Artemis was goddess of the hunt, and she had many pets, but her favorite was a tiger named Amara. While the goddess was hunting in Africa, she saw a baby tiger cub instead of killing it, she raised her from birth.
"I shall call thee Amara; meaning eternal beauty." The goddess declared. She had plain orange fur and was the loveliest thing Artemis had ever seen.

From that point on Amara was the greatest pet anyone could ask for. She was obedient always, and her mood changed with the goddess, meaning whatever mood Artemis is in, whether it was happy or sad, that was the mood Amara is in.

In fact, Artemis loved Amara so much; she could not stand to be apart from her. The goddess decided to take Amara to the winter solstice, a meeting of all the gods and goddesses.

When Artemis and Amara went to the solstice, Amara automatically saw the table of food. She decided she would wait until the gods and goddesses were too busy to raid the table.

Hours later, Zeus declared that it was time to eat everyone walked to the big table and it was destroyed, scraps of food were everywhere. Zeus noticed that the cake that gave him eternal youth was gone and Amara was lying on her back with cake all over her paws and face.

"You have eaten my cake, you filthy animal. If you are hungry then eat my lightning!" Zeus roared.

"Flee Amara flee! You need to go or you will be no more!" Artemis shouted as lightning fell from the heavens.

"You shall not escape. I am lightning, I am the king." As the lightning stopped Artemis saw the tiger lying upon the burnt grass with burns that look like stripes on its body.

And that my friend is how the tiger got its stripes.