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Bonus Chapter

Days later….


Kanda paused as he entered the main hall. He had just returned from a mission of retrieving an Innocence. He had fought against countless akuma on his own and encountered Tyki Mikk, one of the Noah. They're fight didn't last long when Tyki retreated with his last words of "meeting again". Kanda's body ached with tiredness and wanted to rest in his room.

He glanced in front of him noticing Lenalee and Miranda rushing towards him. They seemed concerned and maybe a bit frantic.


"It's Lavi!" Miranda replied.

"What about…."

The girls switched glances for a moment. Lenalee spoke,

"She…hasn't been feeling well since morning so she went to the infirmary."

Kanda's eyes widened a bit, his heart almost stopped for a moment. He quickly shook the thought of them knowing that Lavi was actually a girl.

"And?" he pressed.

"Well…. " Miranda twiddled her thumbs nervously on her lap. "The Head Nurse had given her a test and…."

"She's pregnant," Lenalee finished. "Kanda?" both girls looked at him with concern as his eyes seemed to double in size. Less than a second passed by…

He fainted.