So, once upon a time there was a girl named Phoenix Flight. She accomplished something noone else has... She introduced me to my obsession, JeriKole. Hehe. Big thank you to my friend, Phoenix.(: Love yah, girl!

The ABC's of JeriKole


Jericho couldn't help but think of how lucky he was, as he stared at the pink haired angel sleeping beside him.


She gave him a reason to believe.


Jericho couldn't help but think of how cute Kole looked when she blushed.


Some might say it was dangerous for her to be in a relationship with the son of a super villain, but that didn't matter to Kole.


Jericho couldn't understand why Kole would cry during E.T.,it was just a movie, but he still never failed to hold her as she cried.


Although she would never admit it, he was her first kiss.


They were always together, it was as if someone had super-glued them.


Jericho would never forget the look on Kole's face when she saw their new house.

I-I do

At their wedding Kole looked like the mute one. At least Jericho signed "I do." Kole, on the other hand, was so busy crying that all she could manage was a nod.


Jericho eyed the rings in the jewelry display carefully, wondering which one Kole would like best.


Kole and Jericho smiled as there little girl ran outside to get on the bus, ready for her first day at Kindergarten.

L- Lovely

In Jericho's opinion lovely didn't even begin to describe Kole.

M- Model

Kole once asked Jericho if she was ugly. Jericho's response was to simply sign to her that to him she looked like a model.


He was well aware that Kole wasn't really her real name, but Jericho still wasn't used to people referring to her as Nickole.


Kole and Jericho were starting to consider that maybe their daughter didn't comprehend what the word obey meant.


Jericho was perfect to Kole, mute or not.

Q- Quiet

Jericho's quietness didn't really bother Kole, besides she did enough talking for the both of them.


Kole didn't know how to respond when Jericho signed to her that she looked like a rabbit, until he explained that he meant that she was tiny, cute, and he wanted to take her home with him.(;


He would never do anything to put her in danger, but he would do everything to keep her safe.


Jericho wasn't the only one speechless when Kole found out she was not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins.


Kole and Jericho's relationship was very unique.


In comparison to most other Teen Titan couples, they had to agree, they had the least violent relationship.


She normally wasn't this weak, especially around him, but when Gnarrk was severely injured in battle she couldn't help but cry, and to her surprise he was there to hold her all night long.


Jericho had never seen Kole so scared, not even when she went into labor with her twins. The sad thing was, what Kole was so terrified of was getting a X-Ray.


Jericho sighed in relief as Kole said yes to his proposal.


Jericho couldn't help but smile as her girlfriend gushed over all the animals in the zoo.