Okay so I went back and redid chapter 1 and 2 slightly. I decided to change a few things around and add a couple of key players out of left field! And of course I changed the title as well. The title change was a definite!



Chapter 1 - Bitter Move


Nyla still wasn't quite sure what the hell was going on. Her parents had done enough fighting and bickering between the two of them. The divorce was finally finished. Her mother was full blooded Quileute had decided to move back to the reservation in the state of Washington. She knew her and her younger brother Brady, and their twin older brothers Calvin and Collin were half Quileute but her parents never bothered to tell them about their mother's heritage; Now suddenly the divorce was final and her mother wanted her and her brother to know about the Quileute side of their life.

Her parents met and started dating, their mom went to La Push and their dad was a student at Forks High. The very same place they were headed back to. Then they both went to Washington State College. Married after graduation, then had Collin and Calvin the twins than Nyla and her brother Brady.

Calvin and Collin were lucky they got out when the fighting started. Last year their parents shipped Calvin and Collin off to La Push to stay with Uncle Harry, Aunt Sue and their cousins Leah and Seth. They hadn't seen their older brothers for a year and they had just both turned 20.

Here she was at 16 and her brother Brady was 15 moving to La Push Washington to live with their mother and Aunt Sue, until their mom could get a job and get a place of their own. They'd been to La Push a few times for vacations and what not, but Nyla wasn't the happiest that they would be living on a small reservation in the middle of the damn woods. 'This is going to so suck!' She thought to herself. If anything Nyla was excited to see her older brothers. She had been close with Calvin at least they didn't have to endure the end of the divorce where their parents fought morning, noon and night.

They couldn't get themselves under control when they would fight and they didn't want the kids to be anywhere near their fighting, arguing and constant bickering anymore…Not to mention the fact they were both physically, emotionally and mentally worn out from all the fighting. Calling it quits was the best decision for the both of them. Nyla sat next to Brady and her mother on the flight and she could still remember her father's last words:

'I'll come and visit as much as I can kiddo I promise. I still love you and your brother very much. Your mother and I did what was best for us and for you and Brady. I know were going to be so far away, but please remember I'm here whenever you need to talk; either of you. You know you can call my cell, the house phone or even my office number. You can still e-mail me and we can still do the face to face chatting through Skype. I'm only a button push away. We both need time to heal. But you both already know that if we could salvage anything we would; but we just can't at this time. There just isn't anything there to salvage.'

Being wrapped in warm loving arms and given a kiss from her father was the only memory that kept replaying in Nyla's mind during the whole flight from New York to Washington. Nyla was pulled from her thoughts as she felt the plane start to descend from the grey colored sky. Brady shut his mp3 player off as he wound his ear buds around the device and shoved it in his pocket. As their mother shouldered her bag and waited for the plane to hit the runway.

The plane finally landed. Nyla and Brady exited the plane and followed their mother down the hallway until they saw their Aunt Sue standing at the end of the terminal. When Nyla saw it was only Aunt Sue and that Calvin nor Collin had come to meet them her heart sunk. Of course Uncle Harry had died from a heart attack six months ago, maybe they were helping Leah and Seth.

Aunt Sue had a huge smile plastered on her face as she pulled their mom into a tight hug. "How are you holding up Cindy?"

"Bout as good as can be expected."

Soon their Aunt Sue pulled both of the teens into a huge double hug as she welcomed them both. "It's so good to see you guys. I haven't seen you in so long. I can't believe how much you two have grown up. How are you guys doing?"

Brady shrugged and grunted. "I guess it is what it is auntie."

Nyla watched as her mom shrugged, "It was only a matter of time before we decided to do something about it." Sue quirked her head towards Nyla and her mom looked back at her, naturally she was standing behind her brother with her ear buds in her ears listening to her MP3 player.

Her mother shrugged. "She's not too happy with me right now. I'm the bad guy apparently for making her move here."

Sue scrunched up her face and shook her head negatively. 'Don't worry sis she'll come around eventually."

As Nyla and Brady got comfortable in the back seat they turned their MP3 players on full blast as they got into a thumb wrestling contest to keep each other entertained and to ignore the two chattering women in the front seat.

Her first night in La Push, Nyla didn't eat much at dinner and then excused herself and went out to the porch of her aunt's house as she made herself comfortable on the steps. Her cousins weren't home and her mom and aunt were inside drinking a few glasses of wine and laughing it up. Brady was planted in the middle of the sofa watching a bunch of stupid Cosby show re-runs.

'Yea like there were any families really like the Cosby's' Nyla thought bitterly.

She'd already sent her dad a couple of e-mails letting him know the plane got to Washington safely without any malfunctions. She'd walked around the house and then walked around the outside of the house looking around and taking in the scenery. It was abnormally cloudy, but Aunt Sue had warned her there weren't very many sunny days in La Push.

Great. Just great. Could it get any better?

The sky opened up and the clouds began to down pour all over the house.

Apparently it could and did. Nyla rolled her eyes as she looked up, thankful Uncle Harry had extended the poor roof over the steps so she wouldn't get wet and could enjoy her spot on the steps.

Enjoy? That was a poor choice and sad word. What did she have to enjoy in her life? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Sighing heavily, Nyla pulled her knees into her chest as she rested her chin on her jean covered knees.

"I miss you dad." She said to no one in particular.

The front screen door swung open, bringing Nyla out of her private pity party session as she looked up and watched her Aunt Sue walk over and sit next to her on the steps. "You doing okay kiddo?"

Nyla's grey eyes turned to her Aunt as she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "How are you doing since Uncle Harry died?"

Sue mimicked her niece's nonchalant shrug of the shoulders. "I guess as good as I can expect to be doing. It's only been six months. Sometimes, when I close my eyes tight, I swear I can still hear him yelling at Seth to calm his hyper side or trying to talk sense into Leah and her surly attitude. Then I have to open my eyes and the realization that he's not there and he's still gone washes over me and I just have to continue my day."

A sad look spread across Nyla's face that matched the look on her Aunt Sue's. "I'm sorry Auntie. I know it must be heart breaking for you. Which is why I can't understand how mom can just pack up and leave dad almost four thousand miles away, like she is just throwing out some old garbage or something."

Sue wrapped her arm around her niece and pulled her closer. "I know your upset with your mom right now Ny. But she's doing what she has to do to survive. Clearly when people fight as much as they do they have to pick a point and decide the relationship just isn't healthy anymore and figure out what you have to do to rectify it. Obviously them being together isn't healthy for them anymore. Soon you'll understand why your parents decided to split and why your mother decided coming back here was for both you and Brady's benefit. Not to mention for her as well. Just try not to be so hard on your mom. Remember she loves you and Brady more than anything in this world."

'Yea with the exception of one thing.' Nyla retorted in her head.

Sue kissed the top of Nyla's head. "I'm going to head back inside. Seth and Leah should be home in a few days they have been helping the elders with the twins."

Nyla watched as her aunt brushed her jeans off and walked back into the house as the two adults inside began laughing it up again. She rolled her eyes at their cackling. It would be good for her mom to be by her sister.

Nyla could only hope her aunt Sue would help her mom get herself together, but the anxiety feeling that was eating a hole in her stomach told her otherwise.