Hey guys! Omg it's been soo long again! I really have no excuse for why I haven't been on But I have been reading, and just a shout out to my faves: .heart, AJMcGough, CrazyLove345, AlexiaJones18, ILoveMeSomeKeegs, A Pretty Little Love, fluteplayer01, Jimmelfan12, and, lastly, my all time hero , GhostWhispererFan6! I love you all!^-^ There are a ton others I haven't mentioned, so sorry about that . I am actually not going to continue with this story, since I feel people haven't really read it, and I've gotten only one review:/ . I'm not a review beggar or anything, but the stats were and are low for it, which basically means no one is really reading. Which I am totally ok with. It was not the best plotline, and I didn't really execute my thoughts and ideas that well. It was like, 3 years ago . But I am planning on writing a couple more stories, some may not be Ghost Whisperer, but new shows, like Pretty Little Liars, glee, vampire diaries, the lying game, and a few others So look out! For the few who did read this story, I actually do have one last chapter, so if you want, just PM me or review, and I can email it to you or something . I don't really want to publish it, as I hate watching the stats go nowhere-_- If you feel I'm being a tad selfish, sorry But I still have the last chap. if you want it

Until my next story!(which I'm writing right now, and may be published todauy0.o)