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Qiyue spotted Ahmon as she came into the house. 'Ahmon,' she said cheerfully sitting down opposite him. 'I brought you something,' she said fishing around in her bag. Looking quizzically at her he leaned closer.
'I wanted to say thank you, for not fighting with Yuan Yi in the library,' she said nervous at his proximity.

Ahmon looked away. Standing awkwardly from the sofa he went to the kitchen. The warmth that surrounded her a moment a go had gone, but now she noticed his limp as he walked. Gathering up courage she walked up and pulled him to face her. Looking up at his face she noticed the stain of blood on the corner of his mouth. Reaching up her finger she brushed around the cut. The touch of her fingers on his face stopped his thoughts. He wanted her to be able to do that with familiarity.
'What happened?' she said looking up into his eyes, holding back tears.

'I didn't hit him,' Ahmon said avoiding her eyes feeling suddenly bitter. Was she so worried that he might have hurt Yuan Yi. Was that why she'd taken his hand earlier, just trying to stop him?
Abruptly he surprised her and she would have jumped back if he didn't hold her arm. The touch of his fingers on her chin as he held her gaze with his send shivers down her neck. 'Your so worried about him? That I could have hurt him?'

He always seemed to try and read her whole heart through her eyes when he held her like this. 'Ahmon, I don't understand.' His grip tightened and loosened before he released her.

Taking his coat off he threw it over the back of a chair and took her hand. Pulling her along with him up the stairs he wanted her to know what he was thinking. But his thoughts raced a mile a minute making him pause. Turning into his room he pulled her inside and closed the door.

Qiyue looked around at the room she had barely seen. Looked anywhere but at him. Watching her examine his room he felt how he'd felt since they'd first met. From bandaging his hand to the time he'd first kissed her, she was right, she felt like the missing piece wherever they were.

Pushing a piece of hair from her face he spun her round into his arms. Before she'd over think it he kissed her. If winding up Yuan Yi would hurt this thing he had with her, then he'd regret it no end. Pressing his lips into hers he felt her wrap her arms around his waist.

Pulling away Qiyue looked at him, 'I was worried about you,' she said to clarify. 'You said you didn't hit him, I believe you. I only wanted to know you were okay.' he glanced at her feet and thought of not telling her.

Sitting on the bed she came down beside him still hand in hand. Slipping his hand away he lifted his shirt till it uncovered his chest and back. She stared at the dark bruises that leapt across his chest. He reached for the t shirt to slip it back down but she stopped his hand and lifted the shirt till it came off over his head.

'Ahmon, I'm sorry,' she said brushing her fingers over the discoloured skin. He leaned closer again wanting to capture her lips as she created this new side to their communication. She cared and showed it so openly, he had no idea how he'd been able to stay so close to her. She held his kiss longer and closer than she'd done before. Pulling her into his lap, his warm hands ran up her back and into her hair. She sighed feeling safe, Ahmon's secure hold enveloping her.
The front door slammed shut and reluctantly they pulled apart, Ahmon's arms still holding Qiyue. Though the space had only grown by mere inches, Ahmon's hair still tickling her face, it felt like they'd been separated by miles. Climbing out of his arms she felt the cold again as her mother shouted up the stairs.

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