"Roomies Goes Global," written by Freedom Fighter

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"Roomies" 10th Anniversary Event

An adult female's voice filled the air as the sights of this season's filming location were shown.

"When someone asks you where to go if they want to compete in either the Ironman World Championship or the Triple Crown of Surfing, would you know where to send them? If someone sent you a postcard from Pearl Harbor, would you know where it was sent from without looking at the return address? Okay, how about this one... do you know where the current President of the United States was born?

"The answer to all three of those questions is the same. Honolulu, Hawai'i. The southernmost major city in the United States, this paradise will now serve as the answer to a fourth question...

"What non-Japanese city was the first to play exclusive host of the reality competition series 'Roomies?'

"Well, now you know the answer. For the next few weeks, sixteen complete strangers, from sixteen different animated series from Japan, Europe, Canada, and the United States, are being brought together to compete for a chance to go home with up to half a million U.S. dollars! And most importantly all of, YOU, the readers, will make the ultimate decision that will change one of their lives.

"Ladies and gentlemen... this is 'Roomies Goes Global!'"

Roomies Goes Global
Episode One - Plenty of New, A Little Bit of Old (05.15.11)

Day One
Honolulu International Airport

It was still relatively early in the morning, but the first group of cast members were already beginning to arrive in Honolulu. The first to walk into the terminal? A teenage male ninja wearing a green jumpsuit. All he bothered to bring with him was a backpack, plus whatever small 'tools' he could fit into the many pockets of his flak jacket.

Oh... and his over-bounding enthusiasm.

"I have come from a far away land to compete on and win a reality show!" he boastful declared. "Look out, Honolulu, because Rock Lee is here!"

Cast Introduction - Rock Lee, Naruto Shippuden

"The name's Rock Lee, but everyone just calls me Lee. As you can tell, I intend to win this competition, and will work as hard as I can and then some to achieve my goal!"

Nearby, from another terminal, another Japanese teenager emerged, this one a girl. She was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and white cargo pants. She was pulling two large suitcases behind her, and although both had wheels on them, that did not make them that much easier to move. Especially since they were packed pretty full.

Cast Introduction - Rachel Moore, Case Closed

"So, hi, my name is Rachel! Glad to finally make it on this show. Been trying for years. Plus, who could resist a free trip to Hawai'i? Not me, I tell you!"

Upon seeing Rachel having difficulty, Lee hopped up from the bench he was sitting on and ran over to help. Rachel accepted the offer of assistance without hesitation.

"Thanks!" Rachel told him.

"No problem!" Lee said in response. "I'm Lee!"

"And I'm Rachel. Pleased to meet you!"

The two got outside to a waiting taxi, as Lee pulled along both of Rachel's suitcases and had the weight of his backpack taxing him as well.

"Oh my," Rachel gasped. "Are you sure you've got it?"

Lee nodded. "Trust me... this is nothing compared to my training!"

"Training? As in martial arts? Me too!"

Having already found a common bond between them, the trip for the duo to the beach house where they would be staying was quite enjoyable.

Back at the airport, a third competitor had arrived. Another teenage girl, though a year or two younger than Rachel, with dark skin, was sitting at a table peacefully. She was dressed in a matching-colored tunic and pants, and was also sporting fingerless gloves and a pair of boots, the latter of which made her look somewhat out of place. She had a small knapsack with her, which was currently on the seat of the chair next to her.

Suddenly, an auburn-haired gentleman, in his early 20s, walked up. He was wearing a black V-neck short sleeve shirt and khaki pants. He had one suitcase with him, which he placed on the floor temporarily as he stuck out his hand to greet her.

"Good morning!"

The girl politely reached out and shook hands with him.

"Good morning!"

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dante."

"Dante, huh? Well, I'm Katara."

Cast Introduction - Dante Vale, Huntik: Secrets and Seekers

"I'm Dante, and I'm happy that I was invited to compete here! I've heard some good stories about the experience. And who knows... if I win, the money can go to some much-needed Titan research."

Cast Introduction - Katara, Avatar: The Last Airbender

"My name's Katara, and suffice to say, this place is a bit warmer than I expected. Nevertheless, I'm sure that whatever troubles may come my way while I'm here, I'll be able to overcome them!"

"I must say," Dante observed, "you must come from a far away place!"

"I guess you could say that," answered Katara.

"So I take it you're not wearing Inuit clothing?"

"Nope. Southern Water Tribe."

"Hmmm... never heard of it."

Suddenly, Dante felt a tug at his pants. He looked down and saw a small blonde girl in a maroon gown that covered her whole body.

"Looks like somebody lost their kid."

Katara stood up and saw who Dante was referring. She squatted down in front of the girl, whom reacted by frowning at her.

"Oh, aren't you a cutie?" cooed Katara.

She reached in to pinch her on the cheek, but the girl slapped it away.


"Trust me," the little one warned her. "You DON'T want to do that. Now, come on... I've got a competition to win."

With that, she headed for the exit with a briefcase in hand.

Cast Introduction - Heloise, Jimmy Two-Shoes

"Just so you know, my number one reason for being here is not to win the money. I'm here because I wanted to have a little fun... and by fun, I mean making other people's lives miserable! Because that's what I do! I'm Heloise, and I'm not here to make friends."

Dante chuckled. "Heh. Shouldn't surprise me that even here, there's someone like her here. So much for my vacation from the supernatural!"

"I'm sure it's nothing," Katara blew off Heloise's unfriendliness. "Her trip must've been rough, that's all."

The two followed Heloise out of the airport, and soon are off to the beach house.

Meanwhile, the taxi carrying Lee and Rachel had pulled into the driveway, and the two of them saw the beach house that they were going to spend the next three weeks in.

"This looks amazing!" Rachel exclaimed cheerfully.

"Whoa," gasped Lee. "I've never seen a place quite like this before!"

Once they stepped out of the cab, they got a better look at their new abode. They took note of the sunny yellow paint scheme, the solar panels on the roof, the fountain in the yard, and their proximity to the beach.

But that was nothing compared to the inside.


They made their way into the lobby, welcomed by the golden-esque chandelier lighting the way and a two-foot tall Buddha on a pedestal. Rachel ran ahead, leaving her suitcases behind as she barreled down the hall to check out the rest of the house.

"Wait up!" Lee called as he gave chase.

The two of them ended up in the living room, which was decorated from floor to roof with Hawaiian knickknacks, as well as a few modern home conveniences, like a fifty-inch screen TV.

"Unfathomable!" Lee shouted as he walked up to the TV. "What is this?"

"Forget about that!" Rachel said. "Come over here!"

Rachel opened the rear sliding door and walked out onto the back patio, where there was a grill, an outdoor pool, and...

"A hot tub! WE'VE GOT A HOT TUB!"

"A hot spring?"

"No, not a hot spring, Lee, a hot tub! Two entirely different things!"

"But don't they actually kinda work the same way... Rachel?"

Rachel had disappeared, and Lee's head shot every which way as he tried to find her. Eventually, he stuck his head back inside and saw that she was now in the kitchen... or, to be more specific, the pantry.

"Whoa! There's so much food in here! I have to..."

Rachel then stopped.

"Wait a minute! I'm not at home! I don't have to cook for Dad or Conan! Besides, surely there'll be someone here who can do all that!"

She closed the pantry door and began to walk back over to Lee, when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a note clipped to the refrigerator door.

"What's this?"

Rachel pulled it off and read it aloud.

"Greetings, and welcome to Honolulu! There are six bedrooms in the house: two doubles on the ground floor, and four triples on the second. All bedrooms are first-come, first-serve, and no co-ed rooms. Otherwise, have at it!"

"I AM ALREADY HAVING IT!" Lee shouted.

"Huh? Lee?"

Lee had found one of the bedrooms, and he stuck his head out and waved at her.

"Miss Rachel, Miss Rachel!"

Rachel ran over and saw that Lee was in a room that had a volcano motif. There were fire red curtains, a pair of red lava lamps, and the wall was filled with images of famous Hawaiian volcanoes, which included Kilauea and Mauna Loa.

"The design of the rooms burns into the soul like the burning passion inside of me!" Lee determinedly clenched his fist. "This room is PERFECT!"

"But..." calmly argued Rachel, "you haven't seen the other bedrooms yet."

"It doesn't matter! I know what I like, and I like this room!"

But that was not the only thing that would get Lee fired up, as also on the ground floor was a workout gym, complete with a treadmill, dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a few weightlifting machines.

"And I can train while I'm here?" Lee shook with glee. "THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!"

They also found the other first floor bedroom, which had a pineapple motif. But that did not seem to interest Rachel all that much, who decided to head upstairs.

"Guess I'll take one of the triples. Besides, it'll be more fun to have two girls to chat with at night instead of one!"

Rachel picked one room at random and ended up walking into one of the triples. Everything in it was hand-carved from wood, including the bed frames, and the wallpaper had a tiki idol pattern.

"Not bad, not bad. And... didn't I once hear that tikis were good luck?"

Still, with nobody else in the house yet, Rachel had time to check out the other bedrooms...

But Lee and Rachel would not be alone for much longer, as the cab carrying Katara, Dante, and Heloise had pulled up outside.

"I hate it," Heloise quickly complained upon seeing the house.

"Oh, come on!" Katara said to her. "You haven't even seen the inside yet!"

"Don't have to. I'll probably hate that, too."

Katara looked at Dante, who just shrugged his shoulders, as he was apparently at a loss for words. Heloise headed inside.

"Looks like we're not the first ones here," she noted as she spotted Rachel's luggage propped against a wall in the lobby. "HELLO?"

Up on the third floor, Katara's shouts were finally heard by Rachel and Lee, who were in an observatory that led to a balcony overlooking the back patio and pointed out towards the ocean.

"I hear someone!" Lee exclaimed.

The two walked down a set of spiraling stairs to the second floor, and Lee almost ran right into Dante upon reaching the bottom.

"Whoa there!" Dante said, catching him. "Let's not get carried away and get injured on the first day!"

"You guys are living here too?" Lee asked, seeing Dante and then Katara, who was right behind him.

"I'm Dante, and this young lady behind me is Katara!"

"Pleased to meet you!"

"Likewise. I'm Lee..."

"And my name's Rachel," his traveling partner cut in.

"Great!" shouted Lee. "Twice as many people, twice as nice!"

"Actually," Dante told him, "there was someone else with us."

The foursome went back down the hall, and they eventually found Heloise in one of the bedrooms. The tiki-themed one, to be exact. And she had wasted no time in getting the room to her liking, as she was starting to construct a mini-laboratory on the dresser.

"What do you guys want?" Heloise asked. "This is my room!"

"Actually, this is a triple," answered Rachel, "as in, three people have to sleep here, not just you!"

Heloise groaned. "Fine, whatever! Just stay out of my third of the room!"

"Hmmm... someone should room with her to make sure she doesn't blow up the house before everyone else gets here."

Katara snapped her fingers.

"That's it! You, me, and Heloise! The three of us can be roommates!"

Rachel pulled Katara aside to speak with her privately.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Oh, she just needs a little comforting, that's all! That, and some girl bonding!"

"Alright, fine. But you're getting the bed next to hers!"

"Well, well," Dante noted as the situation resolved itself before him, "seem like the girls have figured out their arrangements."

"Oh, OH!" Lee shouted. "Dante-sensei!"

"Whoa, whoa! I appreciate the kudos, but you can just call me Dante."

"Okay, Dante, sir... would you like to be my roommate? I've got a kick-ass room!"

"Is that so? Well, my friend... I accept your offer."

The two shook hands on it, then Lee led the way downstairs to show him where to put his bags.

As the first five were settling in, the next group was setting foot on the island for the first time... starting with a teen male wearing a red sweater vest over a blue polo shirt and brown cargo shorts. He had one suitcase with him.

And yet, unlike the others, he did not seem pleased to be here...

"If I knew they were sending us here, I would've said no!"

Cast Introduction - Noah, Total Drama Island/World Tour

"Yeah, I'm Noah. You already know who I am, because I've done this twice already. But now that I'm away from a certain crackpot of a host and his innate ability to not care for our lives, perhaps I'll finally be able to do what I promised back on Wawanakwa. Outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone!"

Suddenly, somebody whispered to him off-screen.

"Yes, I realize that's the mantra of 'Survivor.' They don't own it, you know."

Noah did not have to wait long, for he spotted a blonde-haired male about his age walking his way. He was wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt with a palm tree pattern and blue pants. But the part about him that stood out the most was the orange ascot adorning his neck.

Cast Introduction - Fred Jones, Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated

"The name's Fred Jones, and I've come here to solve a mystery! I am on that show, right?"

"Aloha!" Fred greeted.

"The '70s called," quipped Noah. "They want their unhip clothes back."

"What are you talking about? Hawaiian shirts are ALWAYS in in Hawai'i!"

"There you guys are!" a female voice interrupted them. "For a minute there, I thought I was at the wrong airport!"

The two turned around and saw that the voice belonged to a beautiful adult woman, also with blonde hair. She was wearing a lacey pink knee-length dress that showed off her cleavage. For some odd reason, though, it had no effect on either Noah or Fred.

"You guys are kinda young," she said out loud. "Are you sure I didn't accidentally sign up to be the new 'Nanny 9-1-1?'"

Cast Introduction - Francine Smith, American Dad

"Hi, there, world! My name's Francine, and I'm here! I was kinda apprehensive at first, because I'm going to be away from my husband and kids for the next three weeks. And then I realized... THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST FRIKKIN' THREE WEEKS OF MY LIFE! GO CHANGE YOUR OWN DIAPER, STEVE!"

"You too, huh?" Fred laughed. "I thought I signed up to be on 'Mystery Solvers.'"

Fred paused, then looked over at Noah.

"This... isn't 'Mystery Solvers,' is it?"

Noah frowned, obviously annoyed at the two dumb blondes before him.

Confessional Cam - Noah

"A stepford wife and a 'Hawaii Five-O' wannabe. Again, I'm gonna be surrounded by idiots. Honestly, how is it always their ilk that manages to get on these shows?"

"Let's just get out of here so we can get this over with," stated Noah.

"Alright!" shouted Francine. "Let's hit it, boys!"

With that, the trio departed for the beach house.

A fifty-minute cab ride later...

"Oh my God!" gasped Francine. "This place... is amazing!"

Noah, surprisingly, had to agree.

"I have to admit," he said, as he lifted a hand up to shield his eyes, "a beach house painted in a color that can make you go blind at certain points of the day is preferable than flying around in a junk of a jetliner that manages to stay in the air for hours at a time, much less last a trip that traverses the planet several times over."

"I dunno," Fred was hesitant to agree, "it still needs something. But I'm not sure what..."

"Fred's right," stated Francine. "There IS something missing."

The trio walked inside with their luggage, and they saw Dante walk up to them. Instantly, Francine started to eye him deliciously.

"And who might you be?"

"Dante Vale, at your service. And you?"

"Francine. Francine Smith."

"Glad you here. It's nice to finally have another adult in the house."

As Dante and Francine got acquainted, Fred and Noah began their own private tour of the house. Together, much to Noah's chagrin.

Before long, another competitor-carrying taxi had come to a stop in front of the house. After a few seconds, a young teen boy stepped out at last. He had on a blue short sleeve shirt, blue-jean shorts, and a white hat that covered his entire head except for his face.

"Thanks for the ride in this... whatevermajig."

"It's called a taxi, you stupid kid!"

With that, the annoyed cabbie sped away. The boy only had with him a small green bag which was slung over his shoulder. He shrugged over the odd feelings of his escort and took in his first glimpse of the beach house.


Cast Introduction - Finn, Adventure Time

"I'm Finn, and I'm an adventurer! Currently, I'm trying to figure out where the math I am! There's so many things here I've never seen before here! Oh, and humans! Other humans other than me! Lots of them! I have so many questions! Man, three weeks doesn't sound like enough time to ask them all!"

Finn entered the house through the front door, and was instantly greeted by Rachel.

"Hi there!"

"Hi! So... are you the princess of this castle?"

"A princess? Me?" Rachel giggled. "In my dreams, maybe."

Suddenly, Katara appeared, having gotten her necklace back from Heloise, and she came down the stairs to meet the new arrival.

"Hark!" Finn turned to her. "Are YOU the princess of this castle?"

"No. I'm just Katara."

"And I'm Rachel."

"You mean..." Finn put two and two together. "Princess Katara and Princess Rachel?"

"No," Rachel calmly corrected him. "Just Katara and Rachel. No princess."


"Why? Were you expecting a princess?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders.

"Dunno. I'm just so used to every girl I meet being a princess."

Back at the airport...

"One, two, three, four... I think that's all of 'em!"

The young girl, about the same age as Finn, had just claimed all of her luggage from baggage claim, and was heading off to meet with the person she would be traveling with to the beach house. She was dressed in a purple tank top that was short enough to show off her belly button, and a white skirt that ended just above her knees. And in the spirit of being in a tropical paradise, she was also sporting a pair of designer purple-framed sunglasses.

Cast Introduction - Megan Clark, The Amazing Spiez

"What up, world? I'm Megan! I'm so happy I got cast for the show! Now I'm here in Hawai'i! I can meet some cute boys, get a nice tan, meet some cute boys, check out all the beautiful flora and fauna, win some cash, and... I mentioned meeting cute boys, right?"

As she wheeled her luggage along behind her, Megan seemed to be murmuring to herself as she approached the rendezvous point.

"Please let there be a boy waiting for me! Please let there be a boy waiting for me!"

She turned the corner and saw that her traveling buddy had long, red hair, had two red suitcases with her, and was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and a white skirt.

Suffice to say... said person was not a boy.

"So much for riding with a cute boy," Megan groaned.

"That makes two of us," the other, older teenager concurred.

Cast Introduction - Candace Flynn, Phineas and Ferb

"So I'm Candace Flynn, and I'm on 'Roomies!' Finally, fame and fortune will be mine... after three weeks of competition, of course. Best of all, I'll get to be away from my annoying brothers for three weeks! Ah, three weeks of not having to worry about busting them. You know, because they always build something, and I try to tell Mom, and when she comes home it's gone, and then..."

The duo made it outside, as Megan lowered her sunglasses and saw the clouds rolling in.

"Aw, man! How am I supposed to get a tan without any sun?"

She then turned to Candace.

"Hurry up, Candace!"

"I'm coming!" the redhead yelled back, as she strained to drag her two suitcases, neither of which had wheels, to the cab.

A few minutes after they had left, the twelfth competitor's plane landed at the airport. And just in time, too, as a small rainstorm was settling in over the runways.

This young individual was wearing a white gi, purple pants that flared from the knees down, and a pair of bamboo sandals. He had a backpack on, which seemed a bit on the heavy side, as made evident by the sigh of relief he took upon putting it down on the floor next to a table.

"Aw, man... why did I bring so much stuff?" he complained.

Cast Introduction - Yoshimori Sumimura, Kekkaishi

"My name's Yoshimori, and... and... wait, what was I supposed to say? Oh, yeah... everybody better look out, because I'm coming there to win! AND show my grandpa that I can do anything I set my mind to!"

But Yoshimori's mind had decided to taken a siesta, as he had fallen asleep the moment he sat down. Oh well...

The rain clouds were trailing the cab carrying Megan and Candace, but it remained about seven minutes or so behind them the whole way. Still, once their ride had pulled up to the beach house, they raced to get all of their stuff inside as fast as possible.

Megan got to the door first, and knocked on it. It was hastily answered by Finn.

"Whoa! More humans!"

"Uh, yeah," Megan chuckled. "More... humans. That's what we are. I'm Megan."

"I'm Finn! Nice to meet you, princess!"

Megan gasped. "You... you think I'm a princess?"

Rachel appeared beside Finn, and then politely moved past him as she went over to help Megan lift her bags up and over the threshold.

"We really have to talk later," Rachel said to Finn before turning to Megan, "and, wow... you sure brought a lot of bags!"

"She's not the only one!" Candace yelled from afar.

Finn ran over to help out Candace.

"Allow me!"

He took one of her bags, lightening her load and making it easier for her to get to the door.

Back at the airport, a Japanese man in his late 40s made his way to meet up with a cast member. He was wearing a white dress shirt with the top button undone, black pants, and brown leather loafers. He only had a dark green duffel bag with him, one that seemed pretty worn out, but had as much history as the carrier himself.

"I just hope I'm not too late."

Cast Introduction - Kenzo Tenma, Monster

"My name is Doctor Kenzo Tenma. I'm a world famous neurosurgeon who's spent his entire career in Europe, particularly in Germany, though I'm originally from Japan. I decided to come onto this show in hopes of winning the prize money, which I plan to donate to those less fortunate. And right now, there are none more needy than the people of my birth country."

Kenzo eventually arrived at where he was supposed to go, and he made his way over to Yoshimori, who was snoring loudly.

"It must've been a long trip."

Kenzo decided to not wake him, especially since he knew they were waiting for a third person, so he placed his bag on the seat across from Yoshimori, then walked off to get a newspaper.

While he was gone, though, that 'third' finally showed up. And she made her appearance known. Not just by her outfit, which also consisted of a white dress shirt, though the buttons on her wrist were also undone in addition to the one by her collar, plus a brown skirt and knee-length blue-and-white striped socks. But also by the sound of her voice...

...which she used to give Yoshimori an accidental rude awakening.


"AAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Yoshimori as his seat tipped over and he fell onto the floor.

"Oops! Sorry about that! Guess I don't know my own strength!"

Cast Introduction - Candice, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl

"Hey! I'm Candice! I'm the Snowpoint City gym leader, and I've come all the way down here for one reason! To finally break our show's losing streak in this series! Kiai!"

"Don't you know it's rude to yell like that when someone's sleeping?" grumbled Yoshimori as Candice helped him up.

Yoshimori and Candice started staring each other down, but before any physicality could bubble its way out, Kenzo returned.

"So you're awake... and you're here. We should probably go."

Kenzo picked up his duffel bag and started heading for the exit. Both Yoshimori and Candice looked at each other, then grabbed their things and chased after him.

"Wait up!" they yelled.

"HA!" Yoshimori shouted as he burst through the front door of the beach house.

He tossed his backpack on the floor and started to do a celebratory dance. After doing so, he turned around just in time to watch Candice walk in.

"I told you I'd beat you to the door!"

"But..." Candice told him, "that wasn't a race. Besides, you shouldn't expend all your energy right away. What if we have our first challenge today?"

"You're just saying that because you don't want to admit defeat!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Now now, you two," Kenzo interrupted them, as he came in carrying not only his duffel bag, but Candice's one suitcase as well. "Let's not get riled up so much. That's not good for your heart."

The cast was starting to mingle as a group of caterers began setting up tables outside. It was drizzling as they were, but the clouds were beginning to break up above them, instilling hope that the group would be able to see the sun set on the first night in Hawai'i.

"I can't wait to eat!" Yoshimori exclaimed.

"I am so famished," remarked Lee, "that I could eat a whole pig!"

"Well, we ARE in Hawai'i," noted Megan.

They started counting chairs, and noticed something off.

"Sixteen?" Megan thought out loud. "Are there sixteen people here?"

"Only fourteen, by my count," replied Lee.

"Fourteen's a nice, round number," commented Noah, as he entered the conversation. "We can do without two more psychopaths."

Suddenly, they heard a knock at the front door.

"So much for that hope."

"I GOT IT!" yelled Fred, as he reached for the doorknob.

Fred opened the door, and saw two familiar adult figures in front of him.

"Howdy... or, should I say, aloha! Don't I know you two from somewhere?"

Standing before them were two very familiar faces. Terry McGinnis and Kari Kamiya.

"You might say that."

[End Act One]

The fourteen cast members had just realized that there were supposed to be sixteen of them there. As if on cue, someone knocked at the front door and Fred had just answered it.

"Howdy... or, should I say, aloha! Don't I know you two from somewhere?"

Standing before them were two very familiar faces. The black-haired man, who was fairly tall and was dressed in all black - T-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses, decided to answer.

"You might say that."

Cast Introduction - Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond

"The name's Terry McGinnis. First time on 'Roomies,' but you may know me from another reality series. Back in 2003, I won the original edition of 'Mystery Solvers.'"

Flashback - "Mystery Solvers" Finale

Someone reached in and took the pen and the arrest warrant from acting-game-sheriff Buzz Lightyear and signed the parchment. The camera then pulled back to reveal that said person was Terry.

"You're serious?" Terry asked. "I really won this thing?"

"Yep," nodded Buzz. "Well earned, detective."

"Won half a million on that show, and here am I, eight years later, hoping I'll be leaving here with another half million! I'm not expecting it to be easy, though."

The brown-haired woman then chipped in her two cents, as she was wearing a pink baby tee and khaki pants. But her most noticeable features were the two pink hair clips, which kept the hair on the left side of her head from covering that side of her face.

"This isn't my first time here at the rodeo, my friend."

Cast Introduction - Kari Kamiya, Digimon: Digital Monsters

"A pleasure to meet you. Let me reintroduce myself! My name's Kari Kamiya, and... let's just say the first time I competed on 'Roomies,' I kinda surprised everyone..."

Flashback - "Roomies 1" Finale

Hostess Layla McKenzie had the final vote in hand, and it was down to just Kari and Misty. After a moment of silence, Layla revealed the final vote.

"Kari, you have just won Roomies, the girls' edition!"

Kari jumps out of her seat and starts screaming her lungs out. Misty is the first to give her a big hug. Sakura and Chelsea also congratulate her, followed by the rest of the girls.

"That was one of the best moments of my life, and it would absolutely make my day if I were lucky enough to win a second time! Here's hopin'!"

Terry and Kari stepped into the beach house, and as curious eyes peeked down the hallway to see who their last two roommates were, some of them react similarly to the way Fred did.

"The two of them look familiar..." Rachel said, "particularly the girl..."

"I know, right?" Candice agreed. "But... I can't quite put my finger on it."

Dante walked over and introduced himself to them.

"Welcome! My name's Dante."

"Hi," Terry said as he shook hands with him. "I'm Terry."

"And I'm Kari," she chipped in without prompting.

"A pleasure," Dante said, as he took her hand, and bowed before her.

Seeing this, Francine leaned over to whisper something to Candace.

"Who's this little tartlet supposed to be?"

"Dunno, but I LOVE her hair!"

Surprisingly, only one person actually knew who Terry and Kari were and their history... but he did not seem intent on sharing that information with anyone else as of yet.

And that was Noah, who played dumb as he went over to introduce himself.

"I'm Noah," he said to them, "and let me say, I feel a bit relieved to see a few more responsible adults in here."

"We'll see how long that lasts," Terry chuckled. "Kari told me on the way here that she just turned 21 a few weeks ago!"

"Really?" Francine shouted, as she walked up, apparently happy about hearing that. "Well, one of the first things we should do is take you out on the night on the town!"

"Thanks, but... I'm not into that sort of thing."

"Oh, come on!" Francine said as she wrapped her arm around her shoulder and pulled her in as if she was a close friend. "We're the only two legal women in the house. We gotta stick together, y'know!"

"I suppose..."

"Good! We'll talk more over dinner!"

As Francine led Kari away to chat more, Dante decided to lead Terry on a tour of the house... all to burn some time until...


A large spread laid before the sixteen competitors, put together by a local catering company. There were assortment of Hawaiian delicacies, from well-known dishes like fried rice, macaroni salad, and poached onaga, or red snapper, to oddities very rarely seen outside the state, like poi, lau lau, and ahi poke. There were also a variety of local drinks available for consumption, like coconut juice. And it looked like the cast was enjoying them all.

The dinner also gave them a chance to converse, and boy, did some people take advantage of the opportunity.

"And there he was," Megan said, as Candace, Katara, and Rachel listened closely, "right around the corner! The hot, new transfer student from Texas! So, I start to walk over to him, and he turns and sees me!"

"And then?" Rachel asked.

"He winked at me!"

"No way!" Candace shouted.

"Yes, way!"

"He must really like you," commented Katara.

"You bet he does! Ooh... he's so dreamy!"

Meanwhile, Francine, Kari, and Candice had their eyes focused on a boy that was actually right in front of them. Or, rather, a man, as was the case for Dante, who was wrapping a story about one of his exploits.

"...and that's how me and my team managed to escape from the Tomb of Nefertiti."

"Wow!" gasped Candice. "Incredible!"

"I'll say," piped in Francine. "To have to deal with all of those monsters!"

"I wasn't worried," admitted Kari. "Dante's pretty strong, and smart too! Not many guys like you in the world."

"While that's true, hopefully one day you'll find that special someone for you."

But Dante was not the only one sharing adventure stories. Cue Finn, who was describing one of his to Lee.

"Oh, what about the time I had to create my own story for my pal, Jake. He was sick, and I went out to make an adventure tale that had romance, fighting, suspense, and a good ending!"

"Wow! How did that go?"

"Tried to get a goose to kiss a fox, started a fight with a bear, nearly planted in the soil because I picked on innocent creatures... a lot of fun stuff!"

"That is truly stupendous! If you go on an adventure while you're here, promise to take me with you?"

"No doubt! Adventures are always better in duos. You've got someone to live it with you."

Later, inside the house, Finn was having another 'moment of awesome' as he watched Noah play a video game.

"Now I've seen everything! A game that displays in actual color!"

"You're joking, right?" Noah asked without looking away. "You from the 1980's?"

"Let me give it a try!"

"Knock yourself out. Just grab a controller. It supports four-player co-op, so you, me, and two other schmoes can all play at the same time."


Suddenly, Finn saw Megan walk into the room.

"Hey, schmoe! Wanna play with us?"

"What? Schmoe?"

Noah looked over and groaned as he spotted Megan, and then shook his head.

"Finn, you only call guys schmoes. Sheesh... don't you know how to talk to girls?"

"Sure I do, man. All the time."

"That's not what I... oh, never mind."

"Hey, Pri- I mean, Not-a-Princess Megan! You wanna play with us?"

"Dunno," Megan said, feigning interest, "video games SO aren't my thing."

"It's 'Little Big Planet 2,'" Noah stated matter-of-factly.

Upon hearing that, Megan had plopped onto the couch next to Finn and had a controller in hand before they knew it.

"I love this game!" she squealed. "Let's play, let's play!"

"See?" Noah whispered to Finn. "Easy way to pick up chicks... play video games they want to play. Consider it a freebie, buddy."

Finn froze in horror.

"You mean... we're doing this to pick up girls? Ick, man!"

Noah raised an eyebrow.

"I'd hate to go to your universe. Sounds like a very dull place."

"Not really," Finn replied, not catching onto Noah's sarcasm. "Stomping bad guys and fighting monsters never gets old."

[End Act Two]

Day Two

The group's first night in Honolulu turned out to be very uneventful. But thanks to a big dinner and plenty still suffering from the time differential, many of the castmates were attempting to sleep late into the morning.

The lone exception? Francine, who has been up since seven thirty doing some minor cleaning and cooking breakfast... and this was relatively late in the day for her to be starting those tasks.

Confessional Cam - Francine

"It's weird. My stomach's telling me it's lunch time already, but the sun says it's breakfast! Why can't the entire planet run on the same clock? Why is that so hard?"

Eventually, the smell of food filled the air, and people started getting up... starting with those sleeping on the first floor: Dante, Lee, and Francine's roommate, Kari.

"What is that brain-tingling smell?" Lee asked.

"It's my all-American breakfast!" replied Francine. "Nothing like putting meat in ya to wake you up!"

"You're cooking for everyone?" Dante looked at her quizzically.

"Yes, it's what I do. Every day!"

"For a family of four. There's four times that many people here! You could of at least woken me up to help!"

"Oh, fine! But go wash up first! No one makes breakfast in my kitchen unless they've showered first."

Dante chuckled. "Your wish is our command. Let's go, Lee."

Dante and Lee walked off.

"That goes for you too, young woman," Francine said to Kari.

"Oh!" Kari squeaked, her mind still not fully awake. "Yes, ma'am!"

Over the next couple hours, the other house members rose, did their morning business, and made their way downstairs for breakfast. Rachel and Candice were the last ones to make it to the table, and there was not much left for them.

"First the shower runs out of hot water and now this?" complained Rachel. "I'm getting up earlier tomorrow, that's for sure!"

"Sorry, dear," apologized Francine, "but I underestimated how much food I needed to cook! That, and we ran out of eggs."

"But there were two cartons of it in the fridge last night," shouted Candice.

"There 'were', honey. I hope there's a ton of places around here that deliver, because I don't think what we have will last a week!"

Suddenly, Megan came running into the dining room, with her arms flailing.

"A huge truck just backed into the driveway!"

They ran out the front door and joined the rest of the cast outside as the back door of the truck was pulled open. While the workers prepared to unload, one of them walked over with a phone in hand.

"Hey..." he said, "I think this is for you."

He handed the phone over to Kari, who accepted it. Immediately, she could see that a video had been loaded and was ready to be played. As everyone gathered around her, she pushed play, then held it out so that they could all see.

The video started playing, and as it faded in, a green-haired woman appeared on the screen.

"Good morning!" she exclaimed. "If you're seeing this, then you survived your first night! Good job! I'm your host this season, and I'll be responsible for telling you everything you need to know. Oh, and my name's Kiyone Makibi. I competed on this show way back in Season Two, and boy, were things much different compared to what you'll be facing! Anyway, hopefully you're ready for your first challenge! It'll be just down the beach! Be there at noon!"

Kiyone was about to walk off when she stopped herself.

"Oh, almost forgot! One of the new things is that this season, you will be competing as pairs for the entire competition! Now, I've gone ahead and assigned pairings and team colors. Hopefully, they're to your liking. If not, well... I've said too much already! Suit up, and I'll see you all in a little bit!"

This time the video ended, and as it did, they saw the workers start to roll clothes racks off of the truck and over to the competitors. Once they were all out, they all grabbed their stuff...

And soon afterwards, dressed in their new colored uniform shirts and with their swimsuits on underneath, with one exception - Heloise, who was wearing her red shirt over her body-length gown, they trotted along the beach away from the house until they reached the area where their first challenge was going to be held.

Marching in team order, first were Candace and Candice of the Yellow Team. Accompanying Heloise for the Red Team was her partner, Finn. Then came the Blue Team, which had Katara and Megan on it. Lee and Noah were fourth in line, and they were the Brown Team. Behind them was the Orange Team, Fred and Rachel. Partnered up next were Dante and Yoshimori of the Purple Team. The Green Team was seventh, and their members were Kenzo and Francine. Last but not least was the Gray Team, which paired up Terry and Kari.

Upon their arrival, in the water they saw an odd-shaped single buoy out, and on the beach, eight rectangular pods set up for some sort of puzzle. They also saw Kiyone waiting for them. She was wearing a teal-colored short sleeve shirt, to match her hair, and a sky blue Hawaiian flower-print dress, which had a slit that went up to her knees.

The sixteen competitors stopped in front of her, forming a little semicircle around her.

"Good morning, Roomies!" she greeted them.

"Good morning!" they said in response.

"Allow me to, first off, welcome you to Honolulu! And I'm glad that all of you made it here safely. And, second, congratulations on making it onto 'Roomies!' I hope you all take time to really relish in this unique experience... though, I suppose for some of you, this ISN'T the first time you've been in a reality competition. And for a certain someone, this ISN'T your first time on 'Roomies.'"

A few eyes shifted Kari's way, but she paid them no mind.

"As I told you this morning," Kiyone continued, "this edition of 'Roomies' is being run much different than it has been in the past. This time around, there is only one type of challenge, and it's run in the same format as what was known as the Roommate Challenges. You will all be competing in teams of two. The top five teams in each challenge each receive at least one of these..."

Kiyone held up a gold coin for all of them to see.

"This coin represents twenty-five thousand dollars! Now... if you're the fifth-place team, each of you gets one of these. Fourth place gets two apiece, and so on, up to the first-place team, which gets five each! Your goal... to earn twenty chips, which gives you a shot at walking out of here with a maximum of five hundred thousand dollars!"

"YEAH!" Finn yelled.

"That's SO gonna be mine!" exclaimed Candace.

"But there is a new twist," Kiyone told them, "one that could play a huge factor on somebody's fate in this competition! The winning team in EACH challenge will get a chance to improve or worsen one other competitor's chance of getting to the Final Four... which is the ONLY way to be in the running for the grand prize!"

Some of the competitors murmured amongst themselves in speculation.

"What is this twist, you ask? I'll tell you... AFTER today's challenge!"

"Figures," groaned Noah.

"So what is your challenge, you ask? Your first challenge is called... King's Trial! There are two parts to this challenge! In the first, one at a time, each team member must swim out to that buoy, about 25 meters away from shore..."

Kiyone pointed to said buoy.

"...attached to the buoy are two lead ropes that go underneath the ocean's surface. At the end of each rope are fishnets, each with a coconut-shaped container in them. You will need to retrieve one bag from each side of the buoy, for the contents of those containers are needed to complete the second part of the challenge."

The hostess then directed their attention to the rectangular pods on shore, each color-coded to correspond to a specific team.

"Once your team has retrieved BOTH containers and brought them back to shore, run to your pod to begin the second part of the challenge. On the other side of those pods is a puzzle in which the answers are... well, you guys! Those containers hold letters which spell out ten of your names. But THAT is not how you finish the challenge!"

They all looked at Kiyone, curious as to what that meant.

"At a certain point, I will relay to you a question. The answer to that question should become apparent IF you've completed the puzzle correctly. Once you think you've got the correct answer, write it down on the mini-blackboard you'll be provided and call me over. To finish the challenge, BOTH the puzzle must be filled out correctly AND the trivia question must be answered correctly. First five teams to do so will be the first to start adding money to their personal pots and will get a step closer to possibly leaving Honolulu with half a million dollars!"

The group responded with applause.

"Sound simple enough? Good. I'll give you a few minutes to get ready, and then we'll get started!"

After a brief amount time to form some strategy and do some stretches, the teams were lined up at the starting line. Before they could begin, though, all eyes were on Heloise, who had changed out of her gown... but had replaced it with a mermaid's tail, along with her red team shirt.

"Wait," Finn scratched his head, "so... are you half-mermaid?"

"That's none of your beeswax!" his partner replied.

"Isn't that a bit unorthodox?" Francine asked. "And unfair?"

"I'm with Beach House Mom," Candace said in agreement. "Isn't that against the rules?"

"I have a special condition," Heloise explained. "Besides, it doesn't give me much of an advantage, if THAT'S what you're worried about!"

Everyone seemed to accept that answer, regardless of whether they agreed with it or not. They would have to wait to find out if she was telling the truth, though, because her partner Finn was at the line, ready to go out with the first group.

Lined with Finn were Candace, Megan, Lee, Fred, Dante, Francine, and Kari, all set and just waiting for the start signal. Kiyone had her starter pistol in hand and was ready to go.

"Racers, on your mark! Get set!"

Kiyone raised the pistol into the air, and almost immediately afterward, pulled the trigger.


The eight competitors raced into the ocean. Dante and Lee were the first two in, followed by Fred, Candace, Kari, Francine, Finn, and Megan. Their partners cheered them on as they swam out to the buoy.

"Right off the bat," commentated Kiyone, "we're gonna see who the best swimmers are!"

Dante and Lee were matching each other stroke for stroke, Dante only inching ahead because he had longer arms. As a result, Dante just beat Lee to the buoy.

"Dante and Lee get to the buoy first, almost dead even!"

Dante dived, swimming to the buoy's left, and Lee followed him. Both reach the bottom and go to work untying a bag. They do so quickly, and head back up. Fred, meanwhile, had just reached the buoy, as Dante surfaced, then Lee. Kari was also just arriving as Dante and Lee began the swim back to shore.

"Purple and Brown off to a fast start, already heading back! Orange and Gray going under for the first time, with everyone else right on their heels!"

Fred was the first to go right, while Kari went left. Finn arrived shortly thereafter, and he decided to follow Fred under.

"Dante and Lee putting on a hell of a show! Yoshimori and Noah will be in the water before you know it!"

Meanwhile, business around the buoy was picking up. Candace and Francine were coming in just as Fred popped back up to their right.

"Fred's got one, and he's coming back!"

Candace dove left, while Francine went right. Candace almost bumped into Kari, who was on the way back up. Kari surfaced, gasping for air just as Megan arrived.

"Kari's up, but it doesn't look like she brought a bag with her! Meanwhile, Dante, now about a full body length ahead of Lee as he's close to shore."

Megan took a deep breath and went under. Kari composed herself as best as she could, then dipped down for her second attempt. As they disappear under the surface, Finn comes back up, rejoicing triumphantly as he held his catch in the air.


Finn started to head back...

"Looks like the guys are dominating so far as Dante is now up on his feet..."

Sure enough, Dante was now standing and he ran the rest of the way in. He got back on the beach and tagged Yoshimori.

"First tag has been made... Yoshimori's heading out!"

Yoshimori ran past Lee, who came in and tagged Noah.

"And there goes Noah, right behind him!"

Out at the buoy, Candace was starting to swim back.

"Candace on her way back! And... is that..."

Megan surfaced, and she had retrieved her bag.

"Megan's got hers! Closer to shore, Fred's almost in... Rachel's anxious to get started!"

Francine and Kari both came back up at the same time.

"I couldn't get it!" Francine screamed. "I couldn't get it!"

"Stay strong!" Kenzo shouted at her from shore. "Keep at it!"

But Kari had succeeded the second time around, and she headed back. Francine took a deep breath, and dived again. Back on shore, Fred was out of the water, and was reaching forward for the tag...


"Rachel's off and away! Three teams now on the second trip out!"

But Finn closed the distance on Fred a little, and he exited the water just as Rachel was going in.

"Finn in for the tag... and there rolls Heloise!"

Literally, apparently, as Heloise lied down on the ground and then rolled herself like a log into the ocean. Once in the water, she started her swim.

"Purple Team still in the lead, and it might've had grown a bit..."

Francine resurfaced, and again, she was empty-handed.

"Son of a bitch!"

"Francine, coming up empty again!" observed Kiyone.

Kenzo began to worry as Yoshimori reached the buoy and dived down without giving Francine a glance.

"Green Team continuing to fall back. Purple going for their second coconut! Here on shore, Candace is in, tagging off to Candice!

"Catch her!" Candace yelled, pointing ahead to Heloise. "CATCH HER!"

Rachel had just about caught up to Noah as the two of them got to the buoy. Noah used the rope to pull himself down towards the bags, but had to get out of the way for a second as Yoshimori was using it to frantically resurface.

Yoshimori made it a couple seconds later, and he was desperately gasping for air as he grabbed at the buoy to keep him above water.

"Yoshimori up, but with zip! That could open the door for another team to take the lead!"

A few seconds later...

"Megan finally back, tagging Katara... and she wants to make up time! Over at the buoy, Francine, finally with a bag in hand!"

Francine coughed some water out and brushed some hair out of her eye before beginning her swim back. But right behind her...

"Rachel's up, and SHE'S got her bag! And... so is Noah, it looks like!"

Noah surfaced on the other side of the buoy, right next to Yoshimori, who was preparing to dive down again. Just in time, because Heloise was now there, and Candice was coming in as well.

"Remember!" Kiyone reminded those on shore. "This is only part one! There's still plenty of challenge left! Anything can happen!"

Kiyone turned her attention towards the leaders, missing Kari's tag to Terry in the process.

"Rachel, still the class of the field in the second heat, is almost in. Noah's not far behind..."

Rachel stood up and ran the rest of the way in. She crossed the line, then joined her teammate Fred as their headed for their pod.

"Orange Team is the first to start the second part of the challenge!"

The duo raced to the other side of their pod and found this puzzle waiting for them...

[Note: Letters are filled in where the 'X's are. All other characters used as filler for proper formatting.)

They twisted open their coconut-shaped containers and find between them a bunch of ping pong balls, each with a letter on them.

"Brown Team on shore, heading to their pod!"

Noah and Lee were in, and they went to work quickly.

"Here comes the Purple Team..."

Yoshimori had returned, and he joined his partner Dante. But right behind them...

"And the Yellow Team, nipping on their heels!"

...were Candace and Candice. In the water, Heloise, Katara, and Terry were all on the way back, while Kenzo was still on his way to retrieve his coconut container at the buoy.

"I think this one's supposed to be that Noah kid," Rachel suggested, as she pointed to the sixth line.

"Noah..." Fred said aloud as he tried to find the right letters.

They already had Kari in the first slot, the only team to have her there, as the Brown Team had Noah up there, and the Purple Team had instead Rock there.

"Since there are four teams here," Kiyone shouted, "I'm going to give you the question you're supposed to answer!"

The four teams listened as he tried to continue to work.

"The question is... 'who was the first king of Hawai'i?' Again, 'who was the first king of Hawai'i?'"

Among the four teams, one person actually knew the answer without having completed the puzzle.

"Kamehameha," Noah remarked.

"Say wha?" Lee looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Trust me... it's kamehameha. I researched Hawai'i before we came here."

Noah then pointed out that his name wasn't supposed to be on the first line. He took those balls off and corrected it to spell Kari's name.

"There! Kamehameha is supposed to go down from the K! Gimme some vowels!"

The Red Team had now joined the group at the puzzle. Kiyone repeated the question for them. Heloise smiled, as she knew the answer.

"Got it!" Heloise exclaimed. "Finn, it's kamehameha!"

Everyone was hard at work trying to solve the puzzle and answer the trivia question. Over with the Yellow Team, they had several names on the board, and down on the tenth line, they had 'Candice' in.

"This isn't making sense!" Candace shouted.

"I'm with you," concurred Candice. "This isn't right!"

Over at the edge of the water, Terry was a few strides ahead of Katara as the two got to their partners and headed back. Only Kenzo was still swimming, though he would be in shortly.

"We might have one team that's getting close..." commented Kiyone as she checked on everyone's progress.

Kiyone then saw Kenzo finally reach shore.

"Green Team, don't give up!" she shouted at him and Francine. "No one's finished yet... you are still very much in this!"

That would not be the case for long, for just as the Green Team reached their pod, somebody could be heard yelling...


That cry had come from Lee, who signaled for Kiyone to check their work. She obliged their request.

"Okay, guys..."

Kiyone checked it. They had this solution...


"Alright, and the answer to my question?"

Noah held up the blackboard, and it had 'kamehameha' written on it.


Lee hollered with glee, then grabbed Noah by the wrists and made him jump up and down with him.

"We may have a winner," Kiyone reminded the other teams, "but don't quit! There's still plenty at stake!"

The seven remaining teams kept working. Eventually...

"Yoo hoo!" whistled Heloise.

Kiyone ran over. After a few seconds.

"Yep. Good job, guys!"

Finn and Heloise high-fived each other.

"Two down, everyone! Three 'money' places left to claim!"

Over with Fred and Rachel, who had been working the longest... they only had seven balls left, and the last name in the puzzle, which was also seven letters.

"Gotta be Candace," Fred said. "The redhead."

They had solved the puzzle, but they had not figured out the answer to Kiyone's question. Or, where in the puzzle to look for it.

"It's gotta be in here somewhere!" Rachel shouted.

But as they continued to feel stumped, Dante did have the answer, and he was using it to fill the rest of the puzzle. Eventually, Fred and Rachel figured it out, but in time to get it before Dante and Yoshimori?



Kiyone ran over to the first person that yelled.

"That's three!"

Fred and Rachel shared a high-five.

"Great work, partner!" Rachel told him.

A few seconds later, Kiyone had deemed a fourth set correct.

"And four!"

"Alright!" Yoshimori exclaimed.

"One spot to go, guys!" Kiyone said as she wandered about. "And it may come down to the Yellow and Gray Teams, it looks like..."

Candace and Candice were working furiously, but so were Terry and Kari, who had almost caught up to them. But in the end...


Candace's boisterous voice was heard loud and clear, as Kiyone ran over to their pod. Terry and Kari were only a name and a half from finishing, but...

"And, that does it! We've got five!"

The Yellow Team shared a hug, just relieved they finished in the money on their first challenge. Terry and Kari had disappointment written on their faces, and the Blue and Green Teams were equally unhappy with their performances.

With the challenge completed, the teams had now gathered to hear the official results... as well as what the twist to the challenge was.

"Great work today, guys!" Kiyone complimented them. "Very spirited, very competitive! But of course, there can only be one winner. Today, it's the Brown Team! C'mon up here, you guys!"

The gang applauded as Lee and Noah walked over and stood over to Kiyone's right.

"As winners of the challenge, you guys have each earned one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars!"

"Alright!" Lee pumped his fist in the air with glee.

"As a result, you two are, in just one challenge, already a quarter of the way to half a million! Great job!"

Kiyone then turned to the rest of the teams.

"As for the Red, Orange, Purple, and Yellow Teams, for finishing in the top five, you guys will also be putting money in your pots for the first time. Gray, Blue, and Green Teams... don't panic. There's still plenty of challenges left to earn some money."

The hostess then faced Lee and Noah again.

"Now, for the twist. As you know, this season the Final Four will consist of two people voted in by you, and two people voted in by the readers. Now, obviously, you have no control over the readers, but you can sway your fellow competitors to vote for. That pull, though, might be affected if you have one of these..."

Kiyone held up a wool lanyard. It had attached on it a small, red coin that resembled a poker chip.

"This is a Damage Counter. After each challenge, both members of the first-place team can each give one of these to any person on a team that finishes that challenge in fifth place or worse. Trust me, you do not want to get three of these. Why three? Because, at the end of the competition, if you have three damage counters, you will be taken off of the Final Four ballot. That means that your fellow competitors can NOT vote you into the Final Four! The only way you
get in is if the readers vote you in with one of their two selections."

Assorted murmurs of worry were heard.

"That severely dampens your chances of getting into the Final Four, and thus reaching the Final Vote. So, trust me... do everything you can to avoid getting three 'strikes.'"

A tote board was pulled out, with all of the competitors' faces on it, grouped in rows of four, each with three slots to the right of their pictures to put the Damage Counters in.

"Lee and Noah, you two get to make the first strikes. When you've made your choice, come up and get a Damage Counter."

The two of them discussed their options for a minute, then came to a decision. Lee walked up first, immediately followed by Noah. Kiyone gave them one each, then stepped aside. Everyone watched as Lee went
and placed his next to Kari's picture. Noah, without hesitation, did the same. Their choice shocked a lot of people... even Kari.

Confessional Cam - Kari

"I was expecting this, definitely. But to see it actually happen? Boy, color me surprised! Noah's definitely playing this game like someone who wants to win. Why am I blaming only Noah? Well, it's because he's been on two reality shows and didn't win either of them! Of course he's against someone winning it twice! If that's his strategy, so be it. I'm not worried at all."

"Kari," prompted Kiyone, "any reaction?"

"Nope. Knew it was coming."

"Noah? Lee? Care to explain your reasoning for giving them both to Kari?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Noah responded.

"Well... then... I guess it is! Kari, you're gonna have to find a way to dig out of this hole, and fast! That being said, you guys can head back to the beach house! 'Til next time, guys!"

Everyone started walking back up the beach, with a lot of eyes trained on Lee and Noah after their early pot-stirring decision.

End Episode One

Author's Notes:
The very first episode of "Roomies" aired exactly ten years ago here at Fanfiction-net today! Never thought I'd still be a fanfic writer today, but hey... that's how things work sometimes.

I hope the length didn't put you off... this first episode is twice as long as what a normal episode should be because I needed to fit in all the introductions.

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