Quinn screams. "I am so sorry, Quinn. I didn't mean," Rachel said shaking. "What is wrong with you?" Quinn shouts, "It's everywhere!" Kurt gets up, and walks over to Quinn, "Come with me." Blaine itches the back of his head looking confused, and a bit uncomfortable. "Why do you have to mess everything up. Kurt can't even have a nice birthday party without you making it about your issues," Mercedes spouts. "Mercedes, don't worry about it. I'll clean this up, and when Kurt finishes helping Quinn we'll get this ball rolling again," Blaine says grabbing a rag from the linen closet. "I'm so sorry, everyone. I think it's best if I leave," Rachel heads toward the door. Finn stands in front of her, "You're not going anywhere, Rachel. When Quinn gets out you have to aplogize to her again. I wish you weren't so petty some times, you know?" "Finn, I think it would be better for everyone if I just left. You being with Quinn is obviously getting to me. I've just resorted to jamming your girlfriend. With raspberry jam of all flavors!" Rachel slowly pushes Finn aside, opens the door, and steps out.

Everyone is sitting in front of the stage as Blaine steps up to the microphone. Quinn's hair is still wet, a new pink bow sits at the top. "Next up is Mercedes Jones singing one of my personal favorite, and a Disney classic, 'Circle of Life'. Take it away, Mercedes!" Mercades gets up on the stage, and grabs hold of the microphone, "This one's for you, Kurt." The band begins to play.

"From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun. There's more to be seen than can ever be seen. More to do than can ever be done."

Blaine mouths the lyrics. Kurt is holding his hand. Quinn, still pouting, shuffles her hands on her lap. Finn chows on a bowl of chips.

"There's far too much to take in here. More to find than can ever be found, but the sun rollin' high through the saphire sky keeps great, and small on the endless round."

Blaine's eyes light up as well as Kurt's with a smile to match.

"It's the circle of life! And it moves us all. Through despair, and hope."

Quinn pulls her hair behind her ears. Santana glances at Brittany who's swaying in her seat.

"Through faith, and love."

Finn looks out the window. Blaine kisses Kurt's forehead.

"Till we find our place. On the path that's winding. In the circle. The Circle of life!"

The instruments fade, and Mercedes bows. Blaine gets up, and applauds. His eyes are red. Kurt claps in his seat, as well as the rest of the gang. Everyone goes for snacks when a loud bang makes everyone jump. Sam spills his grape soda. "Looks like rain, you guys," Blaine says peering out the window. "Someone call Mr. Schue, and tell him to wear his rainvest."

Will is getting ready to go out for groceries. The vest color, satin red. His phone rings. "Tina?" he asks. "Mr. Schue, we're all concerned that you're about to go out soon completely unprepared," Tina says.

"Wait, what? What are you talking about, Tina?"

"Wear the yellow vest, Mr. Schue. Please?" Tina says sobbing.

"Um, you guys know I only wear that when it's raining."

"Mr. Schue, it is raining."

Will's eyes light up. He slowly removes his satin red vest, and places it gently in his closet. Then he crouches down, and reaches his hands underneath his bed. He slowly pulls out a case, seemingly of glass construction. Inside the case is one raincoat yellow vest. "It's been far too long. Much too long, dear friend," Will says opening the case. He slowly puts on the vest. His eyes roll back into his head. He pulls out a pair of sunglasses in the pocket, black Ray-bans. From his closest he removes a flat cap to match his vest. "It's raining," he says shaking. "It's raining."