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Armored Core: Distorded Judgment


More than ten years have passed since the National Dismantlement War. The League of Ruling Companies has taken over the world. To escape the pollution that poisons the surface of the planet, the League has built massive floating platforms called Cradles. Only there, 7,000 meters above the ground, is the air clean and safe. However one day a new Lynx had begun his ascension in Collard, his name was Kratos, he was tall probably 6"1, an average yet extremely toned body, wild dark red hair that stopped at his neck and hazel eyes. This man quickly rose in Collard's ranks and toppled the best of the best. His shots were accurate and lethal, his boosts were precise and swift, him and his next, Origin quickly rose to Rank 1 easily bumping Otsdarva to Rank 2. Kratos's skill became legendary at the age of 21, each company wanted him, many lynx requested him, however he never accepted.

When the Orca rebellion began all knew that with Kratos on their side collared was destined to win. But when Kratos suddenly left Collared and joined ORCA, many knew that due to his presence alone, that knew the outcome had already been determined but no one could predict what would happen next. Kratos and Old King attacked cradle 03 killing one hundred million people in the process. Collard and Orca immediately joined forces to take down the new threat before them.

Kratos prepared for the coming battle he went over Origin's schematics once again; a Hogire head, Lahire core, 063AN03 arms, and a copy of White Glint's legs, an MR-R102 assault rifle on the left, a AR-O700 assault rifle on the right, followed by a Rail canon on his left back, a EC-O300 laser canon on the right, Omer's latest side boosters, and two EB-O700 laser blades stored, just in case. As Kratos saw it Origin was nothing less than perfection, as the hangar lights glistened off of Origin black paint it's red LED eye added an eerie almost evil feel to it. He then entered the cockpit and hailed Old King "Hey, you ready to do this?"

"Oh? A dog asking if its masters ready, know your place." The middle aged man with graying hairs crossed his arms and gave a look piercing glare into the visual communication screen.

"I apologize, Old King but we wouldn't want to keep Interior Union waiting after they went through the trouble of paying us to destroy Arteria Carpals"

"True enough let us go"

Kratos switched on the navigation auto pilot and relaxed kicking his legs up.

"That damned fool, obviously this is a trap but he's naïve enough to think Interior would actually pay us to destroy a cradle support system," Noir gently ran his hand across the controls "He'll make good enough canon fodder for us, right Origin?"

"Old King, we've reached Arteria"

"Heh, lap dog let us go"

"Yes sir" Kratos then realised the beeping communication signal "Old King, were being hailed from an unknown channel, shall I let them through?"

"Yes, please do" Old King then let his AC hover as his brow raised while listening to what the anonymous party had to say.

"Please accept my apologies, that briefing you saw was manufactured. This is the end of the road for you, I think you understand why."

"Well, it is what it is. Your actions were completely deliberate there's no point in trying to reason with yah"

"Maybe it's just an animal can it even understand what were saying?"

A vein popped up above Old king's brow and his face became red with fury, his eyes narrowed as he over boosted into the enemy. "You think your some kind of one man army, you think it's your right to choose who lives and dies?"

"You've killed too many"

"Isn't this great Origin we have Wynn D, Lilium Wolcott, Roadie, and even Otsdarva back from the morgue to get sent right back, maybe with this our thirst will finally be quenched"

Wynn D. felt sick to her stomach "You sick bastard you took all those innocent lives for your damned thirst, what kind of sick bastard person are you?"

Kratos became immediately irritated he didn't like to be talked down to. "You damn woman who do you think your talking to, I'll be sure to take my time with you later but for now me and Origin will annihilate this silly dream you guys have of defeating me." He then flipped a switch and an emerald light burned brightly from the back of his next, "Let's do this Origin."

Kratos over-boosted into his enemies with blinding speed. He quick boosted to the side turning his AC towards his enemies, he then fired both laser canons on Stasis as it entered the combat area.

"Damn how did he know where we'd be come from" Otsdarva gave a concerned gaze on his AP, "Damn already down by half, this guy's packing some serious firepower"

Wynn D quickly broke formation and her Next Reiterpallasch stood before Origin "Now engaging Origin, you guys handle Old King, regroup and assist once you're finished." She then quick boosted directly towards Origin, guns at the ready, she fired off a shot from her rail gun while keeping a steady barrage with her pulse canon.

Origin easily quick booster to the left evading all off her attacks, he then got his guns ready and unleashed a barrage of his own. He fired at her from above then boosted to the right while moderately whittling away her AP.

"Damn I can barely lock onto him, how the hell is he so fast with a mid-weight next" She new that Reiterpallasch couldn't take much more off this assault. "Sorry guys I'm going to retreat to a safe distance and recover my Primal Armour."

Roadie was bewildered in his cockpit," Wynn D he really is that good, to best even you in a matter of minutes, such a waste of young talent"

"You guys hold out until I'm ready I'll then provide long range support." Reiterpallasch fired a round into the water providing cover while she over boosted behind a wall.

Kratos had a disappointed look on his face, and received a message from Old King "Hey, I can't hold off these three any longer help, NOW!" the anguished plea from his comrade delighted Kratos but there was one thing Old King shouldn't have done, talk down to him. He then opening up a line for Old King, Old King immediately joined "Why the hell are you opening a chat when I could use your help you damn dog"

Kratos's eyes narrowed and an evil look swept across his face, he had heard what he needed to. He over boosted to where his ally was. He purged all his weapons leaving him only with his two laser blades. While over boosted he 2nd stage quick boosted making him accel over 2000 Mph, and without warning dual slashed Roadie into four pieces leaving only scrap metal to sink to the bottom of the sea. Kratos dodged fire from Lilium's next Ambient, he then began his counter attack on his next victim, she tried to quick boost away however he was still in over boost and had the speed advantage. A blinding green light quickly approached, she fired but none of her shots would connect. He then slashed off her right arm, ripping through her PA as it were paper. His assault wasn't finished yet though he disengaged over boost and quick boosted to his prey, and finished her by hacking the core from its legs.

As Kratos looked at the two nexts sinking into the ocean he felt a surge of electricity run through his body, "This feeling…just like when I destroyed Cradle 03" He then set his sights to Otsdarva. He then slowly turned Origin towards him and began walking toward his next victim.

Otsdarva looked in terror and awe as his two allies were sinking into the sea. "What the hell just happened, what the hell is this guy?" He knew he couldn't win Origin was walking towards him and Old King was watching from the side lines. "Damn, well if its gonna be like this I might as well go down fighting" he purged his PM missles to allow for more mobility and instantly took the air. Otsdarva than began firing both his assault rifle and laser rifle in unison and unleashed a devastating PA piercing and ultimately AC demolishing fury. A large cloud had formed where Otsdarva had unleashed his might. Tired and desperate he slowly boosted away, He was then hailed from an unknown channel, he gulped as he and opened it.

"I guess that's all you got isn't it, Ex-Number 1." Origin then burst out from the dust and debris and quickly closed the space between him and Stasis with a quick boost followed by a slash which cleanly cut off Stasis's arm.

Otsdarva knew it was the end for him but he felt compelled to ask "Why did you choose that path, what is there to gain from all the pointless bloodshed?"

A devilish grin came across Kratos's face "Nothing" A green aura was expelled around Origin and quickly exploded with unrivaled force, Stasis disintegrated in the blast and Otsdarva was no more.

Wynn D's primal armour had completely regenerated but she feared that it was far too late "Can anyone hear me, it's Wynn D my PA has finished charging and I'm ready to engage please respond. The only thing she could hear was the deafening sound of static, which seemed to taunt her as she waited for a reply. After sitting in silence for 30 seconds she immediately knew what had happened, they were dead. She then noticed that two enemy signatures appeared on her radar and she knew that she'd soon follow her comrades. But she'd be damned if she died without accomplishing anything.

Wynn D then burst out from her cover, laser canon and rifle at bared and immediately fired at the first target she locked onto. Old King was caught by surprise and couldn't dodge the fury of blue energy aimed at him "Damn it! I thought you said she had retreated!" Old King's next Lisa then began to plummet to the earth, gravity instantly becoming its worst enemy. Kratos watched as Lisa plummeted towards the ground and saved his grin until he heard the satisfying impact of metal and the earth. A channel was then opened before his controls and he saw Old King in his mangled cockpit fatally wounded, both metal and glass protruding from his body. "Sorry friend, I can't help you anymore. I'm glad we got to know each other better."

Kratos then let out an unsympathetic burst of laughter that could be heard on all channels. "You dumbass you aren't my friend in fact if she hadn't killed you I'd have done it myself so go die in solitude." A barely audible snicker could be heard from Old King before Lisa went silent. Kratos then focused on Reiterpallasch "So it seems the final showdown is between you and me."

"Shut up I don't want to hear a single thing a twisted bastard like you has to say."

"You know you're friends weren't much of a challenge"

"Shut your damn mouth!"

"Make me," Reiterpallasch quickly purged all equipement except it's blade and over boosted towards it's foe, Origin mirrored it's movements and came at her at top speeds as well, azure blades collided and violent waves began to form and crash. Origin slashed, Reiterpallasch deflected its attacked and attempted to strike at it only to be parried and have its arm sliced off. Kratos chuckled "Well, it's not like you were using that arm."

Reiterpallasch charged once again and began an assault that had Origin on edge. It seemed to be getting stronger with each passing moment every time Origin's attack got deflected Reiterpallasch seemed to get closer and closer to getting him. Kratos then decided it was time to stop playing around. He backed away from his opponent but Reiterpallasch wouldn't let up and charged him once again, before the blade hit he dodged to the side and let his enemy's blades strike nothing but air. He then quickly slashed of Reiterpallasch's remaining arm severing it, and leaving it completely defenseless.

Kratos was happy now that his enemy was completely defenseless and his grin had turned into an awkward smile. "So what will you do now Wynn D, if you become my slave I'll be sure to keep you alive for a long time." She could only laugh at Kratos's request.

"I'd rather die than serve a sick bastard like you" Kratos smile quickly turned into a frown.

"Then I guess you di…" Origin quickly dodged to the sides to avoid laser fire and retreated behind a wall. "Who the hell did that" He barked.

"Wynn D this is Kasumi Sumika piloting Ciliegio I'll provide cover fire retreat immediately." Reiterpallasch retreated to Ciliegio as it unleashed a constant barrage of fire on Origin's position. The two nexts then retreated as quickly as possible.

Kratos was now alone at Carpals, at first he chuckled and soon burst into a maniacal laughter. "Interesting Kasumi I'll be sure to hunt you down later but first the world should get a taste of true despair." And Kratos would continue to laugh as he began his destruction of the world.

Soon after, the blood of the innocents would rain down from the Cradles, all at the hands of a single Lynx. One who will be the greatest monster mankind has ever seen, taking more lives than any other in history.