Lost Inside Her Mind


Charlie Swan married Sue and started a family.

Sam age 22

Paul age 19

Jared age 18

Embry age 16

Seth age 16

Charlie and Sue separated and Charlie dated Renee. Renee found she was pregnant after Charlie returned to Sue. Renee never told Charlie.

Bella age 12

Carlisle Cullen married Esme, started a family and are close friends to the Swans.

Edward age 23

Emmett age 20

Alice age 18

Jasper age 14

Sue sister Sara married Billy Black and started a family.

Leah age 21

Rachel age 17

Jacob age 15

Chapter 1

Bella POV

I was born in Phoenix, AZ where Renee, my mother ran. I don't know my father or his name cause my mother said he has a family of his own and would not want me with all my problems. See when I was 9 years old I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and sever anxiety. Mother thinks I fake all of it to get attention. So mother tends to beat me when I act out.

"Get your ass down here Isabella!" Renee yelled upstairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back.

I get downstairs to see my mother brought home her new boyfriend Phil; who plays minor baseball. This is like the 5th guy this month that Renee brought home. Phil is the nicest of the guys she came home with. So I stand there seeing four suitcases packed. Renee wants to travel with Phil now so she plans on dropping off in town called La Push, Washington.

Phil loads the station wagon and we head to the airport.

"Who lives in La Push?" I asked Renee.

"You'll find out later." Renee spat back.

Great now I have no idea where she is taking me. Last time she did this she left me at a damn drug house where I was to babysat by a friend. Instead though I was molested and raped by her friend's boyfriend. I told Renee, she blew it off as a me trying to get attention. Who would lie about that shit? I was brought out of my thoughts suddenly.

"Now boarding to Seattle, WA." I heard from the speakers.

We went through the boarding process. As I go to board the plane Renee pulls us aside and hands me envelope and tells me to open it on the plane. Then Renee shoves me towards the entrance as she turns around and walks away. Now I'm stuck on plane to La Push, WA and only a damn letter telling me where to go or so I hope. I open the letter and read:


You are going to stay with a guy I use to date named Charlie. I should of done this years ago since you only know how to ruin my life. Here is the money to take a taxi. Tell the driver to drop you at 1453 Wolf Dr. La Push.

Go fuck up his life,


The plane finally landed about 7 hours later at Sea-Tac airport. I came off the plane feeling kind of sick and dizzy. I shook it off and went to baggage to get my luggage. I gather my luggage and head to the entrance. Suddenly I bumped into someone falling on my ass. I stare up at this hot looking guy that has this long beautiful blonde hair. Scanning my eyes down I see that he is wearing a flannel shirt and some hip hugging blues jeans.

"Sorry ma'am, here let me help you up." He helps me up. "Are you okay? I'm Jasper by the way." Jasper told me.

"I'm Bella and I'm fine." I said start to gather my luggage again.

We said good-bye and he left to catch up with his parents. I went outside to hail a taxi. I swear this canary yellow looking taxi pulled up along the sidewalk. This creepy old dude gets out and loads my luggage in the trunk as I get the back of the taxi. Then he gets back in and pulls back on the road.

"Where you heading to miss?" The creepy dude asks.

"I'm going to 1453 Wolf Dr. La Push" I told him in a rush hoping to get there faster.

I watched as we passed over the bridge gazing at the water below. I asked the driver how much longer it will be. He told me an hour. Great! So not worth all this. To pass the time I pull out Little Women to read. Reading that book makes me wonder what it would be like to have a actual family.

"Miss, we are here." The creepy driver said.

The driver piles my luggage along the edge of the lawn and gets back in after I paid him his money. I turn around looking at this huge house I think it might be a mansion. I take a deep breath; pick up my luggage and head to the door. I knocked twice and waited.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The man said staring at me.

"My mother, Renee sent me here. She told me to give this to Charlie and it would explain everything." I told the man.

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