Chapter 3

In the midst of entering Leslie's room, Jess seemed to be sent to another world. A world full of color and beauty, blends of purple and pink filled with butterflies and landscapes. It was amazing, he felt so happy just being in this room, just being with Leslie again. Leslie, he shook his head and quickly searched the room to only find her by her dresser. He sighed and walked over towards her, she had seashells and trinkets laid out on fishing nets. She was fiddling with one of the seashells, and then sat down on the bed. Looking up from the shell she smiled at Jess, "This shell is my favorite, I found it when I was wondering by the beach." She looked around dreamily, Jess couldn't help but smile.

The next couple days felt like a dream come true, he had Leslie back and everything was the way they should be. Well not everything exactly, one day after finishing his chores Jess walks in to his sisters watching a silly movie. But one thing caught his eye, it was a scene between two friends one of them telling the other that he couldn't stand life without her and that he cared for her. Then it hit him, in that exact moment Jess knew, he knew he was in love with Leslie. His mind screamed, tell her! Tell her! Before you lose her again! As much as he wanted to, Jess still had his doubts. Like any boy, he has doubts that she might feel the same way towards him. So he decided to give her the signs, and decide afterwards if he should really tell her….

Leslie noticed something different with Jess, he just… seemed happier somehow. As if he was a prisoner of the Dark Master and finally broken free. She gasped at the thought of Jess being captured by the Dark Master. He's strong and all, but… but still she just couldn't bare the thought.

One afternoon, after music class Mrs. Edmunds called Jess to stay after for a while. "See you guys later, oh Jess can I talk to you for a sec." Jess stopped and glanced at Leslie then swallowed hard "Sure Mrs. Edmunds… see you later Leslie." She gave him a shy smile then a wave goodbye. A thousand questions were going through his mind, none of them really answers. "Well Jess, first of all you're not in trouble in any way, but I was planning on taking my nephews to check out a few museums…" Oh no! Jess was frozen in place; he knew what was coming next. No this can't happen not now, not after he finally got his life back "And I was wondering if you wanted to come?" Jess sighed, thinking about what to say.

Leslie waited for Jess by the bus, just reading a book while the other kids go into the bus. It wasn't a special book, but it was very interesting. She put the book down for a while to look around, finally spotting Jess. He walked with her into the bus, "So what did Mrs. Edmunds want?" Jess chuckled and sat down "Don't worry I'll tell you later." She sighed "Ok…" then looked away, moving her hand enough to reveal the title of her book "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The bus took off from the schoolyard towards the end of the highway.