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So in Lit we have to read a novel every few weeks and do some sort of project on it. Well, I had forgotten about it and since I had just re-read Dreamland (one of my all time favorite books) I decided to write a poem (since we were writing poetry in class). Btw, I got a 100. :)

"My Escape"

This State, this world,

This Dreamland,

Is my escape.

My escape from Cass,

Who couldn't take the pressure.

My escape from my mother,

Who can't live her own life.

My escape from cheerleading,

Pointless and boring.

My escape from Rina,

Who lacks the answers now,

My escape from the trivia,

A reminder that he knows everything.

My escape from the bruises,

Dark on my pale skin.

My escape from the questions,

Asked by people who can't see what's wrong.

My escape from the abuse,

Quick and suspected.

My escape from the drugs,

Something I don't even want.

My escape from him,

The one I love,

The one I love and fear.

This state, this world,

This Dreamland,

Is my only escape,

my only peace

my only hope.

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