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"Dumb idea?" he asked through a mouthful of macaroni and cheese. Wally swallowed it down before scoffing. "Guys, I don't know how to get that stuff back. I'm just watching Roy, who does nothing but eat, sleep, and fight crime like a badass. The DVDs were on Artemis!"

Robin slapped his forehead. The ginger always made things harder than they should be.

"Wally," pleaded Artemis, "we just need some help here. We're down to Kaldur and Megan-"

"Obviously," snorted the speedster.

"-and we just need your help to figure out who it is." Her blue-gray eyes were desperate as she and the Boy Wonder stood in the freckled boy's living room. "There's got to be a way to figure this out without throwing around accusations."

He looked away from them both, now trying to deny that he was a part of the scheme. No matter who assigned them to this, no matter what was going on, the speedster wanted to detach himself from the whole ordeal. With all of his heart, he wanted to defend Artemis and Robin, but he didn't have the heart to go up against his friends and possibly destroy the entire team with just a thought.

Pulling himself away from the problem wouldn't get rid of the big issue: there was a mole. An active mole who was willing to risk sneaking into Artemis's apartment to avoid detection on the security cameras, which meant that there was definite evidence on those cameras-


The humans both went stiff for a moment. Artemis was the first to look to Robin while Wally took another bite of his lunch (or whatever meal of the day he was at), and in turn, the raven-haired acrobat narrowed his eyes to glare at the munching male. "What?" asked the Boy Wonder, disbelieving that the answer was so simple as to come to Wally like that.

With a sigh, Wally put down his food. "This is a dead giveaway, guys. Think about it. The only reason those tapes would be taken would be if there was surefire evidence on them. Irrefutable."

Hostility radiated off of Artemis. "What does that have to do with anything?" she asked, voice like a snake's hiss. "That doesn't mean-"

"Arty-" He was instantly cut off.

"Artemis." If looks could kill…

A sigh and a rolling of the eyes later, Wally was continuing. "There's hard evidence on there. Who would be stupid enough to leave hard evidence? If there were a mole, they would be smart enough to disguise themselves to sneak in. It would require some work and would involve a lot of work to get in with a disguise, discarding the need to destroy the tapes if there was evidence."

Robin was working through the process, but not even the protégé to the World's Greatest Detective was quite on board with where Wally was taking this.

"And the point…?" asked Artemis with one raised brow and a questioning look shot towards the speedster. Her arms folded neatly across her chest as all her weight shifted to one foot; impatience was getting the best of her.

He put down his food again and leaned forward in his chair, elbows resting on his knees. "May I remind you we're down to two suspects: Aqualad and Miss Martian." His jade gaze flickered between the two, waiting for at least one of them to catch on. "Which one is good with disguises?"

In-sync, the humans replied, "Megan" and "Miss M". And with another thought, he continued, "But you're implying that she's the-"

"No," Wally swiftly silenced. "I'm implying that Miss M has the disguises. Now since she can disguise herself so well, why would she need to steal the footage?"

"Because she can't disguise herself as boys," commented Artemis. "We all know this. We've seen it in action, remember? Roquette? And more than a few others, like-"

"But she can disguise herself as you."

The mere thought of M'gann replicating her made Artemis put her defenses up. It wasn't like the green girl was prodding around in her private thoughts, but the thought that Miss Martian could walk around as Artemis Crock whenever she wanted… It scared the archer.

"Which is why she isn't the mole."

It hit Robin like a ton of bricks. "Because she'd be smart enough to disguise herself as Artemis and get in, leaving zero evidence of Miss Martian on the surveillance."

"Meaning Kaldur would have to cover his tracks by taking the DVDs from my room." Her eyes widened.

Wally pointed to the blonde. "Bingo."

Robin's shoulder's dropped, his posture relaxing. "Alright, so the guessing game is over. Now how do we want to attack this? There are limitations to what all we can do around him and around the cave."

"Well now that we've got an honestly formulated accusation set against Kaldur that's supported by specific evidence, we can make a case to Batman. We can run it by him, get his thoughts. Because, you know, Batman knows all. He's the first one who should know." After receiving some strange looks from his comrades, he shrugged. "Barry works in law enforcement kinda sorta."

They dismissed it pretty easily. Artemis spoke up, "So we go to Batman first? Talk with Aquaman second?"

"I'll take care of Batman and call in to you," he glanced to Artemis, "so you can get GA or someone to talk with Aquaman. I'm sure Bats would do it, but I'm not sure how busy he is right now. Meetings and stuff, but I'm sure that he could at least confirm it if no one believes you."

A biting edge hung on her words as she asked, "Why wouldn't they believe me?"

Wally and Robin shared a look. Robin cleared his throat and looked away, deciding to let the ginger handle this one. So Wally bit his tongue and just said it: "Most of the League is still convinced you're the mole." And he looked at his shoes, not wanting to face an angry Artemis.

"Doesn't matter what the rest of the League thinks," she said pointedly, grabbing her jacket from where she laid it. "I'm not the mole, you guys know it, Batman and Green Arrow know it, that's what matters." She shrugged it on before heading for the door to head to the zeta teleporter. "Rob, tell Batman."

"On it." He was already reaching for his phone.

Her hand was on the doorknob when she heard his voice. "Artemis?" The archer turned to see Wally standing up, something of concern scrawled across his freckled features. His eyes were soft. "Be careful."

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