Chapter 1: The Bus Ride

I watched him.

That's all I ever do anymore is watch him.

I pressed my palm against the glass of my window, gazing outside into the forest a little away from my backyard. I had a perfect view of it since there were no trees or bushes blocking my way. My eyes were fixed on one thing.

The grey wolf with blonde hair and green eyes. What's the weirder thing? He was staring right back at me as though he was… Challenging me. Challenging me to get out of the house and stop being such a scaredy cat. Challenging me to go with him.

I leaned my forehead against the windowpane and let out a small sigh, watching as my breath fogged up the window, momentarily blocking my view of the wolf. With my pinkie finger I carefully smudged the fog away…

… Only to see that the grey wolf wasn't there anymore. "Damn…" I muttered underneath my breath. This always happens. Every time I look away from the window, or something blocks my view of the forest, that wolf just vanishes. Sometimes I wondered if the wolf was a freaking ninja or something…

The doorbell rang. I glanced over at my clock with a small sigh, got up, grabbed my book bag, and started down the stairs. "Don't worry, Kristina! I'll get it!" My little sister's shrill voice rang through the house. I glared at her. It was only 7 in the morning… Why was she yelling?

Why was somebody ringing the doorbell at 7 in the morning?

By the time I got down the stairs, my sister was at the front door, talking to what looked like to be my friend Alex. I rolled my eyes slightly, jumping the last two steps and fast walked over to the door.
"Alexandria…" I dared using the name she absolutely hated. My sister carefully backed away without making a noise as I glared at my best friend. "What in the world do you think you're doing ringing my doorbell so early? You're lucky my parents are heavy sleepers…"

Alex rubbed the back of her neck nervously… It was something she did all the time when she was put on the spot. I even took over her habit and do that now whenever a teacher asks me a difficult question in math… One that I don't know the answer to.

"I was gonna wait till you came outside, but I thought otherwise considering you scare so easily." Alex smirked, and for once, she was right. "Anyways," she continued, taking her iPhone out of her pocket, her grin getting bigger. "guess who asked me to company him during the School Social in two weeks?" she nearly squealed.

I mentally slapped myself in the face and shook my head, motioning for Alex to step outside. She did so and I followed her, quietly shutting the door behind me. "Oh, I don't know," I said sarcastically, glancing at my watch. It was 7:05. My bus came in three minutes. "but you can tell me on the way to the bus stop… I don't want to be late."

We went down the block, and Alex gave me her cell phone. I quickly scanned through the text messages and rolled my eyes at the name she added this boy as… "Uh, Alex… What will your parents think when they see a contact named 'My Future Husband' on your phone?"

"They don't bother to look at my phone. Besides, it's passcode locked, and I have a passcode that NOBODY could figure out. Except me, of course… But that's besides the point. Can you BELIEVE that Jake had asked me out? I can't!"

"Technically, he had asked you to the School Social… He never said 'Can you go out with me'."

"Don't ruin my moment. ANYWAY, you should totally hook up with Daniel. We can go on a double date to the Social. It'll be a blast!"

My eyes widened a bit and I tried to hide my blush as Danny's name was mentioned. I didn't like how Alex calls him by his actual name, since almost EVERYONE calls him Danny except for a few friends of his, but I knew who she was talking about. "You know he doesn't like me." I said hopelessly.

"Oh of course he does… You just don't see it." Alex smiled at me.

We had reached the corner right on time. The bus was picking up the 6th graders and almost took off until the driver saw us. We walked into the bus and I sat in one seat, and Alex sat in the seat across the isle.
To avoid anymore conversation about Danny or the School Social all together, I took my iTouch out of my pocket and quickly put the earbuds in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alex do the same, and I was relieved that our morning conversation time was over. I scanned through my songs, picked a random tune, and glanced out the window, thinking. How could Alex be asked to the Social before me? I mean, I'm not a popular girl, but it's not like I can't get a date… Right?

I must really have self esteem issues, don't I? I thought to myself. That had to be the only explanation.

I started to pay attention to my music. Well, tried to. The song that was playing was reminding me of Danny… Hell, any song that was being played reminded me of Danny. Ugh. I hate this.
Danny is my friend, and we've only been friends for maybe a month or two, but that doesn't really mean much. We talk sometimes and share music on the bus and stuff, but, sadly, I have closer friends than him. I wanted to change that.

A sudden bounce on the seat made me turn my attention from the window and out towards the isle.

I almost slammed my head into his if I wasn't looking. The first thing I saw were his green eyes, then his blonde hair and cute smile came into view.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." I saw Danny mouth. I realized the music was still blasting in my ears.

I quickly said, "Okay… It's okay," with a small smile and turned my head back to the window. He was listening to his music as well, most likely the complete opposite of mine.

Well, crap… Total conversation killer right there, huh?

Thankfully his appearance on the bus meant we were almost at school…

And almost being at school meant that maybe I could relax for once… Especially since Danny wasn't in any of my classes…

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept looking at him. His head was against the seat in front of us, and his eyes were closed. Poor Daniel… I thought. He prolly didn't get a lot of sleep last night… At least he isn't alone in that one.

I let him be so he could get a small power nap before we reached the school.

One thing I couldn't stop thinking about, though…

That wolf who lives in the forest right behind my house… With his green eyes, blonde hair, and cute wolfy smile…

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