Note: I have no excuse for this complete and utter crack. Read at your own risk.

Standard Disclaimer(s)

Robin has a secret. A dirty, dirty secret that would surely crush Batman were he to ever find out.

What could be so terrible as to do that, one might ask?

It wasn't one about sexuality, or revealed identities, or about illegal activity; no, nothing so shocking. It was one about preference—preference in computers, exactly.

You see, Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, was a mega-billionaire who happened to own WayneTech. WayneTech specialized in many things, including taking up contracts for the military, funneling money into certain heroic activities, and building top-of-the-line computers.

Now, these, as stated before "top-of-the-line computers" are a masterpiece, there is no doubt about that. The problem? Every company has a rival, one that strives to outdo the other; it's the way business works—keeps companies from becoming lazy. WayneTech's rival happens to produce even more state-of-the-art personal computers. Normally, something like this wouldn't be so bad. A company can't beat out the other at everything. The problem was who the particular rival was.

WayneTech's rival happens to be LexCorp. LexCorp, as in, owned by Lex Luthor, super villain.

At first, Robin was ashamed, even appalled at himself. But then he thought rationally about it. What did this magnificent, beautiful piece of tech do to deserve being blacklisted solely because its owner happened to be evil? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Robin decided to enjoy his LexCorp computer—he would just have to disguise it is all. How did he do this? 'Twas child's play! He merely took the hard body of a WayneTech computer and put the hard-drive of a LexCorp computer inside of it.

Robin was proud to say his plan worked for two years. That was, until a certain Wally West ruined it.

"Is that LexCorp programming? I thought you owned WayneTech," KF commented innocently, looking over Robin's shoulder while eating a banana.

Robin's fingers paused in his typing. He sighed; it was really too bad. His plan had worked for so long. If only KF wasn't so nosy.

It would have spared his life.