Hello World!

I have recently been viewing the fandom and have read a lot of stories involving Percy being an assassin. I have decided to make a PercyAssassin story myself, so here is the first chapter.


A large mysterious box fell through the roof. The box had the words, "Rick Riordan owns PJO."

It was a dark night. A lone man around the age of eighteen was silently walking aimlessly. This man is one that we all know by the name of Perseus Jackson. Why was he walking alone at this hour? He was feeling the pain of loneliness. He was betrayed by everyone he knew. His mother forgot about him, the gods forgot about him, his friends didn't talk to him, and Annabeth left him for the new hero of the prophecy, also a son of Poseidon.

Perseus didn't notice a man that seemed to radiate power following him. Percy walked down an alley and dropped to the floor, the grief had consumed him. The mysterious man walked into the alley and picked up the lost demi-god. A bright light enveloped him and when the light subsided, they were gone.

Percy woke up to the sound of machines working. He was on a bed that seemed to be able to fit eight people. He slowly slipped out of the bed, making sure that it wasn't a trap. He slipped out the door and followed the mechanical noise. As he was walking, he passed jars full of sand. The weird part was, the sand seemed to hold great power. It was like a jar of time. The more he thought about it, time seemed to slow down.

When he reached the end of the corridor, he saw golden doors. Percy cautiously opened the doors and stepped inside.

"Come Perseus." The voice startled him.

"Walk up the stairs." Percy did what the voice said and was shocked to see a man standing on a balcony thing. The man turned his head and said, "Hello Perseus, I am Chronos."

Percy almost immediately bowed, remembering from one of his classes that he was the Primordial god of Time.

"No need to bow, you are here because I have an offer to make." This peaked Percy's interest, so he leaned closer.

"As you know, humanity has betrayed you. I offer you sanctuary in my base, home to one of the greatest armies in the universe." Percy thought about this for a moment before asking, "What is the purpose of the army? Do you fight evil or something?"

"Yes. We fight evil from numerous places, no matter what planet."

"I accept your offer to join this army of yours. I have a question though; what position will I have?"

"You will be an assassin, but if you don't accept that position, you can be part of the naval forces." Chronos replied. Percy thought for a moment. "Is this what I want?" he asked himself. He then thought about everyone that betrayed him. They all just used him. The feeling made him want to take his own life, but here, Chronos was offering him a second chance at life. He made a decision.

"Lord Chronos, I accept the position as an assassin."

"Very well, let's go ahead and start training you."

There was the first chapter! Constructive Criticism is gratefully accepted.

I want to know what you guys think! Tell me in a review or PM if I should continue.

Also, I'm sorry if Percy and the others are OOC, but I can't exactly… grasp their personalities in writing.