The weeks had slipped by, March was almost over and I had yet to talk to Violet. I wanted to, don't get me wrong, but after acting like the kiss, or the date or anything that I felt didn't matter on Valentine's Day, I don't think she really wanted me to. Most of the D.A. had attempted to convince her to forgive me, and convince me to just talk to her.

"Okay, George and Violet, you're up." Harry's voice rang through the room, we where on opposite sides of the room, and we moved to the center, she was closer then she had been in weeks and I couldn't help myself. I stepped even closer to her, looking down the six inches to her, and grabbed her face, one hand over each cheek and kissed her.

She was kissing back for a moment, and everything slowed again. The world grew quiet around us until the only sound I could hear was the sound of our hearts beating back to back. First hers, then mine, then hers, then mine. When I pulled away from her, the first thing I heard again was the breathing, not just our own, but everyone's.

Then I saw her lips move, her wand was still at the ready and against my chest, she whispered it. "Impedimenta" and I was shot back, landing against the wall and banging my head hard against it. The last thing I saw before the room turned to a black nothingness was her walking away and to the door. Not a bad view, I'll say that.

When I woke up I was surrounded by the members of the D.A., they where looking down at me and gave a soft sigh of relief echoed through the room and I looked for her face, but instead I found myself getting a quick slap from Nicki. "I wanted you to be awake for that." She gave a smug smile and trotted off in the direction that Violet had gone, and again I will state, that it's not a bad view.

"Anyone else? I'm starting to like it." the room laughed at the joke, but concern never left their eyes. So I stood up did a quick spin to prove that I was perfectly okay. "Now if you will all excuse me, I have to find a woman who can pack a spell." I jogged out, looking around in a half circle around the hallway. How long was I out? Where would she go?

Why didn't we just loan Harry the map?

"I love the Astronomy tower." We had been talking on our date about what we love most and what we dislike most, something to get to know each other more, I remember because there where a few things that we where complete opposites about. "There is just something extra magical about it, when the day starts to turn to night and you can just see the starts start to peak out, it's the perfect place to think."

So I ran, broke out into a full sprint and only stopped when I saw her sitting on a windowsill, looking up at the sky. It was a mix of green and purple with hints of pink, and the stars had just started to emerge. "I'm... sorry..." I panted out, bending at the waist and resting my hands on my knees I tried to catch my breathe. "I couldn't help it."

She walked over, her eyes puffy and red as they had been so many times in the weeks since we had last spoken. Her hand came up and I waited to be hit again, but hey, whats another head trauma today? But instead she rested it over the spot that Nicki had hit me a few minutes prior. Her skin was soft and cool, so much so that I didn't realize that my cheek burned before it was placed in contact with her hand.

This time she kissed me and slowly lowered her hand to rest on my chest and I placed mine on her hip and I backed her, slowly against one of the cool brick walls that surrounded us. Her hand moved up and her fingers tangled themselves in my hair after I ran tongue across her lower lip and she opened up. Our tongues battled, it was a mixture of soft, caring, almost sensual kissing and rough, angry, damn sexy kissing. We each tried to dominate the situation, I pressed against her, my hand moving down and rested on her bottom and hers gripped my shoulders, her nails pressing into the skin and making e come alive.

She gasped when she felt it pressing against her leg, and I took the moment to bite her lower lip, and the smile that spread across her face made my knees weak. Her eyes flashed with a spark of mischief that I had never seen in the girl. She grabbed my hand and we left the tower, moved closer to the dorms, stopping every so often to let our lips crash into each other again. We where snogging in a way that was almost making up for the weeks we missed out on.

"HEY!" The sky was dark, and the Inquisitorial Squad was starting their rounds, and about five of them where gathered at the end of the hall, so I grabbed her hand, entwined our fingers, and ran. We ducked into a secret passageway and stopped, listening to the footsteps as they ran past "I think they went left." I heard someone get smacked and a cold tone reply with a simple "The only thing on the left is a suit of armor, dumb ass." They went right and we ducked out, running to the common room.

And we got there we both collapsed onto one of the couches, laughing, our fingers still entangled.

"I remember the first time I met Violet she was covered in flour after a fight with Fred," Bill started his speech with a chuckle, "who wasn't any better off, and she still managed to be very sweet to both me and my wife. And despite that first impression, the one that made her seem exactly like George—mischievous and a couldn't care less about rules attitude—but instead she turned out to be exactly what my brother needed to balance out." He let the memory wash over the newlyweds, the flour fight that Fred had started because they didn't need her to calm mum down.

"I think we would have all disowned him if he hadn't had popped question, because let's be honest, she was apart of our family from the very first day." The crowd laughed, Ginny and Ron nodding in agreement, and I held my hand over his heart in mock hurt.

As the night moved on, after food and drinks, people started coming up to Violet and I, congratulating us and sharing small stories of our times together. Fleur had come up, waddling softly under the extra weight of the child that was ready to come at any moment, to thank us for inviting her sister, she doesn't get to see her often, and we didn't have to. Only of course we did, because she was family and it would have been wrong not to.

Teddy was sitting on Violet's lap while I spoke with my younger brother, I watched the two play patty cake and the excitement on the small boys face making his hair change from green to blue to purple. "So, when are you two gonna have one then? It'll thrill mum." I had to laugh, that it would, mum would be over the moon to have another grandchild, what with Fleur's on the way and Teddy, she almost died of excitement with the idea of a wedding and a grandchild.

"I'm not sure, but I do plan on trying tonight." I laughed as the realization of what I said slid across Ron's face.

Authors Note: I will be making excuses in 3...2...1.. I'm not only lazy as balls, but I am also working on a few other things, and my mother just moved into a different time zone, so, I'm getting used to that. But this chapter, for some reason, gave me more trouble then I you can understand. Every time I wrote a new paragraph I hated everything I wrote.

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