Melinda's POV:

Hot, tired and exhausted, my plane finally landed in my home town; Memphis, Tennessee. After collecting all of my heavy luggage at the baggage claim, I looked around anxiously waiting to see his face.

"Melinda!" I heard a familiar voice call.

I turned around to see him standing there, smiling until he saw my face, in which he gasped at how much I must have changed in his eyes. My hair was shoulder length with layers and I had highlights that were just a couple tones brighter than my natural color so it looked sun-kissed. I had also started working out about 2 years ago so I was very slim and fit. I finally snapped back to reality when he remarked "We should get going, the taxi is waiting." I nodded in agreement. He grabbed some of my bags to carry to the car and I flashed a small smile of gratefulness at him. When we finally got to the car he put all my suitcases in the trunk and opened the door for me. I got in, as did he and we sat in silence for about 10 minutes.

He finally asked "So how've you been? What's new?"

I looked over at him and responded "Oh, nothing much, I've changed my hair, as you can see, and I am the head of department for fashion designs at my favorite store, Gucci."

"How about you?" I asked back.

"Well, I'm still working at the Bank; still an Analyst in the Human Resources department." He smiled.

"Oh. So how much further is your apartment?" I asked, not smiling, as it had been about 40 minutes by now.

"About 2 minutes." He replied.

In about less than a minute we stopped at his apartment building and we stepped out. He tried to get out my luggage but I just said "No, I got it." He looked at me and was about to retort but after seeing the look on my face, let it go. When we got inside, he said, "I'll show you to your room. Follow me." I looked at him with a bemused expression and said "Seriously? I am NOT staying here. I'm staying at a hotel. My company is paying for it as I am technically on business trip."

His face angered a little and he said, "No, Melinda you are my wife. You are staying with me. You don't have to sleep in the same bed as me, but you have to stay here."

"Look, to me, we are not married anymore. You fucking cheated on me with your skank of a secretary for how long? Oh yea, 2 YEARS! And now I come back to get you to sign the divorce papers and your telling ME what I can and cannot do?" I angrily said.

I could tell Jim was angry as he didn't do a very good job of hiding it. "Melinda." He whispered "I still love you. Please, I was an idiot to ever cheat on you. You know that saying you don't know what you have till it's gone? That's how I feel! That's how I've felt ever since you left a year and a half ago."

Tears started to rim my eyes nd before I let them fall, I said to him "I gave you 2 chances already, Jim. And I will never, ever give you another." I grabbed my luggage angrily and stomped out. I could hear him calling my name. I turned around and said "I'll be back in a couple days to get you to sign the divorce papers."

And then I started running hailed a cab and threw my luggage inside and finally let the tears pour down my face as the taxi man pulled away. "MELINDAAAAaaaa" I heard Jim yell after me. "Excuse me Miss, where are we headed?" the taxi driver asked. "one second let me find the address of the hotel" I replied. I fished through my purse until I found the piece of paper that had the name of my hotel on it. I told him the name and we drove off.

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