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The End

Emma's POV

A few days later Jackie, Gabby, Kelly K, and I were sitting on a bench waiting for school to start.

"McDonald's has salad and stuff though." Kelly said.

"But Burger King has better breakfasts." Jackie said.

"I think Wendy's is the best." Gabby said. "You can taste the difference between deep fried who knows what kind of meat, and real chicken.

"I agree with Gabby." I said.

"Aw man!" Kelly suddenly jumped up. "I need to turn in my community service hours before I forget!"

"Couldn't you just-"

"I'll be right back!" She yelled as she ran toward the office.

Jackie sighed.

"So they really don't remember anything?" Gabby asked.

"Nope. Rukia used the little poofy mind eraser thingy." I said.

"Does the poofy mind eraser thingy even have a real name?" Jackie asked.

"Poofy mind eraser thingy!" I exclaimed.

"Never mind. They probably remember something, but will just pass it off as a dream. That's what happened to Orihime."

"So as long as no one brings it up, we're safe?" Gabby asked.


"Great. Has the Bleach crew left yet?" I asked.

"They said they would swing by before they left." Gabby said.

"Right on time." Jackie stood up and looked over at the gate, where Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Orihime, Chad, and Uryu were coming through. We all went over to them.

"Hey there!" Jackie said. "So you guys are leaving now?"

"Yeah." Ichigo said. "Urahara's going to send a portal any minute."

"In the middle of the school?" Gabby asked.

"No, no he's not that stupid." Ichigo smiled.

"I guess this is goodbye, then." I said.

"For good this time." Orihime said.

"Say bye to Toshiro for me!" I said.

"And Urahara!" Jackie said.

"And Ulquiora!"

"Otakus." Gabby said.

"You mean we'll see that emo freak again?" Renji asked.

Jackie and I froze. "Umm... maybe... eventually..."

"Can't wait." Renji said sarcasticly.

"Isn't there something that you can tell us that will help us defeat Aizen." Rukia asked.

I looked at Jackie. She shrugged.

I pointed at Ichigo. "You'll have to grow your hair out."


"I'm serious! Only about three months."

"How would that help?"

"You'll understand one the time comes." Jackie said.


"By the way," I whispered to Orihime. "Good luck with Ichigo."


"Oh, please, you two are perfect for each other!"

"I have to disagree." Jackie whispered. "Ichigo belongs with Rukia!"

"No way! Then who gets Orihime?"




"Hey!" Gabby said.

"Sorry." I smiled.

Rukia's Soul Pager beeped. "It's time." She said.

"Thanks for all your help." Ichigo said.

"Thank you. Without you guys, we would've been crushed by Ulquiora and Grimmjow." I said.

"Yeah." Jackie agreed.

"Guess we'll see you around."

"Let's not jinx it again."

"Ha, right."

Everyone turned to leave and I grabbed Ichigo's sleeve. "Um, just so you know... You can defeat them."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"You're the type of person that'll keep going even if there's a hole in your chest." Jackie said.

"A hole?"

"N-not that Ulqui- someone's gonna put a hole in your chest, but..."

"What they're trying to say," Gabby said, "is that you can do it."

Ichigo smiled. "Thanks." He turned to catch up with the others.

"Bye bye!" Orihime called back.

We waved as they turned the corner.

"Guess that's that." Jackie sighed.

"C'mon cheer up." Gabby said.

"But it's over! We won't be able to have any more adventures."

"We still have our necklaces, right?"

"Why does that-"

"Yeah!" I said. "The necklaces are somehow connected to the portals, so it's not totally over!"

"I guess..." Jackie smiled.

"You know," I said, "this would make a great fan fiction."

"Is that all you think about?" Gabby asked.


"Maybe we can just have some peace and quiet for a little while." Gabby said, walking back to the bench.

Well, she did say a little while, right?

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