By: Wyatt

Disclaimer: All standard disclaimers apply. I do not own Harry Potter, or any of the other recognizable characters in this tale. I am not making any money from this.

A/N: This is obviously a Hairy Potter fan fiction, its a mix and mash between the books and the movies along with me dropping and adding things at will (like our main character who is largely based off of me). The story starts in Lunas fourth year (the beginning of it) and well youll have to read for the rest. Lastly it is rated M for later chapters love scenes and language + graphic violence later on.

The Earth And The Moon

It was a nice day outside, classes were over for the day and Luna Lovegood was quite pleased with herself. This had been the first year at Hogwarts where she had been largely left alone by her fellow students (friends excluded) which had left her in a good enough mood to go for a walk in the forest. Being a fourth year she was by now familiar with the area around the school and had much less fear of it then the newer students who seemed to think it was a death sentence to wander the forests (forbidden forest excluded, she didnt like to go into there). She liked the peacefulness and beauty especially on bad days, but something was different today. The forest creatures which were usually about seemed to be lacking today, something was out here and against her better instincts she decided to find out who or what was out of place.

He had no real clue where he was, his memory was largely a blur and he only had one real thing on his mind. "Get to Hogwarts" which was written on a note which he found in his pocket when he awoke, he knew of Hogwarts but had never been there. Now that he really spent the time to think about it he knew a lot of things about a lot of places but never could remember how or why he knew these things, and of course the note held no more information on it and the only other thing he had with him besides the clothes on his back was an odd scar on his chest. He hoped that when he arrived at Hogwarts he would be able to get some kind of answers to the endless questions he had. But at the moment he was getting tired of walking (he had gone with little rest for 3 days after all) so he decided here looked to be a good a place as any to sit down and maybe get some rest.

"Now heres the problem" Luna thought as she caught her first glimpses of the stranger in the Hogwarts woods. He was about 6'2 and looked rather built (like a rugby or football player on the T.V which muggles were so entranced by) and had rather normal length blonde hair. He didnt seem at all dangerous if anything he seemed to be asleep! She decided to creep closer, upon further inspection he didnt seem to have a wand or even much more than his clothes which seemed shabby at that (but she figured she wasnt one to judge seeing as she was often ridiculed for her choice of attire).

I was awoken by a scream of a girl and as my eyes opened I was confronted by one of the most sinister looking men Id ever seen holding one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace my eyes. There were two big problems with this picture for me, one the creepy fuck has the pretty girl, two the man had a wand pointed right to her temple. He told me he had been looking for me for a very long time (why at this time I had no clue) so I let him talk as I tried to figure out what to do. But it seemed he was done when he announced "Ok its time to go kid, but first I must end this girl", I could think of nothing but stopping him one word kept pounding around in my head "kill him". I raised my hand as if by instinct and said some kind of incantation which seemed to baffle him because I had no wand and in a climax all I could hear and see was "death". The next thing I remember is feeling arms wrapped around me and the most beautiful voice saying "Its going to be ok".