A few things you should know about this story.

They are in high school (Akira is 16, Suoh is 17 and Nokoru is 18)

They've been living together for about a year and a half.

For some reason, in all my stories I make Akira look like a girl (long hair, slim figure, doll-like face, ECT…) I don't know why, but that's what he's like in my stories. I think it's because I was obsessed with Jasmine from Aladdin when I was little.

There are no pairings in this story unless you want me to make some.


Nokoru came down the stairs, yawning. He sat down at the table but blinked when he saw it was empty. Normally, the food would be on the table already, waiting for everyone to eat.

Nokoru looked around and saw Suoh coming down the stairs, straightening his shirt. He stopped and looked just as surprised as Nokoru to see the food wasn't on the table like normal. Both of them were used to Akira always having the food ready each morning.

"Did he leave early?" Nokoru asked, checking in the kitchen to see if there was food left with a note.

"He would have told us if he was leaving early." Suoh said, following Nokoru. The kitchen was spotless, just as it had been last night after Akira had finished cleaning up.

"He's not mad at us, is he?" Nokoru asked. He couldn't think of a reason why Akira wouldn't have breakfast ready by now. Each day since they moved in together, Akira had never missed making breakfast in the morning before Suoh and Nokoru came down.

"I'm going to check his room." Suoh said. "Maybe he just overslept."

"But he's never overslept before." Nokoru pointed out. Ever since they'd known him, Akira'd never overslept before even if he was up late the last night.

"There's a first time for everything." Suoh said as the two climbed the stairs.

Suoh knocked on Akira's door, but they didn't get an answer. Suoh opened the door and the two went inside. Akira's room was average, with a cream colored carpet and light blue walls. He had a few pictures hung up of his family and friends. There was a window across from the door that had its' cream colored curtains drawn closed, a door leading to a closet and another door across from that leading to a bathroom. He had a white desk with a white bookshelf next to that filled with many books, CDs and other little trinkets.

His bed had light blue sheets and a light blue comforter with white and cream circles decorating it. There was a lump in the bed which Suoh and Nokoru presumed was Akira. "Guess you were right." Nokoru whispered.

They both went over to the bed and Nokoru pulled the comforter down, revealing long, messy black hair. He shook Akira's shoulder a bit, calling, "Akira. Come on, if you don't start getting ready, you're going to be late for school."

In response, Akira threw a pillow at him before burying his head further into the pillow he was laying on. Nokoru was shocked at having a pillow thrown at him. He hadn't been expecting that. Suoh tried his luck and shook Akira's shoulder a bit.

"Ijyuin," He said, "It's time to get up." Instead of listening, Akira took the pillow he'd been laying on and put it over his head. Suoh looked at Nokoru who shrugged. Neither of them thought getting him up would be so hard.

"Akira," Nokoru said, shaking Akira's shoulder harder, "Come on, you have to get up." Akira didn't move from his spot. Nokoru frowned and grabbed the pillow covering Akira's head, pulling it away from the younger teen. Akira let his hands fall limply, one hanging off the bed and the other up near his head.

Suoh sighed and grasped the younger teen, pulling him up until he was in a sitting position. Instead of waking up, Akira leaned his head on Suoh, trying to get back to sleep. Nokoru frowned a bit at the red tint Akira's face had and placed a hand on his forehead.

He pulled his hand away and looked at Suoh. "He has a fever." He said softly. Suoh let Akira lay down again and Nokoru pulled the comforter back up, both leaving the room. "I'll call the chairwoman and let her know he won't be in school today."

Suoh nodded, saying, "I'll see if we have any medicine."

"I think it's in the bathroom." Nokoru said.

"I thought it was in the kitchen." Suoh replied, looking puzzled.

"Check both places." Nokoru said as he dialed the phone. Suoh nodded and went in search of the medicine. It only took about two minutes for Nokoru to finish calling. "I also told her we're going to stay home and take care of him." Nokoru said when he found Suoh.

"I found it. It was in the kitchen." Suoh told the blond. Nokoru nodded and they headed back up to Akira's room.

Nokoru measured out the correct amount of medicine while Suoh helped the younger teen sit up. "Come on," Suoh said, "You can go back to sleep in a little bit."

Suoh brushed the hair out of Akira's face and Nokoru held the spoon up to his mouth. "Open," The blond said. Akira opened his mouth a little bit. "Wider." Nokoru said, smiling. The grey eyed boy obeyed and Nokoru put the spoon full of medicine into his mouth. Akira swallowed it and shuddered a little at the taste, making a face.

Both Nokoru and Suoh chuckled a little at that. Suoh helped him lay back down and Nokoru drew the comforter up before the two left the room.

(Would be finished, but I like the other version better. If you all like this, tell me and I may finish it for you.)