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"What do you want?" Naraku stared hard at the wolf youkai standing in his office. Koga was a major thorn in his ass; always making passes at his wife and it was only for Kagome's sake he tolerated the ookami.

Koga glared back and tossed a book onto his desk. "Someone is stealing Kagome's ideas; you might want to check into it."

Naraku picked the book up and stared at the cover. "Memories of the Forgotten." He read the title out loud. "By Heiwajima, Shizou." He looked up at the ookami. "Never heard of him."

"Me neither." Koga nodded and crossed his arms over his chest. "But I think you'll be very interested in what he wrote about you in there." He nodded curtly at the book in the kumo's hand.

"What do you mean?" Naraku questioned him suspiciously.

Koga turned to leave the office. "Give it a read and see what you think. You might be very surprised to find out what the Shizou person has to say about you." He smirked darkly as he left his office. He was going to make that bastard pay for taking his woman.


Naraku sat at his desk in his office staring at the cover of the book Koga had given him. "Memories of the Forgotten; strange title." He said as he opened the book and read the first page.

"This will be your home until I am ready to rid you of your miserable life."

Kagome looked at the dark being standing in the doorway eyes wide, filled with tears and fear permeating from every pore in her little body. "No!" She gasped as he slowly shut the heavy stone door the last image she saw before it went dark was his smirking crimson eyes.

She collapsed down to her knees, placed her hands to her face, and sobbed. None knew she was there, who took her, or where to even begin to look for her. This really was her own fault for leaving her friends to go home; thinking the five mile walk to the well would be safe.

Too bad she got lost, too bad she didn't pay attention to where she was going, too bad Inuyasha couldn't hear her scream. A simple stumble sent her falling down the embankment into the river. Nearly causing her to drown from the weight of her backpack and the swift current that snatched her away nearly as fast as she could blink.

Just when she thought for sure her life was about to be lost when she was pulled deeply under the water for the third time; a large hand caught her by the hair and jerked her free of her near watery grave.

At first she thought it was Inuyasha that came to save her and tried to smile her thanks through her coughing fit after she was settled on the bank. Yet somewhere in the pit of her gut she knew that Inuyasha wasn't the one that saved her. When her coughing fit was finally over she looked up to give thanks to her best friend; only to have a scream of terror caught in her throat as it constricted against the cold fear that crawled up her spine.

His voice whipped around her like barbed wire when he chuckled. "It seems I have caught myself a half drowned miko. The Kami must be smiling on me today."

She wanted to run, wanted to scream, wanted to wake up from this sudden nightmare only to find very quickly that this was no dream. Before she could do anything he had plucked her up and vanished into the deadly nothingness of his miasma.

She didn't know how long or even how far they traveled before she was suddenly dropped to the stone floor of a mountainside cavern. He smirked at her from the entrance before everything went black with the close of the heavy stone door.

She didn't know how long she cried or even how long since he had dropped her off in this dark pit of despair. Eventually no more tears would fall from her eyes, no sound would escape her constricted throat, and no warmth would enter her cold cold body. All she could do was lay curled up on the stone floor, wet, tired, broken, and shivering against the cold of the cold mountain air. Yes she had clothes and her sleeping bag in her backpack but it was soaked through and through from the river; leaving her with nothing dry.

Naraku stared at the page with brows drawn deeply. Why would anyone write this and write him out to sound so evil? Maybe someone out there hated him and wanted to make Kagome's fans hate him. Or maybe this someone was trying to destroy Kagome's reputation for whatever reason.

Maybe this Shizuo person was looking to get sued for slander; which he would have no problem in doing. No one hurt his Kagome; no one and if that meant he was going to have to take matters into his own hands he would.

He looked back at the book in his hand and decided that maybe reading it first before acting would be the best course of action. This way he could take notes so when he confronted this fraud he would have everything in order.

He leaned back in his chair and read the next page to see what would happen next. He had to admit he was kind of intrigued at how this Shizou person wrote his character. Something about the dark evilness he portrayed him as having felt oddly like that was who he really should be. Yes he was definitely going to read this book through and through.

Naraku stared at the image of the girl curled up and shivering on the floor of the cave he had locked her in and smirked. What should he do? Should he keep her alive? Let her die? Make her suffer for the sake of his own pleasure? So many options he didn't know where to start.

With her as his captive he had the trump card against his enemies so killing her right now was definitely out. Yet that didn't mean he wouldn't let her suffer and take pleasure in her misery.


Naraku looked at the little void child whom never spoke unless it was absolutely necessary and what she did say usually was worth listening to. "What is it Kanna?"

Naraku drew his brows deeply. "Kanna?" That name was vaguely familiar but he couldn't figure out quite why. Maybe there was more to this book than that mangy wolf had let on.

"You have leverage with this girl."

Deep crimson narrowed upon the child. "I am aware of that." He bit out darkly.

Kanna didn't flinch or cower or even make a move to acknowledge his irritability. "Woo her to your side and your enemies will fall."

He stared at the pale little girl and snorted. "Kanna be silent." He growled convinced the child had suddenly gone mad.

"Hai master." The little girl responded in that creepy monotone voice of hers.

Really; why didn't he kill her when he killed Kagura?

"Kagura." He repeated the name out loud as he read it. That was another name that too was very familiar but again nothing was forthcoming.

Granted being able to see his enemies through her mirror was quite helpful at times but for the most part he really had no use for her. He looked back into the mirror at the miko still shivering on the floor then cut his eyes back up to the void child when she once again spoke even after he told her to be silent.

"She can make you complete without the stone."

Again his crimson narrowed upon the child. "Do not speak such nonsense."

"Iie master. Her power is grand; she is unaware."

"How do you know this." He demanded suspiciously.

"I can see into her soul. She has power buried deep. The one who can awaken it will control it."

Naraku ground his teeth together. "Why have you never spoken of this before!" He growled at the child ready to strike her down for her insolence.

"It was never an issue before."

Oh how he wanted to wring her scrawny little neck. "Kanna; what has been my purpose since your creation?"

"To become complete master."

"Then tell me; wouldn't knowing about her power be an issue from the moment we knew of her existence?"


He gripped the arms of his chair in a death grip to keep from acting out his fantasy of ripping the child's head from her shoulders. "Then why didn't you tell me sooner based on such logic?"

Kanna stared blankly at her master; which was how she always looked at him. "You never asked."

He would have screamed in madness if it was in him to do so. "I should kill you." He growled.

"My death will come when you decide it."

Again he gnashed his teeth together working his jaw furiously. "Do not speak again unless you have something to say that will not anger me."

"Hai master."

He narrowed his eyes upon her just waiting for her to open her mouth again and anger him further however she remained silent. Perhaps Kagura's disobedient behavior had rubbed off on the child and if that was the case he would kill her now.

He needed time to think on what he should do with his newly acquired captive. "You will retrieve clothes, a blanket, a light, and food. Deliver it to the girl and say nothing to her. Is that understood?"

"Hai" The child responded in her empty voice before she turned and left her master to brood in silence.

Kagome looked up when the stone door suddenly open revealing Kanna and a serpent like youkai following behind her. The creature had a bundle hanging from its neck and a lantern hanging from its mouth.

"There" Kanna ordered the youkai and watched impassively as the youkai set the lantern in front of the girl and dropped the bundle next to her leg.

"Um…" Kagome started as she sat up but before she could say another word both the child and the snake were gone leaving her sitting there in the yellow glow of the lantern.

She looked over at the bundle and with cold shivering fingers pulled it open. Her brows drew slightly at the sight of the kimono, the blanket, and the pieces of dried meat. Yet she wasn't going to question anything especially with how cold and wet she was.

She quickly stood up and nearly ripped her wet clothes from her body before donning the midnight blue kimono and wrapping herself in the heavy wool blanket. "Guess I'm not much use to him dead." She sighed sadly.

Perhaps this situation she had suddenly gotten herself stuck into wouldn't be so bad if her friends knew she had been kidnapped and expected her back any minute. However she wasn't so lucky; they didn't know that she had been kidnapped and they weren't expecting her back for at least a week. So basically she was at the mercy of her captor and enemy until she failed to return and Inuyasha went to her home and found she was never there. Only then would they suspect that something was wrong.

Yep she just had to prove that she could handle herself and take care without their help and try to get home on her own. Now she really was on her own until they found her or until Naraku decided to kill her; which she was sure he was going to do eventually.

That thought caused her throat to clench as new tears found their way to the surface. She laid down onto the floor, curled up tighter into her little blanket, and cried herself to exhaustion; leaving sleep to easily come and take her away from her waking nightmare.

Naraku sat there not sure how to take all that in. Was this based on truths of the past or was this some made up fiction? The former was quite a possibility since he knew all about the well and the past but the evil that he was portrayed as having... Was it truth?

According to Kagome and Sesshoumaru he was just a spider youkai that got caught up into a mess of a love triangle. He lost his life to his what he thought was his true love's reincarnation, only to be saved by said woman, and brought back to life with no memories of the past.

Which meant either Kagome and Sesshoumaru were lying to him or this book was indeed in fact a work of fiction. He was strongly believing that that was the case.

Though he just couldn't shake the familiarity of what was written in the book. Maybe he should talk to his little wife about it tonight when he gets home.