll be able to convince them you're some type of demon or something," Zim agreed, holding her tightly against him.

They were content before Gaz remembered something and released him with a frown. "Oh, that's right. I forgot about Dib."

"Must we talk about your idiotic sibling now?" Zim demanded in obvious complaint as she pushed him away so she could stand. "I just got you back!"

"I promised to call him after you checked me out to make sure I was fine," Gaz retorted, reaching into her pocket for her phone. At Zim's scowl she rolled her eyes, smacking his arm a little. She put it on speakerphone, so Zim could answer any question she couldn't.

The phone rang a few times before Dib answered.

"Good news or bad news?" Dib asked, as soon as he answered.

Gaz smirked a little. "Depends on your definition of 'good' and 'bad'. I'm not hurt, if that's what you mean, but you'll have to worry about me blowing up the house if I lose my necklace from now on."


"Your sister has obtained a bit of a superpower, Dib-monkey," Zim intervened, amused.

There was a moment of silence.

Dib groaned, hand slapping to his forehead. "As if she needed another way to destroy the Earth!"

Zim and Gaz laughed mockingly at his statement while Dib proceeded to hide his face in his arms and wonder why his life sucked so badly.

They weren't quite sure why they were there.*

Outside the city limits stood the forest. And in the forest, towering above the city, stood a cliff. Many people had driven up the cliff and jumped off it, to their deaths, which was why it was called Suicide Cliff.

Dib, Gaz, and Zim were currently sitting on the edge of it, legs dangling over the edge of it. Zim sat with his arms out behind him, Dib sat with his arms behind his head, and Gaz sat with her hands on her knees. The three had once been four, on the trip up there, but who knew where Gir went. Every once in a while they'd hear the screech of a native animal soon followed by a joy-filled squeal but that was about it.

So now they were all watching the sunset, for the lack of a better thing to do, and sitting in silence.

". . . So, anyone else wondering what we're supposed to do the rest of the summer?" Dib finally said, with a frown as he lowered his arms.

Gaz, too, was scowling. "I've honestly got no idea."

"Is it possible we could've drawn out that whole thing, just to have something to do?" Dib replied, in obvious complaint.

Zim leaned forward to give him a look of complete disbelief over Gaz's shoulder, saying nothing.

Dib sulked, his hands now in his lap in pitiful dismay. "I'll take that as a 'no'."

"Yeah," Gaz retorted, with an eye roll, turning her attention back to the sun. The pollution in the air was making a wonderfully red sunset, but it really only held interest to Dib.

Zim, actually, was scowling at the sight. "Earth and it's stupid sunsets. Why do humans have such admiration for them?" He glanced at Gaz, who paid him no mind, before looking back. "How is watching your heat source move romantic in the least? It's like tracking your acidic rain-clouds and saying they have a deeper meaning of sadness or something."

"Actually," Dib intervened, at once. "In most movies, rain does symbolize some type of depression to the situation being played out on screen."

Gaz sighed, knowing full well the two of them were about to start arguing. But if it gave them something to do, so they wouldn't keep bothering her about the lack of things to do, so be it. When it got really annoying she'd make them stop but for now, why not let them have their fun?

Their bickering was in the back of her mind as she looked up at the sky, ignoring the sunset and paying attention to the oncoming shroud of darkness. The mix of blue and purple was truly what she had dragged them up here to look at, not the sunset. The stars.

In all the ways the three of them were different, they all shared that same love of the stars. Of the moons, planets, just everything about the night. It was Gaz who had suggested they go to Suicide Cliff for pessimistic reasons, to go to see if anyone would jump while they were there.

Actually, someone had, but it hadn't been as interesting as they'd thought it would be. Dib had tried to stop them but Gaz had clamped her hand over his mouth, restraining him while they'd just walked blankly off the cliff. Not even the fall had been interesting. They hadn't screamed, they'd just disappeared into the trees. Not even a splat!

So everywhere, people were romantically watching the last sliver of sun disappear over the horizon. And during that, the three of them sat, two of them bickering and one getting ready to push both of them off the cliff, waiting for the night to arrive.

"Enough!" Gaz said with finality, punctuating the two syllables. "Both of you shut up or I'll feed you to the bears."

Immediately the two were quiet. They then realized the sky had darkened and looked up, just like Gaz was. Somewhere nearby a cricket began to chirp at the new darkness.

"Hm," Gaz got a contemplative look in her eye, touching her modified necklace.

Zim glanced down, noticed this, and smirked at her. "Planning to try out your new powers?"

"I thought you said they'd dissolve!" Dib whined at once, looking fearful. Gaz had yet to show him this new skill of hers and he really hadn't wanted to know, running for the hills every time she offered or threatened to show him.

Zim shrugged, smirking all the more cruelly. "Incorrect, Dib-monkey. Zim said they might dissolve. However, she might as well get used to them while they're still in her blood stream."

"And when you say 'get used to them', she hears 'figure out how to kill people with them'," Dib grumbled, turning to his sister. "Don't be reckless, Gaz."

"Reckless? Hardly," Zim scoffed. "We're far out from civilization and anyone who comes here comes with the purpose of ending their lives. Meaning-."

"No witnesses," Gaz finished for him with a smirk that matched Zim's ever-growing one. "Actually, this is sounding like a better idea by the minute."

"Ugh! Well whatever you do, I don't want to see it!" Dib shouted, rolling onto his stomach and covering his head with his arms in a very childish but effective manner.

Gaz stood up, brushing the back of her pants off. Zim did the same, looking at their surroundings. The edge of the cliff had a conveniently large clearing, perfect for target practice, if there were any targets.

"We could just use the trees," Gaz suggested, following the same train of thought. "Another forest fire won't do anything."

"Gaz!" Dib shouted, raising his head above his arms to look at her in disbelief.

"What?" She demanded, "I thought you were ignoring me."

"No trees. Use . . ." He looked around before pointing at Zim, smirking. "Why don't you use him?"

The two of them looked at each other, as if actually considering it.

"Well," Gaz finally said, crossing her arms to smirk at him. "If we're using that line of reasoning, why don't we just use you?"

The smile evaporated from Dib's face, turning into a scowl. "Fine," he muttered, ducking back under his arms and slightly muffling his shouts. "Just use the stupid trees!"

"Well played," Zim complimented. He reached into his PAK, pulling out a laser-pen. He proceeded to walk over to the trees and began marking them with glowing X's. Zim marked about a dozen before coming back to stand next to her. "I think you get the meaning."

"Yup." Gaz agreed, examining and contemplating carefully how she would go about doing this. Sure, she'd made the 'flame-balls' before in her free-time (it was sad really how little they had to do for the rest of the summer), but never had she actually tried to get them off of her hands. "Hit the targeted trees and none of the other ones, right?"

"Correct," Zim replied, reaching around her neck to remove her necklace. However, he did take advantage of his position, kissing her lightly before pulling away with an optimistic expression. "Best of luck."

"Right," Gaz muttered, opening and closing her fingers and shaking them off. "Time to play with fire."

Dib groaned at her statement, balling up tighter on himself, but he was ignored. Zim took a few steps back, eying Gaz's technique.

She stood there, flexing her hands a few seconds more before standing still and holding them at her sides, close to her hips. Gaz held her palms up and arched her fingers (which Zim suspected was more for show then anything else). Immediately those fuchsia flames appeared and Zim analyzed that there was no lessening of the energy she was projecting. It looked the same as before, if not stronger, since she had real intentions of using it this time. The motivation was probably making her stronger, though Zim would keep an eye on her, just in case.

But really, Zim would always keeping an eye on Gaz.

"This is going to be messy," Gaz informed both of them, aiming her hands.

Dib groaned once again and Zim laughed as she let loose.

It was all over the news.

"Look!" Dib shouted at her, now in the safety of their home and sitting next to the two of them on the couch. "Flame-Child spotted setting the forest on fire. I knew that was a bad idea!"

"You know Dib, I would be worried," Gaz admitted, currently leaning on Zim, who was laughing in bright-eyed (disguised) amusement at the sight of the entire Suicide-Cliff aflame as firefighters desperately tried to put it out. "If it weren't on your stupid paranormal show no one but freaks actually believe."

"It's truly fascinating how your flame changes to the normal color of fire upon impact with other matter." Zim replied, still howling with laughter.

"I don't even want to know how you did it." Dib insisted, glaring at the two psychopaths, one whom he loved (and feared) and the other who he hated with a passion. "How many targets were there, anyways?"

"About twelve?" Gaz replied, though obviously unsure.

"Twelve?" Dib shouted, stunned and irritated. "The whole place is on fire!"

"I got a bit carried away," Gaz insisted, looking up at Zim with a smirk.

He patted her head gently. "Nonsense. You did nothing wrong."

Dib made a gagging sound at their affectionate display. Gaz shot him a look that silenced the noises.

But he still shook his head in dismay. "I'm just glad we got out of there in time, before the flames reached my car."

"I can take care of that if you want," Gaz said at once, holding up a pale hand.

Dib paled at once. He snatched a pillow and blocked her from his view. "Stop that!"

They just laughed at him.

I liked the ending, Zim and Gaz causing Dib misery.

And on a slight cliffhanger ending like this, with Gaz having odd little powers and Zim and Dib's dislike towards one another growing into full-fledged hatred once again? Well, maybe the second part wasn't so obvious but still!

You guess right! This isn't the last of the series!

Coming Soon:

The Third and FINALE to the Series:
My Hostage, Not Yours 3: The Inevitable Takeover

Yes, that's right, Earth gets taken over.

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