An AU were Revan isn't as dark as people think in his reign as a dark lord and a hidden threat aims to destroy all… An interesting take on kotor were Revan and the sith aren't the big bad enemy. But can you guess who is?

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Bastilla Shan ran through the corridors of the Endar spire she was about to undertake on what could be the most important mission of this war. She slowed down when she neared the hanger bay and nodded politely to the crew as she passed them the short sprint through the ship causing her to sweat. Finally she entered the hanger bay and stopped when she reached her shuttle. Master Vrook stood there and she bowed politely to him.

"Bastilla it is good to see you are here we have been waiting for you" he said as he waved to the entourage of commandos and Jedi locking themselves into the craft.

"I apologize for my lateness master I slept in…" Master Vrook cut her off with a wave of his hand and a slight chuckle.

"Do not fret padawan it simply matters that you are here now please prepare" Bastilla felt a chill run down her spine as it finally registered that they were actually going to do this. Master Vrook stood in front of the craft ready to address everyone on board. "You all know why you are here" he paused "Today you will board the flagship of the man who has created the darkness we live in today and you will stop him." Bastilla could feel some of the worries of both the troops and the assembled jedi's slip away at Vrook's confidence in their abilities. "But you must never let your guard down for Revan is a dangerous foe and if you are unprepared you will be consumed by his darkness" Vrook looked around steadily at the jedi aboard the shuttle. "Revan was once the most promising student the jedi order ever produced… now he is a testament to our failures." He looked depressed at the thought "Revan's tale is one of caution a tale to remember that no one is above the influence of the dark side." He paused again looking up as if to collect the cloud of thoughts floating above his head.

"What you face today is darkness incarnate. A sith lord when you face him be wary of what he says for he will try to bend you to his will… Revan was a strong charismatic and brilliant leader and strategist for the republic and jedi. Now that he has fallen to the dark side those skills are used against us." Bastilla could sense vague memories of great battles led by Revan and the courage he gave them to fight and even small scenes with a black robed jedi knight jumping out of nowhere to save a troopers life it resonated off some of the veteran troopers. However she could sense nothing from the jedi that surrounded her in the shuttle as they had not been around revan during the mandalorian wars she herself had just been accepted into the order at the time. She remembered the respect she had for revan when he went on his crusade to get rid of the mandalorians. Even though the council disagreed it seemed like it was the jedi way to help those in need during the war.

Vrook continued "when you near revan you will know it your mind will become hazy and you shall feel an anger coursing through you that is not your own. Reality bends to revan's will and when you face him he may even seem to defy gravity." Some of the jedi around exchanged looks with each other unwilling to believe it. "You must see through the tricks and lies so that you can fight Darth Revan and win" Vrook now looked over everyone in the shuttle before finishing "Be cautious and have courage and we shall win this day." He disembarked and as soon he left the shuttles entry ramp closed. The onboard lighting tinted the interior of the ship in a soft blue as a Jedi knight stood up from his seat. Bastilla looked up at the kind face of a yellow twilek his lekku curled around him.

"All right I have been put in charge for this mission my name and rank is Vak Kree I am a jedi knight" everyone nodded showing they understood "here is the plan we are to engage the sith fleet when they come out of hyperspace... Here he said pointing to a location on the map.

"How do we know they are to exit there?" one of the soldiers asked curiously Vak responded.

"Information from our spy networks says that they are about to attack Taris soon so there fleet while have to move into formation behind this gas cloud. Revan's flagship will be one of the first to arrive we will engage him and using Bastilla's battle meditation" he nodded to Bastilla as the jedi around her looked in awe well the troopers had a look of respect on their face Vak continued "we will tip the tides of battle in our favor long enough for this shuttle to sneak aboard his command ship."

"And if we don't make it aboard?" another jedi asked

"Well then we die" Vak stated simply

"Right no pressure Bastilla" another joked

"Once onboard" Vak said ignoring the previous comments "we will leave the hanger and try to get as close to revan's position as possible without confrontation once were discovered the plan is simple" he shrugged "fight are way through."

"What about diversion tactics?" One of the soldiers asked

"Not a chance" Vak replied "we can't split our forces up if we want to take on the dark lord." Everyone looked around glumly knowing there was a good chance they would never see each other again. Bastilla sat down in the center of the shuttle preparing to go into a deep meditation when a voice over the com filled the room

"20 minutes till enemy fleet's arrival"

Revan stared out the viewport on the bridge of his flagship the conqueror watching as the stars flew by as he rushed to his destination "15 minutes until arrival" a voice called over the com but revan was too busy with his thoughts to hear it. We're walking into a trap willingly… so how to make it look like we were caught off guard? He decided to make a quick stop and adjust the positions of his fleet so would land out of formation just enough to look disorganized but not disorganized enough to hurt his troops the shuttle the enemy was sending held a number of High Value Targets so to ensure their safety he wouldn't raise the shields till after they were onboard.

Typing his commands into the screen in front of him Revan relayed the orders to his fleet. Once they were onboard his bridge crew on the auxiliary command deck would begin the fighting for real and push back the republic forces knowing that they were more than competent to command the battle on their own. His men would be given a list of the HVT's and ordered not to kill them. The rest however would be harmed only if it became a necessity to the mission. Once I have The HVT's at my position Malak and my Fleet will deploy the new interdictor class countermeasures allowing our fleets to jump away. Well that's the plan anyway. Revan chuckled slightly to his own running joke.

"5 minutes until arrival"

Revan decided to raise Malak over the com before he left to command the Leviathan

"Malak" Revan voice filtered through both his mask and the com making it sound almost as if a droid were hailing somebody "Have you read over the files on the mission?"

"Yes I have" Malak's voice filtered through still at least sounding human "this operation may very well change the tides of this war." "Oh how I wish I could see the look on Vrook's face when he realizes we trapped him.

"So do I my old friend" Revan chuckled "so do I"

Inside the strike teams shuttle the soft blue lighting that once filled the room had been exchanged with a bright almost blood red color Bastilla barely noticed as she focused her attention on the battle until a hand rested on her shoulder.

"Time to go we are almost inside the hanger" Bastilla trying to calm her racing heart nodded and got up from the floor of the shuttle. Checking to make sure she had her lightsaber and relieved slightly to find it she relaxed slightly. The shuttle landed in the hanger with the ramp opening up before they hit the ground several jedi and troopers jumping before the shuttle even landed. Bastilla waited for the shuttle to stop moving before slowly walking off and assembling with the rest of the strike team. Everyone was nervous as they scanned for hostiles in the hanger.

They found nothing.

"I have a bad feeling about this" one of the troopers said everyone nodded this wasn't right.

"You think we walked into a trap?" another asked

"Does it matter echo?" another said looking at the new rookie she was short and had somewhat long black hair that was not military reg. She looked to have at one time been a smuggler in her life. "After all we are the best" there was a resounding yet subdued chorus of hoorah's and cheers from the soldiers. The assault team entered a hallway off the hangar and walked up to the main turbolift slowly waiting for the inevitable ambush.

Then it happened.

Faster than anyone could have anticipated a red blur came out from nowhere and then another red blur jumped out in the opposite direction. Then with a gasp two bodies fell to the ground one was a trooper the other was a dark jedi "No delta!" echo shouted as the man's body slumped to the floor. Vak spoke up first

"He must have shot the dark jedi when he attacked him" Vak said looking down

"Sith" echo sneered as she spat on the corpse of the dark jedi "You don't attack someone in cold blood."

"Come on we should continue" Vak stated "we can't do anything for him here" They looked around at each other's faces before continuing to the turbolift reaching it they immediately knew they were caught in a trap.

"All the floors are locked down but this one" Vak pointed at the screen inside the turbolift.

"So now were sure this is a trap right?" another soldier chuckled

"No doubt about it so much for secrecy" they all looked around.

"So what do we do now?" a jedi asked

"Simple" one of the soldiers said "we spring the trap."

"And just who gave you that horrible bit of advice?" Bastilla asked curiously all the veterans looked around nervously before they answered in unison.


"So right now you're following his advice to spring traps well jumping into one of his traps?"

"Yep" another soldier stated simply "but there's nothing else we can do"

"He's right" Vak responded before hitting the button "we have to see this mission through now there's no turning back."

Bastilla frustrated immensely by the whole situation started yelling out curses

"Easy young one" Vak said annoyingly calmingly (to Bastilla anyway) "your letting your anger gain control of you Remember master Vrook's words" Bastilla realized he was right and calmed herself

"I am sorry" she said simply

"It's all right" Vak responded "the anger was not your own." He stopped when he, Bastilla and everyone suddenly realized the lift was most probably going sideways.

"You know I didn't believe it at the time but…" a soldier looking nervous asked he paused before gulping "what did your master say back there about Revan bending reality to his will?" They all looked at each other.

This wasn't going to be good.

Revan smirked to himself in his usual fashion underneath his trademark mask robes and armor laughing inside of his head. It worked he thought well this is a pleasant change the lift opened behind him as he stared at the battle through the viewport sensing through the force that there were six jedi and twelve republic commandoes and one of them he sensed from the fear and anger inside of her was a rookie. His guards thinned a few of them out killing two of the jedi and three of the troopers. (He was inwardly surprised the rookie hadn't died yet) before a female jedi with brown hair and the braid signifying she was a padawan cut the last of his guards down I really need better personal guards he thought.

"You cannot win Revan" she said in an annoyingly matter of fact way yep this is definitely padawan Bastilla Shan he thought before turning and was almost surprised to see a yellow twilek

"Vak old pal" Revan said as if greeting in old friend "how have you been I wasn't expecting to see you here" the rest of the republic forces seemed curious at this new development. "And Major Gretski wasn't it?" he asked to a republic soldier "good to see you haven't died yet." "So the republic sends my own old personal squad after me? I was disappointed when you decided not to follow me further into the outer rim." He remembered the wars before shrugging the memory off "But let bygones be bygones or so they say" all the jedi looked around nervously this was definitely not the revan they had in mind.

Immediately Bastilla felt a shift in the feelings of all but one of the soldiers in the room. "We are with you my lord" they all said in unison well all but echo who did nothing but just stand there dumbly.

"No need to be so formal my old friends it is good to see you are all right"

Gretski started to speak before Revan cut him off when his communicator went off "Oh hold that thought" revan said holding out his arm as if to show them the reason" All the jedi (besides Vak) stood around as dumbly as echo at the whole situation even Bastilla was floored.

"Yes operation Priceless is a go deploy interdictor counter measures jump in one minute" Revan turned the com off "now where were we?" Echo who looked about ready to shoot everyone and just forget about this whole chain of events was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head by Vak.

"We are with you Revan" Vak said

"Good will be leaving in just under…" Revan stopped checking his chrono "33 seconds I suggest we all…"

Bastilla recovering from the shock first shouted "What is going on here!"

"Oh" Revan said nonchalantly "you see in a last ditch effort to defeat me the republic got desperate and decided to throw my old squad and a former friend of mine along with you there best hope a rookie and some other jedi. You could say they threw the whole kitchen sink at me..." Revan sensing a threat from behind cut himself off and looked out the window at turbolaser fire coming from a republic ship with a wave of his hand he appeared to just make the large bolt of fiery death just disappear from existence

"What did you just do?" Vak asked curiously.

"Oh I just sent the laser into a parallel universe I would imagine another me is going to be very surprised right about now" he said as if it were obvious "well at least I'm still alive"

Bastilla and the other jedi apparently having enough of this incredibly strange conversation all drew there lightsabers with Vak and the soldiers drawing there weapon's as well and pointing them at their former comrades.

The ship jumped into hyperspace there was no turning back.

"How could you do this you fought for the republic?" one of the jedi asked "now you betray us for the sith?"

"not the sith" one of the soldiers spoke up "were Revanchi through and through" should of come up with a better name damn republic media Revan thought

"I don't care what you call yourselves" Bastilla yelled "you are sith!"

"If you believe the republic media then yes we are sith" Revan said almost sarcastically. "Hold on" Revan said waving to his old squad and former friends "if they want a duel I will give it to them" Revan said as he ignited his two lightsabers a blood red and Violet hue were cast over the room the squad (and Vak) stepped back out of the way knowing that Revan's mind had been made up. A look of fear came across the jedi.

"What was that about me not winning?" Revan joked as a jedi charged Revan flipped over the man slicing downwards with his sabers cutting the man into three parts.

He hit the ground before the body.

"So just the two of you left?" Revan challenged before the next jedi tried to surprise him with a quick attack from the side (to his credit revan did not know how he got there) but revan was faster and ducked as the man's body fell onto his back as he rolled him off onto the ground stabbing him before he could get back up.

"Now it's just you the guest of honor young Bastilla" he said watching her

"I will never fall to the dark side!" She shouted

"That's not what I want" he said simply

"What?" she said before regaining control "you lie!"

"I simply want you to see the galaxy without a blindfold" he continued as if she had never spoken.

Bastilla could retain her rage no longer as she charged angrily never fall to the darkside…right Revan joked inside his head. The last conscious things to go through Bastilla's mind were a blast of blue light and then simply pain before she fell to the floor. Revan ceased the lightning and walked over to the body checking to make sure she was still alive "take her and echo was it?" he asked pointing to the form of the unconscious woman on the ground.

"Her name was Sarah Kenobi sir" Gretski spoke up… wait she wouldn't be that Revan thought before cutting himself off in his head that would be impossible

"Thanks" Revan muttered before speaking more clearly "Take Bastilla and Sarah here to medical. Then confine them to quarters you'll find your codes work here you have been fully reinstated and we have been expecting you."

They began to walk away before Revan stopped them "And my old friends" he said as Gretski picked up the limp body of Sarah

"It's good to have you back"

"It's good to be back sir."

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