"Roomies Goes Global," written by Freedom Fighter

Time to find out who you voted as the winner! Finale ahoy!

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"Roomies" 10th Anniversary Event

Day Ninety-Three (July 30, 2011)

The lights went dark as a video started playing on the projector screen on the stage. A montage of the best moments of the season began playing, and it began with Kiyone's voice being played over the dark screen.

"Ladies and gentlemen... this is 'Roomies Goes Global!'"

Roomies Goes Global
Episode Thirteen - The End of the Road (08.01.11)


Rock Lee appeared, showing his arrival in Honolulu.

"I have come from a far away land to compete on and win a reality show!" he boastfully declared. "Look out, Honolulu, because Rock Lee is here!"

Finn entered the house through the front door, and was instantly greeted by Rachel.

"Hi there!"

"Hi! So... are you the princess of this castle?"

Suddenly, Katara appeared...

"Hark!" Finn turned to her. "Are YOU the princess of this castle?"

Megan got to the door first, and knocked on it. It was hastily answered by Finn.

"I'm Megan."

"I'm Finn! Nice to meet you, princess!"

"Why?" Rachel asked him. "Were you expecting a princess?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders.

"Dunno. I'm just so used to every girl I meet being a princess."

The crowd was seen laughing, particularly Jake and Princess Bubblegum from their seats... and, yes, the latter actually is a princess.

"I'm Noah," he said to Terry and Kari, "and let me say, I feel a bit relieved to see a few more responsible adults in here."

"We'll see how long that lasts," Terry chuckled. "Kari told me on the way here that she just turned 21 a few weeks ago!"

"Really?" Francine shouted, as she walked up, apparently happy about hearing that. "Well, one of the first things we should do is take you out on the night on the town!"

The following night...

"You're drinking it!" Francine told her. "Drink! Drink! Drink!"

The crowd quickly joined in Francine's chant, putting the pressure on Kari.


Finally, Kari gave in and took a fairly big sip. The reaction on her face was priceless.

"Gah! Oh God!"

The crowd cheered anyway as Kari tried to fathom what she had just drank. Back in the theater, Kari's parents and older brother, along with a few of her friends, were chuckling over seeing Kari's first experience with alcohol.

Meanwhile, onto a shot of Candace, Candice, Megan, and Katara in the hot tub.

"...but what do you guys think about Kari?" questioned Candace.

"That?" Candice queried. "Oh, it's not an issue!"

"Not an issue?" Candace shouted. "How is it NOT an issue?"

"Candace," Megan said to her, "I have my qualms about that myself! Still, I don't see anything wrong with it."

"Yeah," Katara agreed. "Just because she's done this before doesn't mean she has a better chance of winning than the rest of us. It's still one-in-sixteen."

Confessional Cam - Kari

"I was expecting this, definitely. But to see it actually happen? I'm not worried at all."

Francine ran into the kitchen and found a good place to hide the Tiki Idol... on a shelf inside the cupboard, behind a bunch of cans and spice canisters.

"Don't you go anywhere!" she ordered the tiki. "Momma's got plans for you!"

With that, she closed the cupboard door and headed for the front door. Later that day, Rachel was looking through the cupboard for a little snack to tide her over until dinner...

"I know I saw a small box of raisins in here..."

She reached in and pulled out... the idol Francine had placed in there earlier. A few days later, the weather was windy, and the skies were mostly-to-completely cloudy, though no rain was falling. Yet.

"Good morning," the cast in response.

"Well, whomever said the weather is paradise was obviously WRONG!"

Suddenly, they heard lightning rumbling off in the distance. Noah sighed.

"I suppose the charade has gone on long enough."

Noah then jumped off his platform and into the ocean below, to the surprise of pretty much everyone. After swimming to the boat, Noah climbed aboard and was greeted by an angry glare from Kiyone.

"What? As a reality series veteran, you KNOW just because we can put our lives in danger for some cash, doesn't mean we have to!"

"I'm surprised your 'do has lasted this long!" Heloise shouted at someone. "I'd hate to see it ruined!"

Heloise was talking to Megan, who was fiddling with her misshapen and soaked hair.

"Nice try, Heloise! But I'm not going anywhere!"

In the theater, Megan's family could be seen smiling upon hearing that. Of course next comes...

"Katara!" Megan shouted.

Megan raised her arm to shield her eyes from the rain as she looked to see if her partner was okay... but in doing so, she leaned forward too much, and before she knew it, she was in the water as well.

A quick fade-out, then a fade-in to Finn walking into Heloise's room.

"I wanna give you something," she told him, with a wink.

"Uh..." Finn hesitated, fearing feelings were coming.

Heloise reached into her pocket and pulled out the blue Tiki Idol. The next day, at the challenge...

"Is that it, Miss Makibi?" Kenzo asked.

"I believe so... that is, unless, y'know... someone has a Tiki Idol and wants to play it. Anybody?"

"Yo, hostess lady! Right here!"

Everyone turned towards Finn, who surprised everyone by stepping out of line and pulling out the blue Tiki Idol from his pocket. One of the more notable changes involved Dante drawing orange. Katara's eyes melted with glee.

"So I guess we'll be working together now," Dante said as he stuck his hand out to shake with Katara.

But Katara would not settle for a hand shake. She leaped up into his arms and stayed cradled there as she gazed into his eyes.

Confessional Cam - Katara

"Yeah... no one back home's gonna see this, right?"

In the theater, Sokka was laughing hysterically from his seat, and continued to do so until he was elbowed by Toph, who was sitting to his right. Meanwhile, on his left, Aang had not seen that, as his eyes were too affixed to the screen... especially whenever Katara was on it.

"I can't believe you just lied there while you made me do most of the work!" Megan shouted.

"What does it matter?" Noah shrugged. "I helped when you actually needed me."

The next day, while digging in the front yard...

"...I wanna find this Tiki Idol so I can use it to get a better partner. Someone like Finn!"

"What? Me?"

"Yeah! You'd make a great partner!"

"Partner?" Finn froze, as his face blushed red a little.

A couple days later...

"Next color, Rachel."


The current Purple Team was Megan and Noah...

"Let's go with Megan and Finn."

Both of them celebrated jubilantly, glad to be rid of their current partners. But another mass changing of the team arrangements resulted in some really odd pairings...

Kenzo and Heloise moved to center, with no choice but to sing the unfitting song.

["Only Girl (In the World)" by Rihanna - Gray Team]
Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love
Like I'm the only one who knows your heart
Only girl in the world...

Nina was seen chuckling, but enjoying the show, while Jimmy cheered Heloise on. Moving on to another odd couple...

So why can't you see
you belong with me?

Francine and Yoshimori seemed to be a bit off, and Kiyone was the first judge to raise her paddle...

Standing by you
Waiting at your backdoor.

All this time
How could you not know, baby
You belong with me,

You belong with me?

The teams would not change again after that, but even as the remaining challenges were completed, there was still one last shot at redemption for a selected few...

"Hold on..." Fred racked his brain, "I know this one!"

Heloise crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for an answer.

"I'm going to say... the dumbbell!"

Kiyone glanced down at her card.

"I'm sorry, Fred, but that's NOT the right answer."

Heloise paused for dramatic effect, and then replied...

"The 10-pound bag of rice! Of course!"

"That's correct! Heloise has won the challenge!"

"Heloise, as reward for winning the challenge... as promised, all of your Damage Counters have been wiped off the board."

Then, it was on to the Final Four vote...

"Okay, with a total of eight and seven votes, respectively, you guys have voted two people into the Final Four. They are..."

The group leaned forward in anticipation.

"Megan and Finn. Congratulations, you two!"

Both of their jaws dropped in stunned disbelief as they were cheered on by most of the other cast members.

"Now... joining Megan and Finn in the Final Four, thanks to the viewer vote, are..."

Kiyone paused before giving the names.

"Rachel and Kari!"

The group reacted excitedly to the news. Kiyone left, taking the empty ballot box with her as she hopped in the limo and was whisked off to the airport.

"Now it's completely up to you!" Kiyone pointed at the screen. "One of those four stars is about to win a lot of money! Time to find out who you picked as the winner of 'Roomies Goes Global!'"

The film ended, the lights went up, as did the projection screen. The audience applauded as the four finalists were shown standing in front of an empty set of bleachers. Across from them was Kiyone. And both the Final Four and the hostess had come dressed for the occasion. The foursome was seated in alphabetical order by first name - Finn, Kari, Katara, and Megan.

"A little over two months ago, the four of you, as well as the rest of the cast, left Honolulu. At the time, two of you, Finn and Megan, knew you'd be here on stage for the finale. Kari and Katara, the two of you did not know until the end of last week's episode, when the viewers voted you in! Now, it's time to find out which of you is the winner of 'Roomies Goes Global!'"

A tuxedo-clad gentleman appeared from stage right with a sealed envelope in hand. He presented it to Kiyone, who took it, and then he departed.

"The moment of truth, guys! Good luck to you all!"

Kiyone broke the seal, and pulled a card out from the envelope, as random members of the crowd could be heard shouting out the name of the person they wanted to win.

"The winner of 'Roomies Goes Global' is..."

Katara and Megan grabbed a hold of each other's hands, while Finn began to shake nervously, and Kari held her breath in anticipation. Kiyone waited a few seconds, then said the winner's name out loud.

"Katara, of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender!'"

Confetti rained down from above the stage as Katara clasped her hands over her mouth, in disbelief that she had won. Megan gave her friend a congratulatory hug, one in which Kari and Finn both joined in.

"Congratulations!" Kari told Katara.

Katara looked as if she was going to break down and cry in jubilation, but the cheers of the crowd in the concert hall were keeping her emotions upbeat. But even more so when she was joined on the stage by Aang, Sokka, and Toph.

"I can't believe it!" Sokka screamed. "My little sister won on 'Roomies!'"

"I knew you could pull it off!" Toph told her, as if she was expecting this outcome.

But no words could describe how happy Aang was for Katara, so he shared his emotions the only way he could think of at the moment.

With a passionate kiss on the lips, to the joy of the crowd.

Once they had finished, the other twelve cast members emerged from behind stage, all coming out to give their congratulations to Katara.

"We may have crowned a winner, but our show's not over!" Kiyone told both the present audience and those at home. "Right after the break, we'll take a look back at the competition that was, and get some words from our winner, Katara! Don't you dare go anywhere!"

[End Act One]

The audience could be head applauding upon fade in. All sixteen cast members were now sitting down on stage - the Final Four in chairs, and the rest in two rows of risers behind them. Kiyone was seated opposite them, and the crowd quieted down as she began to speak.

"Welcome back, everyone! I'm here at the Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu, where we just found out that you all chose the winner of 'Roomies Goes Global'... and it's Katara!"

A spontaneous cheer for Katara could be heard as she smiled and waved to the audience.

"Okay, Katara, the obvious first question is... what does it feel like to have won 'Roomies Goes Global?'"

"Wow. I actually still can't believe it!"

"Believe it! You won!"

Katara giggled, trying to give off a confident facade even though she was still grasping for words to express her feelings.

"It's just so incredible, Kiyone. I must be the luckiest girl in the world, because I don't think I stood a chance here."

She glanced down the row at the other finalists.

"Finn, Megan, and Kari... they've all done so many more noteworthy things throughout the course of the season, and I thought I'd be congratulating one of them instead of them congratulating me. It's such a great honor to win 'Roomies,' and I have my fans to thank for it."

"No doubt! First, they vote you into the Final Four, and then they voted you as the winner. And thanks to them, you will be leaving Honolulu tonight half a million dollars richer."

"Well then. I guess I have a lot of thank you presents to buy then."

"Surely. Now, do you believe you were voted the winner because of what the fans know of what you've done before coming onto 'Roomies,' or because of what you did when you were actually here?"

Katara took a minute to think about it.

"Well, I suppose winning a few challenges helped. And I had some great partners, first in Megan, and then in Dante. I kept my head above water, I didn't really get on anyone's bad side. I think the viewers saw all of that and thought all of that was what they wanted in a winner. But... having a strong fan base does help."

"Speaking of someone with strong fan support... Finn..."

The crowd cheered loudly for Finn, as he blushed with embarrassment. Kiyone waited a few seconds for the audience to calm down, then began speaking again.

"Finn, you finished a very close second in the final vote. You did the exact opposite of Katara this season... you were pretty visible throughout the whole show. And that helped you out immensely. Looking back, are you proud of your performance?"

Finn nodded. "Definitely. This was so fun, and a lot of the people here are great! I loved hanging out with them, and some of them I've become good friends. It's a shame I'm seeing and talking to them for the first time in a long time. Y'know, since the show finished."

He then glanced up at Lee.

"Rock Lee wanted me to go on a ten-mile run with him once we met at the hotel last night. He did a great job of almost convincing me to, but I couldn't. Didn't want to be pooped up here."

"One of these days!" Lee spurted out. "I will get Finn to run ten miles with me!"

"Better be careful," Terry playfully warned Finn, "Lee's will get you to do it!"

The crowd laughed.

"Speaking of athletic things," Kiyone spoke up again, "Finn, if you had won, you'd be walking out of here with just $300,000. Would you have been happy with that?"

"Of course I would! That's more money than I'd know what to do with, honestly. But the money wasn't the reason I signed up for the show. I signed up for this show to have an adventure, Kiyone. And a grand adventure it was!"

"So... mission successful?"

"Yep. The greatest grand adventure I ever had!"

Kiyone smiled, then moved on to...


A hefty round of cheering could be heard for Megan, but not as much as there had been for Katara or Finn.

"Awfully quiet tonight, aren't we?"

"Just waiting for my turn, that's all," replied Megan.

"Megan, you were voted into the Final Four by your peers. In fact, you were the only person who received a majority, earning eight out of possible votes. Quick show of hands, cast, if you put Megan's name on your Final Four ballot."

Candace, Candice, Katara, Yoshimori, Finn, Terry, Lee, and Noah all raised their hands. Megan was surprised to see Noah's hand up.

"Okay, so with the exception of Noah, everyone else that raised their hand was part of one of two different alliances that you were a part of. So I have to ask... do you think you got away with one here, sneaking into the Final Four?"

"Of course not! Okay, so maybe I technically played on two different teams, but that's what we all had to do to get into the Final Four. At the end of the day, all we had to go on were verbal agreements. It's not like I forced them to put my name on the ballot. It takes a lot of trust to succeed in this game... and obviously they trusted me a lot. Enough to give me eight votes, that is."

"So you believe you definitely earned your place in the Final Four?"

"Without a doubt, Kiyone! I aligned myself with the right people, and they helped me get as far as I did! I'm upset I didn't win, naturally, but I'm just glad I came within a few votes of victory. Besides, Katara, Finn, and Kari are all such great competitors. I'm glad to be in such great company up here."

"So you are. But while we're on the subject of great company... how about Kari, folks?"

A lot of cheering for Kari could be heard, especially from her family and friends.

"Allow me to recap, Kari..."

"Go right on ahead, Kiyone..."

"Ten years ago, you won the original season of 'Roomies.' You come back for a second attempt, and the viewers vote you into the Final Four once again! Just didn't have quite enough though to become the series' first two-time winner, but, by the look on your face, that doesn't seem to bother you, does it?"

"Not at all. Not that I wasn't trying... I mean, why come back if I wasn't coming back to win, right? I was curious as to if my past performance was going to hurt me..."

A quick glance up to Lee and Noah, who gave Kari two Damage Counters very early in the game.

"...and it did, to a point. So I was surprised even more when I got voted into the Final Four by the fans, because I can think of at least three other people that probably should be sitting in my seat right now. But I guess I have a lot of fans out there who liked me in the past and still like me... and I have them to thank for getting here."

"Here's a question that you've been asked plenty, and so have I. In fact, I believe I asked you this on a few occasions during filming. So, now that it's been two months since shooting ending, I ask you again, Kari... how different was this than your first experience with 'Roomies?'"

"Very different, Kiyone. First of all, having to wait two months to learn who won was nerve-racking. But I suppose that's better compared to waiting four, five, or six months after finding out who won and THEN keeping it a secret until the entire season had aired. This actually felt like a different show than the one I competed on a decade ago. So much was compacted into three weeks... I'm not sure the stuff that made it to air completely tells the story, because there were a ton of things that happened that affected how the whole competition played out at the end. Alliances, for example, were not covered much until near the end of the season..."

Kari glanced down at Katara and Megan.

"Like, Katara and Megan and most of the other girls were allied together pretty much from day one, and as you can see, that got them further than they themselves probably even thought they could."

"Point taken. But did you still enjoy the experience?"

"Oh, yes. Overall, I loved all of the new people I met, and I'm definitely been in touch with them a few times since the show ended, for sure."

"And on that note, we need to take a quick break. When we come back, we'll see if we can get some of the other cast members to talking about their experience, and maybe get everyone to open up about a few things including... relationships? That's always a juicy topic! Be right back, folks!"

[End Act Two]

"Since we're already running short on time," revealed Kiyone, "I'm gonna try and get through as many of the cast members as I can... and I'd like to start with Rachel, if I may."

"What do you want to know?" Rachel asked, politely.

"Not many people know your years-long tale about getting on this show. Would you care to tell us about it?"

"Well, truth be told, I was actually cast for 'Roomies 4' back in, I believe it was, '04? And then three weeks before we were to begin shooting, the show got canceled. So I got my chance to be on the show literally pulled out from underneath me. Then, I believe it was last October, that I heard about this show, the reboot of the original 'Roomies.' I made it to the final round of auditions, and then was cast as an alternate! What made it worse was then the show kept getting delayed and delayed for a number of reasons. And then, ironically, and I kid you not, three weeks before this show actually did get filmed in May... I got called up after someone had to drop out of the show. So, here am I!"

Some of the others were amazed, having heard this for the first time.

"Worth the wait?" Kiyone asked.

Rachel nodded affirmatively. "Definitely."

"Now, I can't speak for all of the delays publicly, but the one I can talk about is the last one, which actually did play into Rachel getting on the show. And that's, of course, the Great East Japan Earthquake back in March. As you know, 'Roomies' was originally an all-Japanese cast reality series, only going hybrid for the first time this year. But we had several of our competitors from Japan who considered dropping out, and a couple did. The reason I'm bringing this up is Kenzo..."

All heads turned towards the doctor, who also was the eldest person in the cast.

"Now I understand that after the show finished filming, you took a trip to Tokyo and saw some of the hardest-hit areas up close?"

"Yes," he replied sadly. "I was planning to make a trip to Japan, but put it off temporarily to honor my commitment to be on 'Roomies.' But the week after we finished here, I took a personal trip there, as a volunteer doctor, to help out in any way I could. Believe it or not, there are still tens of thousands of people still in temporary shelters, that had their homes and their livelihoods washed away. I was only supposed to be there for five days, but ended up staying for two weeks just so I could spend more time with those critically injured and inspire hope in the survivors, particularly the children."

"Can you tell us why you decided to do the show despite your want to go to Japan?"

"I was hoping to win, and if I had done so, I would've donated a substantial portion of my winnings to the relief efforts."

"So do you plan on donating since you didn't win?"

Kenzo nodded. "I already have, actually. The staff of Eisler Memorial Hospital in Dusseldorf, including myself, have already donated over 30,000 Euros, which is a little north of $42,000, directly towards the relief fund."

A heartening round of applause filled the concert hall upon hearing that.

"That's amazing!" remarked Yoshimori.

"A good amount of that is from private donations, and several of us, including me, have chipped in portions of our paychecks. That doesn't include the boxes and boxes of clothes we've sent over as well. And I'd like to stress that it's not too late to make a donation. There are still so many people that are displaced, and many of them may never return to their former lives because of all of the devastation. Even if it's just five dollars, every cent matters. So please consider donating, whether you haven't as of yet or you've made several in the past, because the people of Japan still need your support."

"Yes, they definitely do," agreed Kiyone. "Every bit does help. Thank you, Kenzo, for pledging your support to the relief efforts."

Everyone cheered Kenzo for his efforts. Kiyone took a second to get recomposed, then resumed interviewing the cast.

"Fred, I've got a question for you."

"Okay, shoot."

"Did you ever figure out why everyone had it out for you? Getting three Damage Counters not just once, but twice! How did you cope?"

"It kinda baffles me, Kiyone. I never did find out."

"So let's find out from the people who gave you Damage Counters. Like, say... Lee?"

Of course, Lee happened to be sitting right next to Fred on the bleachers.

"I was just playing the game," he explained. "It was not personal, my friend. I just had to give it to someone."

"What about the second time?" questioned Fred.

Lee quietly clammed up, not able to give a response for that one.

"Kari and Katara," Kiyone piped in, "would either of you like to explain your reasons?"

The two finalists were the others to give Fred a Damage Counter during the competition.

"Lack of... better choices?" Kari hesitantly answered.

Fred was not happy with the answer, but apparently the responses he was getting were the best he was going to receive.

"Francine," Kiyone turned to the housewife, "you were the only one to receive a fan question."

"Wow! Lucky me!" she exclaimed, in half-enthusiasm.

"Okay, Bad Asp asks... 'Why did you decide to leave the tiki you found where someone else could easily take it instead of keeping it with you at all times?' He is, of course, referring to the Idol you found, hid away, which was found by Rachel, and which you blamed Kari for stealing..."

"I know what happened!" snapped Francine.

"Okay, okay. So... care to explain?"

"Well, I thought it would be obvious that I had it if I hid it underneath my shirt. That, and I wasn't in a rush to use it. Besides, I didn't think anyone would find it!"

"Follow-up question from myself... assuming that you were going to use the Tiki Idol at some point, who were you planning on choosing as your new partner?"

"Oh, that's easy. It would've been Dante, for sure."

Kiyone turned to look at Dante. "What do you think about that, Dante?"

"I would've loved to have had her as a partner," he replied truthfully. "She didn't get as much credit for keeping the house in shape despite all of the negativity around her. Francine's a wonderful woman, and it's a shame she didn't get a chance to be successful in the game."

"Why, thank you, Dante! Glad to see someone appreciated my company!"

"And on the note of people not being given a chance... Heloise! I know I'd be kicking myself if we didn't get to chatting with you."

"Woo hoo!" Heloise raised her hands in mock celebration. "The show's incomplete without talking to the outsider!"

"So, tell me Heloise... do you regret the way you played the game?"

Heloise scoffed. "Of course I did! I watched the show, and realized how easy I took it on everyone! If I was really into it, I probably could've scared at least half the cast away by the end of the first day!"

"But you didn't!" interrupted Finn. "And that's why I know there's some good in you! One of these days, you'll be nice enough to avoid not wanting to hurt a fly!"

"Don't bet on it, golden boy! And how did Katara win instead of you? You're the only person here that I thought was cool!"

"Heloise thinking someone is cool?" laughed Noah. "Never thought I'd see the day."

"Okay, there's one last thing we have to cover," Kiyone said aloud. "Relationships. And only one of any real consequence happened this season."

Kiyone smirked slyly as she and everyone else turned their peepers on... Finn and Megan.

"So, Finn and Megan. Are you two dating yet?"

"Woo!" a few people from the audience could be heard shouting.

"Dating?" shouted Finn, his face turning completely red. "Dating?"

"We're really, really, really, really good, close friends!" Megan explained.


"We bonded, but there's absolutely nothing romantic going on between Finn and I! Absolutely nothing!"


Megan sighed. "Okay, Finn, they get it!"

"I AM NOT DATING ANYONE!" yelled Finn as he jumped up onto his seat.

Candace snickered. "Ah, young love. The first sign is always denial."

"Calm down," Megan said to Finn as he pulled. "There's nothing to worry about. We're not dating."

"We're not?"

"Check up on them in six months and we'll see if they still feel that way," remarked Candice.

"Oh, come on!" cried Megan.

"And that's all the time we have," Kiyone ended the debate right there. "But lastly, one reunion show tradition we're gladly bringing back for 'Global'... the season's winner gets the final word. Katara, anything you wanna say?"

"Yes," nodded Katara. "I'd like to thank all of you who voted for me! Thanks for all your support... I couldn't have done this without all of you!"

"And from the entire 'Roomies Goes Global' cast crew, this is Kiyone Makibi, signing off! Good night, Honolulu!"

All of the family and friends present for the show begin to make their way to the stage, and some final cheers for Katara could be heard as the end credits began to roll.

End Episode Thirteen

Author's Notes:
And, there you go! Katara wins 'Roomies Goes Global.'

You'll be happy to note that, at 31 KB, this is shorter than any of the reunion specials in the original series. Maybe that's why we didn't get a chance to ask the cast more questions at the end... but it couldn't be helped under the severe time crunch this had to be done in.

As for a possible second season? Right now, all signs are pointing to no. There's not enough of you who read the story, and the number of people who participated in the polls was disheartening. Especially in the final poll, where your vote mattered the most. But if by chance you want to see a second season, I'll be doing an all-inclusive poll for all of my stories this year so far at the end of the summer. I encourage you to participate in that poll when it comes out. I'll post a link on my profile page when it's opened.

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