'Ahmon stole Qi Yue's first kiss,' Qing Zi hissed at her friend in exasperation. Yuan Yi snapped the pencil lead and having had enough pushed his work to the floor. Standing up to abruptly leave the room, he walked to the corridor. Realising his purpose, he left to find Qi Yue.

Ahmon came to the classroom carrying the wrapped lunch. Yuan Yi pushed past, anger misshaping his face once again. Not seeing her he heard Qi Yue's friends arguing, 'Do you think he would?' Cai said feeling alarm for her friend. Neither being alert to Ahmon's presence he towered over Qing Zi. 'What were you saying?' from her expression he didn't trust Yuan Yi a bit.

Bursting into the library Ahmon heard Yuan Yi's set voice. 'You should like me, too, right?' Coming along the bookshelves he could hear her weak voice. 'Please don't look like that. You're scaring me, you're not the Yuan Yi I know,' she said.

'Who do you think I am? If you don't know, don't speak,' Yuan Yi ground out getting closer to her face, 'Don't use what you think, and put it onto me.' This guy was too much, trying once again to have Qi Yue.

Coming upon them Ahmon paced forward, snatching Qi Yue from Yuan Yi's firm grip to shield her behind him. 'Don't you get it!' Ahmon bellowed, 'She's mine, only!' He stood rigid between them, not wanting to beat Yuan Yi in front of Qi Yue.
'If she is yours, why doesn't she admit to it?' Yuan Yi asked one eyebrow raised. Ahmon clenched his fist, but as he thought to raise it, tiny fingers laced through his. Qi Yue hesitantly pulled Ahmon to look at her.

Looking into her confusing eyes he tried to fathom what she was doing. Yes, he'd kissed her in front of Yuan Yi before, but she was instigating this. 'Let's go,' she said, her eyes still tearful from moments before.
Her heart was half way up her throat, trying to calm Ahmon, with the uncertainty of a gesture she wasn't sure he'd accept.
Closing his hand around hers he nodded imperceptibly, following her to leave Yuan Yi to his own annoyance.

Releasing his hand Qi Yue wiped away the last few tears. 'Why are you still crying?' he asked putting his hands in his pockets.
'I'm not crying.'
'Without a doubt, you're crying,' he said smiling a bit at her denial.
'I'm not crying.'
'You are crying.'
'Not crying,' she said sniffing.
'Is it related to me?' Ahmon asked tilting his head, as he came closer.

'No. It's my own problem,' Qi Yue said, a few more tears escaping. Why did she have to feel like this, how could Yuan Yi try to take something from her, that wasn't there. Why did Ahmon have to arrive in time, making her even more grateful? Did he have to look down at her with sympathetic eyes?
The questions milled in her mind till all she could see was Ahmon. He leaned closer, the same serious look from the day before having fallen over his face.

'Qi Yue!' Qing Zi's voice broke the moment as she yanked her friend away from Ahmon. 'What are you doing? How could you hurt Yuan Yi like that?' Ahmon felt cold air where she'd been moments before, recomposing his thoughts, he blinked away the thought of kissing her. Qing Zi's words were harsh, and though he was sure they came from a friend, they were not entirely honest. Pain filled Qi Yue's face as she looked over to Ahmon.
'What you did was wrong,' Qing Zi said exasperated by Qi Yue's behaviour, she didn't want to try to understand her air headed friend anymore.

Walking onto the basketball court Ahmon stalked up to Yuan Yi's side. 'Ahyi, do you have something to say to me?' Yuan Yi stayed silent. 'You know...your personality is horrible. Feeling inept, then taking it out on everyone. If you stay this stressed, you'll definitely go bald.' The other players watched from a distance, the atmosphere tense.

'Since Yue isn't here now, you can drop the "gentle Ahyi" act, and it won't matter'. Yuan Yi tensed and threw the ball through the hoop. 'What did you say?' he asked turning on Ahmon.

'I said...drop. the. act.' Ahmon spoke low and even, getting under his opponent's skin.
Swinging round Yuan Yi caught Ahmon's jaw, sending gasps through the players. 'Why didn't you duck? I really punched you!' Yuan Yi shouted.
'No reason,' Ahmon said fingering his jaw, 'I just wanted to see you mad,' he was glad to have ruffled the feathers of this fool.
'You think I'm stupid?' Yuan Yi spat, 'Showing up suddenly, stopping us from doing anything. If it weren't for you, I would have succeeded!' there was a look in his eyes that said he wasn't giving up.

Throwing another punch, it came hard enough to send Ahmon back a step but not to get him down. Running at his antagonist he pushed him into the pillar, cracking it off his back. Rounding his fist, he caught him again drawing blood and sending him to the floor. Ahmon whipped his head up at him smirking as he inwardly winced at the pain this caused. Adrenaline pumped up Ahmon's arms but he held back as the blood trickled out of the corner of his smile. 'What right do you have to be her brother? What a joke. And what right do you have to call me Ahyi?' Yuan Yi huffed at Ahmon's refusal to fight back.

Ahmon laughed inwardly at what he would say, 'The fact that I like you,' he said mocking the expression Ahyi probably hoped to elicit from Yue.
'Bastard!' racing forwards, Yuan Yi brought his knee to Ahmon's chest, grabbed his collar and roughly pushed him to the floor. Ahmon sucked in his breath and ignored the new bruises as he lay on the floor. 'Ahyi's face has a lot more character, when he is angry,' Ahmon said. He was glad Yue wasn't here to see him being so passive. He wasn't sure why he'd decided to wind up the jock, but there was a feeling of getting his own back in this moment. The frustration marred Yuan Yi's face, and that took the pain out of being winded.

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