Lost Inside Her Mind: Surviving and Healing


*A/N: I know it's been awhile since I've updated this story, but I've struggled on how I wanted this to go. So without further delay here it is. Hope you all enjoy!*

It's been a long five years. Thanks to Bella newly found family and friends, she finally feels comfortable and safe with those around her. Tanya has really helped her, well Tanya and the medicine she gave her.

It's Bella senior year, and she can tell all ready things are about to change. Luckily Bella at least has her somewhat friend Jacob to keep her company at school. Though in Bella's heart she wished it was Jasper. He's truly been Bella's savior as she began to heal.

Chapter 1

Bella POV

I can't believe next week school starts back. Well at least this will be my last year. Though I wish either one of my brothers or Jasper would be with me this year. Unfortunately, Embry and Seth graduated three years ago, and Jasper graduated last year. So I'm stuck with Jacob, which I wouldn't mind much if he would get it through his hard head that I don't love him. His stupid crush has caused more trouble than I care to admit.

If it wasn't for the fact my brother Sam is now engaged to Leah or the fact Paul is dating Rachel, I would have never met or became friends with Jacob. Thankfully Jasper and my brothers have knocked some sense into his thick head. I'm slightly scared since I will be at school alone with Jacob and his idiot friends.

"Dad, are you sure I can't be home schooled this year?" I pleaded once again.

"No, Bella, we have been through this already. You. Are. Going. And. That. Is. Final!" Dad spat.

"Fine." I huffed.

Jasper POV

Over the last five years I have watched Bella blossom into this strong woman. She has is a true survivor. Everyday we spent together, I found myself slowly falling for her. Now all I have to do is find the balls to tell Bella.

"Alice, when is James coming to pick you up?" I asked my sister.

"James should be here in five minutes. Why?" Alice questioned.

"Edward took my truck to pick up something in Seattle. Bella just called a few minutes ago upset so I was wondering if James could drop me off." I told Alice.

Bella was extremely upset that Charlie refuses to let her be home school. Which this is all Jacob's fault. He is a crazy bastard that can't seem to take no for an answer. If it wasn't for Bella's brothers, my siblings, or myself, Jacob would have violated Bella several times over. None of our parents seems to listen.

"Charlie still refuses, huh?" Alice inquired.

"Yea.." I said trailing off.

*Flashback Five years ago*

"Jasper, Bella come here for a minute" Sam yelled.

We ran down stairs to meet Sam. As we went into the living room we noticed Sam with two other people.

"Leah this is my sister, Bella, and this is Carlisle's youngest son, Jasper. Bella, Jasper this is my girlfriend Leah and her little brother Jacob." Sam introduced us.

*End of Flashback*

Sam even admitted to us later on that he regretted introducing Bella to Jacob. I just hope Jacob doesn't cause Bella any trouble this year.